June 10th, 2021 Powerful Solar Eclipse ~ Horoscopes for Aries thru Pisces ~ Powerful & Inspiring!

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Saturn & Uranus transits will be squaring during the June 10th, 2021  Solar Eclipse ~ Mars will be at 29 degrees ~ Please do see if they are making an unfortunate aspect to one of your natal planets or cusp, you will want to know more than what I’ve provided below if they are!! If they are making a sweet aspect all the more power for you!! This is a general horoscope forecast only! For the June 10th, 2021 Solar Eclipse Gemini ~ Chaos Coming in ~  USA Highlights Predictions

Gemini Solar Eclipse will be inspiring for writing, journaling, communicating! Writing your dreams on paper makes it much more magical words, as well as our thoughts, are things we bring into our future!!


Please read your rising sign, many times it will fit you so much better than your sun sign!

Aries ~ The Solar E. will be in your 3rd  house

The 3rd house is the house of siblings, relatives, communication, transportation, short trips, your immediate environment, emails, writing letters, you get it!

Aries, you are busy with things related to the internet, the power of communication. If you see something your wanting have the courage to ask for it or ask in an email. I see for many of you this will be a time a brother or sister comes for a visit. I also see you on many short trips!

TIP: Ants taking over in your home or invading your camping area?  Put a small plate or saucer with honey in it outside on your deck or porch, or camping area, the invasion of ants will diminish considerably in your home/camping area!

Taurus ~ The Solar E. will be in your 2nd house.

The 2nd house is how you make your money, the property you own, your assets, & talents.

You’re focusing on new ways to bring in money. What we focus on Taurus brings it to us!

Our thoughts are things! Unless there are any other factors stating otherwise in your chart, go for it Taurus!

Gemini ~ The Solar Eclipses will be in your 1st house ~ The Solar Eclipse is in your sign Gemini!

If you have a birthday on June 10th or one day before or after this SE has the potential to be a very important year ahead for you 😊

The 1st house is all about you Gemini, the image you show the world. How are you going to spruce that image up Gemini? A new wardrobe? Hairstyle? Perhaps you’ve been wanting to lose weight? It’s all within your grasp now! Some of you may need to bring a relationship back into balance. New beginnings Gemini!! Do check your horoscope chart to see how Saturn & Uranus are behaving!

Cancer ~ The Solar E. will be in your 12th h.

Cancer, this SE will be all about your secrete self, the private self. When one has a SE in the 12th  h, you tend to want to be alone. It’s all about your private thoughts. You’ll want to meditate, think about what you want, at times you may not even know because the 12th house is also the house of confinement, your subconscious mind, what you need to work on will come up thru the silence as you meditate. If you have dreams bring them up for consultation, dreams can come true when you have an eclipse in your 12th h. What is it you’ve been wanting to do? What is stopping you? It’ll be brought to the surface for you to face now. It’s alright, you need this time alone. Relax & contemplate your next move!

Do check to see how other planets are behaving in your horoscope chart!

TIP: Research shows it takes as few as 6 curls by lifting 6 to 10 pounds weights in the morning & evening to maintain strength & shape your body! 

Leo ~ The Solar E. will be in your 11th house

Leo, The 11th house is your hopes, dreams, wishes, & business.

What are you dreaming of Leo? What are your deepest wishes? This is your chance to fulfill them! I see for many of you it will be about business. Landing a great opportunity related to business & money! Many of you will be surrounded by different social groups bringing in new possibilities. Unless you have any malefic planets making an aspect at the same time, go for it, Leo!

Virgo ~ The Solar E. will be in your 10th house ~ House of Career

The 10th house is all about your career Virgo, you’re standing in the world. This is an excellent time to start a new business. Or you will be rewarded for past efforts. Many of you will move up the latter, finding favor in your employers’ eyes! You will be recognized Virgo the 10th h. is a very public house. Unless you have any malefic planets making an aspect at the same time, go for it, Virgo!

Libra ~ The Solar E. will be in your 9th house

The 9th house is Long distance travel, religion, book publishing. Libra are you ready to publish that book you’ve been working so hard on! Possibly getting ready for a trip you’ve been planning for a while now! Go for it Libra! Court date pending perhaps. You will win! Do check to see if any planets may be making unfavorable aspects 1st & foremost Libra.

Scorpio ~ The Solar E. will be in your 8th house ~ Scorpio’s Territory!

Scorpio it’s all about other people’s money, your business money, your significant other’s money, bank loans, government, inheritances, insurance, sex, death, rebirth

It’s all about balance Scorpio! Opposite the 8th house is the 2nd h.  I see you sizing up the scales & bringing in a more practical way to balance give & take rather that focus will be on money, paying down debt or relationships, balancing your emotions, you got this Scorpio! Do check out your horoscope chart to see if there are any negative aspects that may need to be considered Scorpio.

Sagittarius ~ The Solar E. will be in your 7th house

The 7th house is an angular house & will be more public.7th house rules significant other,  those you do business with, marriage. Sagittarius, I see someone initiating toward you, this could be a business opportunity, or if single someone will ask you out, or ask for your hand in marriage. Unless other factors in your horoscope state otherwise, go for it Sagittarius!

Capricorn ~ The Solar E. will be in your 6th house

The 6th house is the house of health, service, pets. Capricorn, you will be switching up the way you take on your health routine. You will bring in a new exciting creative way that is health happy.  Thus, lifting your spirit! It’s all about health & diet for you! Unless other factors in your horoscope state otherwise, go for it Capricorn.

Aquarius ~ The Solar E. will be in your 5th house

The 5th house is the house of fun Aquarius! It rules children, especially your 1st born, risk-taking, speculation, hobbies, love affairs., amusement.

Aquarius, you will be quite busy with a hobby you plan on turning into a business! The only thing holding you back will be the issue of deciding what you want! Meditation can help with this! Once you make a firm decision Aquarius, the sky’s the limit! A few of you will be focusing on a new romantic relationship!  Do be sure to check out your own horoscope chart to ensure all signs are in the green!

Pisces ~ The Solar E. will be in your 4th house ~ Very public house!

Home, & family are your focus Pisces! I see you making a decision related to purchasing or selling or both your home! This is a great time to do so Pisces, pending there are not any other planets making subspinous aspects Pisces that may need to be considered! I see some of you having to decide on an issue related to a parent.

Tip: To keep your body hydrated & feeling fresh put one drop of peppermint & about 10 to 15 drops of concentrated trace minerals in one quart of water & drink it thru out the day!

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Moon Stone is the perfect meditation stone for New Beginnings! It comes in the colors green, yellow, cream, or white!

It is strongly connected with the moon & intuition.  It will aid it making the conscious the unconscious, promoting intuition.

Also is a strong stone to enhance one’s psychics & clairvoyance abilities!


To better understand how the Solar Eclipse will affect your natal planets click: When an Eclipse aspects your Natal Chart- What does it mean?

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