Jupiter Expands our World for the Good & the Bad!


Optimistic, benevolent, generous and cheerful this is Jupiter with his abundant energy! Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and is the co-ruler of Pisces!

Jupiter’s characteristics are that of moral and virtuous. honesty and goodness! Jupiter asks us to forgive your enemies, to show respect, tolerance, Jupiter also encourages to share the wealth. Jupiter the “Great Benefic”, wherever we see Jupiter transiting in our chart, he seems to bring benefits as we expect.  However, Jupiter can also expand our problems, our weight! (If you have Jupiter in your 1st or 6th house, it’d be a great time to start an exercise program 🙂 ).

Jupiter rules the legal system, the law, also people in power along with government officials, this is also something it does share with the Sun. Jupiter also rules religion, education, publishing, philosophy.  

 With Jupiter transiting your chart, he does represent energies that are connected with your personality. In obtaining one’s objectives, with Jupiter transits, we need to make sure we don’t over expand as that is a danger with the Jupiter transit. As the saying goes too much of a good thing can turn out to be a bad thing!

However, Jupiter transits are known to be extremely beneficial, and more so when you have Saturn at least an adequate dose of the taskmaster! Jupiter transit is a very enjoyable transit depending on what he’s aspects & your ability to have some restraint! Because again, Jupiter not only expands our goodies, but also our problems!

Let’s take Jupiter as we see him in the world operating today. Your seeing top producers and shareholders, wanting their money. Taking more than their share, as we are seeing in our world wealth by political favors, now money is good, to not have enough money flowing in your life can create disease, meaning, one does have to have money to care for themselves, put a roof  over their heads, food in their bellies, money is not bad, money is good, but when you have the fat cats taking more than their share and continuously taxing the little guy that is when Jupiter is not expanding in a good way, but however, the world does have Saturn, the taskmaster, Uranus, that will help to even the playing field! Pluto ripping up & tearing down!  See here: “Uranus in Taurus”

 In our 21st century, as we can see there is a mad dash for money. As I was saying we’ve got the top fat cats who receive bonuses and also shareholders who receive dividends. It is true they grab as much as they can for themselves, as well as material possessions. Which is what the majority of humans do. As I said above money is good, having financial abundance is even better. Having money does buy favors! As we are witness to in our world today.

  Money is really the only protection we have against poverty, insecurity, hardship. I don’t know about you, but money does provide me and my family peace of mind! Now when we are talking about unregulated grabs for money in what seems like the top dogs take it all, of course, that breeds corruption and fraud! What Jupiter gives, Saturn evens out!

It seems that the world’s ethical standards have gone downhill since the early 1980’s. Considering the breakdown of morals, it seems that that society is no longer guided by light. Instead blinded by fear, greed, insecurity, that is why I see Saturn coming into play in the sign of Capricorn to even the playing field, along with Jupiter, & Uranus in Taurus, for the next seven years there will be a shakeup in society and for the better!

Jupiter is expansion, Jupiter is known for growth, bigger and better in every way Jupiter expands! Now as we can witness, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, are coming into play, to even the score that Jupiter has blessed the fat cats that run this world with the abundance, expansion, greed, as Jupiter expanded their wealth, Saturn will cause their fall, along with Uranus in Taurus, to demand it! Jupiter, our great benefic planet of abundance and plenty delivered, expanded, the world of the fat cats, the 1%, and they took it and ran with it! Leaving the little guy to suffer.

But, as the world is about to witness the financial inequalities between Jupiter, the expander, and Saturn, the taskmaster, Uranus, the rebellion, & Pluto, the destroyer, we will see great changes in our world & the way we know it today will never be the same. See “Astrology Predicting Chaos in The USA~Changes Coming In~We Will Break From The Chaos To Restore Our Future!”

 We are going to witness how the major planetary movements are going to affect this, particularly in the form of important aspects that involve Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. We’ll also need to look out for retrograde periods for planets and focus on how the planets changing from one sign to another bring about a shift of energy and consciousness that will touch us globally. No one will escape the changes coming our way, but by knowing that using astrology & how it can help us to prepare and stay vigilant when these take place helps tremendously!

In the world we live in at the moment we can already see how the events that we can predict using mundane astrology are coming true. World leaders are starting to take more and more control away from the people. Those at the top of power structures are getting richer and more corrupt, but this will not be able to last. Already we are seeing riots and demonstrations around the world over a range of issues. But do know the system will not be as it was, Pluto the planet of destruction & rebuilding, Uranus, the planet of surprises, & Saturn the planet that demands discipline, along with watery Neptune, mix all them together will bring a new beginning to our world! Helping Jupiter even the score. This is already happening and it will continue to happen so that we can tear down the old system and build a much better future in its place. On future post, I will bring into my Astrology blog more of what I feel will transpire in the USA, more so than I ever have,  but let me make clear, I’m neither Republican nor Democrat, I am an individual, I think for myself & do not, nor will I ever rely on what is said in Newspapers or on the TV Fake Bull~##ite set. Nor should you, our internet is full of vital TRUE information, I’m not denying the fact there is FALSE news out there even on the internet, dig & you will find truth, but dig not with Republican nor Democrat in mind…instead, clear your mind of a divided world as the government would like you to entertain, as it keeps them in power. The truth is there waiting to be discovered, search for it, dig for it, feel with your gut, listen, read!! Once you have weighed both sides of the spectrum, decide for yourself!  And most of all, be true to you! We as a nation were not meant to be so divided as we are now.  My heart is heavy, & sad because of it. We must heal our country, stop fighting amongst ourselves, become “ONE” if we are ever to stop the infringing entanglement of deceit our government is opposing upon us. I fully understand we will never find a “One Size Fits All” answer, but, it does begin at the grassroots level. Get to know who is running in your cities, states, know who they are & what they stand for! Then get out & vote, it starts there!

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  1. Veneta says:

    Nothing so dramatic is going to happen in the world. Things are going to be more or less the same! Jupiter will expand the riches of the rich and Saturn is going to restrain the poor. As long as we live on the material plane.

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