June 21st 2020 Solar Eclipse 0 Cancer USA/Global Predictions Horoscope Its Getting Real ~ Crash Economy


Welcome to June 2020! We have Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus all retrograde! Jupiter & Venus are benefic planets, meaning we will not get the full promise (if any) while our benefit planets are retrograde. Also, believe in the fact all of us will prosper, feel it & believe it!!  If you’ve not read on how powerful the Nodes are regarding our economy please see (May 2020 USA/Global Predictions click here)there you will be able to read on the Nodes. (July 2020 Predictions are up ~ click here!)

Understanding that the Cornorvirus has been quiet now, (IN May it will go away = quiet now) do understand it was devastating,  but the REAL issue that is being covered up by using the epidemics/pandemics is the price of oil & the struggle between Saudi Arabia  & Russia.  Our Petrodollar is crashing, we peg the dollar to Petrodollars back in the Nixon administration. That my followers was & will continue to be the REAL issues now & moving forward. Uranus in Taurus, the money will soon be pegged to something else, what that else is many have speculated on. But it is & will happen. I am in no way saying Coronavirus is not real, because it is! With that said, I ask each to look into Saudi Arabia  & Russia struggle with oil. & what the Bretton Woods Agreement is, it will help you understand what is taking place now. You will find it also has much to do with our Social Security money they take out of our paychecks.  

I’m wanting to get my Newsletters out early to help everyone make better decisions going forward. It will get worse in the fall, as I’ve stated from the beginning of a few of my post it is an election year, fear sells, & it always gets crazy during an election year.  But what we are experiencing now & with the brief reprieve we will get in May 2020, you still need to prep WITHOUT FEAR, fear breeds unhealthy choices & causes disease,  there is NO reason to fear. The USA is going thru a rebirth, as I’ve stated many times, it will all be so much better but before that “Better” comes & without panicking, (Seriously we all are going to be just fine) get all you & your family are needing in place to ensure all are able to ride out the storm that will get so much more crazier again in the fall. And that is IF President Trump & his administration are not able to get the Oil crises under control. Again,  when they tell you to prepare for the epidemic/pandemic, be sure to follow all regulations, that is important, but again that is not the real issue the USA is experiencing the crises it is now & will continue, its the oil.  Get in the best position as you are able too now! President Trump is strong, but he & his administration have the Deep State, as well as the MSM to fight as well as this oil crisis. If the Trump administration wins all will be so much better & what I & many others are predicting now will be void regarding the depression. 

Those who know me know I”m a very upbeat individual, but if I ignore what I see & write the opposite what good does that do me? Much less anyone else. 

Remember to prepare, without fear it does no good it causes disease, go within yourself, meditate, calm your thoughts, breathe deep. It’s all going to be just fine!

After this very early Newsletter, I will not proceed with getting my newsletters out quickly, I will be on normal timing. Get ready for Fall!!

One more thing, energies are always changing, we have to consider President Trump’s & his administration’s energy, as well as Deep State, in what is unfolding in the USA, not a cop-out by saying this, as there are many moving parts, energies to consider, we cannot only take Presidents Trump’s energy, we have Deep State figures who have a bone in this fight, this takes on many others energy flavors. If the Trump administration is able to break from the grips of the Deep State, what I am predicting will not come to pass. It will be a much better world for us all IF the Trump administration is able to loosen the grip of the deep state & the crooked MSM. If not, than what I write will transpire. 


June 1st ~ 3rd ~

3rd ~ Sun conjunct Venus (7th h) in the sign of Gemini ~ Both square Mars (3rd h)

Disputes, quarrels, also of course disagreements in the USA, other countries, but especially where Mars is located which is the 3rd h. Mars is in the sign of Pisces, so although things may get intense such as a warlike feeling Pisces will water down Mars aggression. Look for issues related to post office, writers, newspapers, education & possibly the death of someone who is a literary person.  

5th ~ Lunar Eclipses Sagittarius Full Moon 1st house of the USA Chart ~ Lunar E. have a slightly less effect than solar. Lunar E. has more to do with the people, the masses, & Solar E. with the Monarch (President) or the Government & national politics.

(Countries that are ruled by Sagittarius include Spain, Australia, Chile, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Barbados, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Libya, and Mauritania.)

(Cities that are ruled by Sagittarius include Budapest, Johannesburg, Naples, Nottingham, Sheffield, Sunderland, Stuttgart, and Toronto)

Sagittarius is a fire sign. The 1st house is the peoples’ house. With an eclipse in a fire sign & 1st h. I see the following ~  people will be discontented & disturbed. Workers will suffer, unfortunate for children & women, strikes may follow. Also, threatens cattle & sheep. The weather will be dry.

6th ~ Sun ~ Mars square ~ Sun 7th h. Mars 3rd ~

Disputes, disagreements, warlike feelings.

8th ~ 14th ~

11th ~ Sun square Neptune ~

Confusion & fog! Look for misfortune or unpopularity related to the President or Government. Disorder & confusion, failure of measures. Loss of bye-elections. Government just maybe defeated. Also, the reputation,  power, life of some statesman, prominent person or even Royalty may be in danger. Also, look for something in the nature of a downfall or collapse taking place. Coming to light will be social scandals.

13th ~ Mars & Neptune conjunct 3rd h.

I’m seeing great sickness abroad, possibly an epidemic, Short distance & long distance.  Now with all the other USA/Global predictions I’ve made regarding this, Neptune is involved & because of its secrecy, & at times dark side, we may not find out just when this next really transpired (or maybe the same Coronavirus)…(or we will have two epidemics to contend with) related to the above, ie, secrecy & dark side. Also issues with democratic movements. Secret or mysterious crimes, poisonings murders, outrages & various forms of vice come to light.

I want to say Oil may rise at this time, but not significantly, due to Mars in Pisces, Mars power/fire is held down by Pisces wetness. 

15th ~ 21st ~

18th ~ Mercury retrograde (3 weeks)

21st ~ Happy Father’s Day!

Regarding the Solar Eclipse on June 21st, 2020, 

Eclipses have the most effect on the countries where they are able to be seen,  but even though the USA will not be able to see this SE, the SE is in the USA’s sign of Cancer, so the USA will feel this as well as the countries I’ve included below.  A Total SE is proven stronger than an Angular SE.  The USA will have a Total SE on December 14th, 2020.

21st ~ Solar Eclipse Angular ~ Cancer 0  ͦ  USA 7th house, quincunx Saturn in the USA 2nd house, square the Midheaven & IC, create a T-square (SE will not be visible in the United States.) 0 is critical! The SE is in the 1st decanates of Cancer, this will disturb the air, which will cause great changes & alterations in the weather. The SE is in the sun sign of the USA. Cancer (& Gemini is also related to the USA.) The SE will be in the western horizon (7th h) it is noted that the effects will be felt 8 to 12 months out from the date of the SE.  April 23rd, 2021 is when Mars in the sign of Cancer will roll over the SE point in the USA 7th house @ 0 degrees.

 We will witness some of the effects of the SE before April 2021, especially in the Fall of 2020..   Solar Eclipse in cardinal signs are known to produce their effects quickly & are soon over. Likely to disturb foreign affairs, & bring trouble to the President & Government, along with trouble to the common people & crops. I’ve come to read in some cases they are followed by great changes politically, or national trade could be affected. Eclipse in watery signs denotes much mortality among the common people, I’m also noting there will be destruction of fowls, & fish, things that live in or near the sea. 

What countries will be in the path of the SE, Parts of Africa including Central African Republic, Congo, & Ethiopia, south of Pakistan & northern India, China (weather permitting) the people in the areas I’ve stated will see the characteristic ring of fire. The USA will also feel (not be in the path) the effects as the SE is in the USA Sun sign Cancer.

Eclipses in Watery signs (Cancer being one of them) are known to produce lots of rain, damage from floods, deaths by drowning, accidents by sea or even rivers, major issues with any occupation connected with water & liquids. Sickness, danger of an epidemic, (Look for Coronavirus & or another to come about this fall) death rates will be high. Death of an eminent person.

The SE will cause trouble with foreign affairs, and or be disturbed. We will see changes in international relations which will cause difficult problems. Danger of some rival or enemy gaining advantage. This will NOT be fortunate for the President nor government, as well as not fortunate for the credit of the nation. Stock Market declining. Divorce court scandals will happen & women will suffer.

Note: I look for an Earthquake that is common with SE’s in one of the following areas ~ USA,  &/or Parts of Africa including Central African Republic, Congo, & Ethiopia, south of Pakistan & northern India, China.

June 27th/28th ~ 

Mars in Aries critical degree (29 ~ Pisces) & 0 Aries~  ~ conjunct 4th house cusp ~ I’m looking at suspicious activity ~ Countries that are ruled by Aries include ~ Palestine, England, Hong Kong, Germany, Poland, Syria, Israel, Lithuania, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe.

Cities that are ruled by Aries include Birmingham, Cape Town, Leicester, Florence, Krakow, Naples, Utrecht, Marseilles, and Georgia.

22nd ~ 30th ~

23rd ~ Neptune retrograde

25th ~ Venus direct

27th ~ Mars moves into the sign of Aries; Mars rules Aries & is at home in Aries. Firepower returns!

30th ~ Pluto & Jupiter conjunct for the 2nd time ~ I’m going to copy & paste what I stated in my April 2020 predictions as it will be valid going forward. 

Pluto & Jupiter conjunct every 13 years. The last time was on December 10th, 2007 in the USA 1st house, in the sign of Sagittarius 28  ͦ. Also, Pluto, & Jupiter conjunct in the sign of Cancer in 1930, 8th house, as well as Leo in 1943 in the USA 8th, house. (For March 2020 Predictions click)   May 2020 Predictions click here

(We fully understand what happened in 2007/2008, & 1930, if you are unclear regarding what took place in 1944 please see this “THE PEOPLE HISTORY”)

people throughout the US and UK are encouraged to grow any vegetables they can in gardens to help ease the food shortages. 1943 ~Due to shortages, America sees it’s first rationing.  1944 (we will again have terrible issues with crops so prepare)

World War II 1943

United States

  • The Pentagon, considered to be the world’s largest office building is completed
  • In the United States, it is announced that shoe rationing Canned food, meat, cheese, butter, and cooking oils will go into effect
  • The United States and the United Kingdom meet to discuss the future invasion of France during WWII.
  • Future President Lt. John F. Kennedy’s command the PT-109 is sunk by a Japanese destroyer

 The December 14th, 2020,  total Solar Eclipse, (Escalating in January/February 2021) causing a crash in the stock market (Jan/Feb 2021 for stock market crash) epidemic turning into pandemic, (I do see this coming again also.)

I do see another epidemic coming into play, + the Coronavirus. Recession/depression, there will be chaos & deaths among common people, trade will be affected, weather will get more violent more so then we’ve seen in our lifetime –  worse due to the planet line up, not because of global warming which is a money grab by TPTB. 

It does get more chaotic before it gets better for us. But it will get so much better, what’s happening now is supposed to happen at this time, just be ready.. we are living in the most opportune times bringing in changes that will benefit us the people, be thrilled about this it’s our turn to prosper without getting penalized for it. TPTB is dissolving,  (fighting all the way…but soon dissolving) which in turn gives the power back to the people. Until then we have so much more coming at us, be vigilant, be prepared, understand all of us are going thru turbulent times, but in the end, we will win together ending TPTB powers over us, it’s going to be again super chaotic until then, but also note, we will accomplish some great things as well.

Things we’ve only read about looking back in history are coming up again for review, a do-over if you will!  Prepare the best you are able & relax each of us will find our way thru, use your mind to create your reality! Trust me It works!

One last thing, if you are able to grow your own food do so! Google creative ways to do this, there are many! Also, we (me & you) will prosper! Know it & feel it 🙂 to be true because it is!!

 Blessings, Bree

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