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Hello! I thought I would let everyone know I am no-longer going to be doing monthly horoscopes! I will, however, do a few You-Tube videos per month relating to “Mundane Astrology” (World Predictions) although I will miss my monthly horoscopes, I’m feeling a pull to talk about the world at large.  Please do note, that when I am (or other Astrologers) are saying for example, Pluto is trine your Venus in let’s say one’s 7th house, Pluto is Trine Venus in mundane astrology also at the same time, it really does matter on all transiting planets that an astrologer has your birth time, birthday, & location of your birth for it to mean anything real. With mundane astrology, I feel I will be helping more people on a grander scale than just a hit & miss as with general horoscopes. I have a great love for our planet, & the people on it & want to serve in a grand way! (Also need to add~Mail-chimp is not working properly, so I do apologizes to my subscribers that they did not get this Highlight before posting to my blog)

From May 29 through June 4, Venus and Saturn are in fire signs, Pluto is in an earth sign, the sun and Mars are in air signs, Neptune is in Pisces a water sign. So what’s it mean? (also, please note: all aspects I’m referring to will be transiting in “EVERYONE’S” Astrology Chart the only difference is what house & what the planets are making an aspect to in your natal & progressed charts…mundane astrology & horoscopes do differ in-house meanings also.)

First things first, we’re still trying to grasp last week’s Mars~Saturn opposition! That made its presence known on our Memorial Day, May 29, 2017. This can be a difficult aspect, because everything you do seems to be blocked by circumstances or opposed by others. Saturn in the USA first house, if in bad aspect, (square, conjunct, opposition) I’m seeing discontent amongst the people, & other countries, nothing new here huh? But with Mars in the seventh, (Opposition to Saturn) Mars in the seventh house is a powerful influence. I feel we will be in international disputes, and again, nothing new there.

June 1st~Venus, and Saturn, fire trine this will mark an excellent time for you to achieve real stability in your relationships! This transit also favors business and personal relationships, all over the world, including you, because one is now able to negotiate one’s real needs and self-understanding the other person’s/country’s real needs.

June 4th~ Venus will conjunct Uranus in the USA Astrology chart in the 4th house of home. (also, please note: all aspects I’m referring to will be transiting in “EVERYONE’S” Astrology Chart the only difference is what house & what the planets are making an aspect to in your natal & progressed charts) they are in fire signs! What’s it mean? Venus is not comfy in a fire sign, Uranus, is like a bolt of lightning, I’m seeing some damp & unusual weather. Like we have been seeing.

June 9th~ Full Moon! In the USA first house, conjunct Saturn. Slowdowns & obstacles. I’m seeing banking, stocks, shares, troubled. Government may be embarrassed.

Also on June 9th~ Jupiter goes direct! I’m seeing those who have had a slowdown in either money or perhaps relating to promotional areas getting relief! Slowly, all planets that come out of retrograde wake up slowly.

June 13th~Mercury trine Jupiter for the second time this year! I’m seeing this as a very positive time for the USA!

June 16th~ Neptune turns retrograde for the next five months!

June 21st~ Marks the first-day summer. The USA’s Sun will be in the seventh house in the sign of cancer, conjunct Mercury in the sign of cancer. I see the USA is happy, now, I see bills in the house & senate making headways. Educations is also beneficial at this time.

June 23rd/24th~ New Moon in the sign of Cancer. Conjunct Mars in sign of cancer, in USA’S 7th house. New moon new beginnings…one would think. Not so in mundane astrology. I’m seeing disputes, riots, murder, bloodshed, & also, something explosive, fires, I’m not seeing a happy time now.

The end of the month June 2017, into the first week of July 2017,~The USA will have a Mars~Pluto opposition. Pluto in the USA second house, Mars in the 8th house. I see power struggles. Mars planet of war, aggression, Pluto planet of destruction & then rebuilding, I’m seeing threats of war, perhaps with-in our own country. War with money is in the mix. For a more detailed outlook on what I’m seeing for the USA, please see here: https://wp.me/p7d6ph-Qf

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Blessings, Bree

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