June 2019 Horoscope Predictions! Here we go!

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I’m a bit late I know! But actually, I meant for my blog post on Recession/Depression/Stock Market Crash!! Buckle Down! 2019 ~ 2022,  Too also be the June forecast! I’ve received a handful of emails asking me Where’s the June Horoscope? So here it is 😊


Looking to start new ventures, a new beginning? The perfect time things get off to a good start is during the increase of the moon! If your finding during the month your having issues, things just do not seem to be going your way, deadlock, or anxiety, you’ll find at the full moon it just seems to melt, break up, agreements can be reached! Keep a moon journal write down all that happens during the new & full moon and see for yourself!  Remember to not sign anything when your Sun is being afflicted badly!!

                                           June 3rd ~ 9th

3rd ~ New Moon in Gemini! 

This new moon will be in the USA 7th house which is an angular house get ready for all sorts of communication! 
9th  ~ Neptune in the USA 3rd house square Sun ~  look for deception related to foreign affairs, foggy, also you may be feeling tired as the Sun square Neptune has this effect be sure to be kind to yourself & rest up!

June 10th ~ 16th

 My predictions warning of the Recession/Depression/Stock Market I will add some new highlights though!


                                                                                                                              Horoscopes by Bree 🙂

June 14th ~ Water Grand Trine ~ KITE: Emotional Time!

June 14th, 2019 Mars & Saturn opposite, although the conjunction would be the worst-case scenario, look for things to be at a standstill, Mars is in a water sign, so Mars energy is water down which I think at this point is a good thing, water putting the Mars fire out! I’d love to say all is so awesome good things are coming in get ready…but not so fast! We also have Jupiter & Neptune squaring, look for confusion,  fogged minds, more stories in the news getting bigger then what they should! Jupiter expands making bigger issues than what is warranted for good or bad!  I’m seeing religious & political arena being affected, a new mystical idea related to religion coming forth totally disturbing orthodoxies. Also, June 14th,  more floods, more rain, I’m in the Midwest & we are ready for sun, warm, & dry weather, it’s not going to happen! Expect more of the same when Jupiter & Neptune are square! Floods, floods, & more flooding! Turn the faucet off, please! Also, we can not forget Uranus in Taurus & his part regarding our weather!

  I’m seeing a strong indication of mysterious crimes occurring, double-dealing, or treachery, between nations and/or, political parties. There’s going to be soon, very soon, one big bubble burst! Please know this would happen with whoever is in office, again, the planets do not wake up & say: Oh, I see there is a Republican in office, I’m going to cause a bubble burst! It doesn’t work that way!

June 17th ~ 23rd

We are getting close to Solar Total Eclipse on July 2nd, 2019, some of us will feel the change coming in now. Please see July Eclipse/Lunar, & Horoscopes 

16th/17th Full Moon in Sagittarius

The full Moon will be in the USA 1st house of the people.

It’s time to bring things you’ve been working on to a close.  At the same time, Mars is opposite Pluto & Saturn, Jupiter is square Neptune.

While I’m not seeing too big of issues with Mars opposite Pluto & Saturn mainly because Mars is in the sign of Cancer, & Cancer is a water sign that will pour water on Mars hot temper to cool it down! Which is a good thing!

But we will see something & this is what I’m predicting, Mars & Pluto opposite brings opposition that becomes so fierce, power struggles, ruthless with no regard for the other fellow’s feelings, ethics go out the window, energies are high! There is a need to ensure one does not make another more violent, & I’ll say it again Thank God Mars is in a water sign!

With Jupiter square, Neptune oil prices will be held down, & floods will continue. Heavy rains, terrible weather. I look for the floods to stop in September/November 2019 as well as oil to rise.

June 21st Hello summer 😊 dust off your patio furniture invite your family/friends over & enjoy!

June 22nd  

Neptune turns retrograde turn your attention inward & find sweetness regarding spirituality & creativity.


T – square between Venus, Neptune, & Jupiter, be careful of overestimating your finances & overestimating your love life!

June 24th ~ 30th


Venus square Neptune, this may cause uncomfortable challenges with love, self-esteem, disappointments having to do with a significant other.   

26th ~ Mercury moves into the sign of Leo. Mercury is in its fall in this sign. If your Mercury is afflicted be careful not to be too opinionated & ridged in your views!

July coming in is all about Eclipses! On a personal level, you may start to feel the changes coming in June, I have written on the Eclipses but did not touch on what house for each sign the Eclipse will hit. My reasons for this are due to the fact it matters on an individual’s horoscope chart what will happen for you, what cusp is the Eclipse hitting in your chart? What natal planet is the Eclipse making an aspect to in your personal horoscope chart? It matters!

At this time I am pulling back on consultations, I’m a month out now, although I do love working with everyone (consultations = readings) I’m falling behind on other things I need to get out! Please do email me first before ordering a consultation, if you do not email me first & order please allow 5 weeks from the date you order for me to complete your request!

To read on your general horoscope which includes the Solar Eclipse please click Horoscope Predictions July 2019, Solar Eclipses July 2nd! Lunar Eclipse July 16th, 2019! from there please choose your horoscope sign!

Many blessings, Bree  

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