July Lunar Eclipse 2018 In Aquarius Blood Moon

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For centuries, astrologers have always associated the Moon with our emotions and our intuitive nature. This planet is what makes us get in touch with our inner feelings and also pushes us to scratch beneath the surface.

If you think about it, the Moon is the one planet that we look at most often, and it is also the planet that we can look up at and be reminded that we are part of a vast cosmos filled with stars and planets. For millennia people have considered the Moon a source of spiritual guidance and assistance.

On 27 July 2018, we will have a Blood Moon which is also a Total Eclipse and this will be one of the most intense cosmic experiences that we ever have that involves the Moon. Why? Well because this is the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century, so that means that this is a really significant event.

This eclipse will fall in the sign of Aquarius and it is extra potent as it is a Total Eclipse which means that it will ask you to look within and really examine your soul – so that you can make changes in your life that will benefit you in the long term. There is so much chaos going on around us on Earth at the moment with wars, tension, conflict and natural disasters that we sometimes forget about our inner lives. As such we need to sometimes take the time to also look within so that we can realign our values with our soul.

Fortunately, the Blood Moon Total Eclipse will help you to look at your soul and also link to the concept of karma. If you look carefully inside yourself, you will be able to find areas in your life that are lacking. The reason we need to do this is because we often measure our lives in other ways, such as measuring money or success at work, but we need to take the time to also measure our lives according to our soul’s values as well. This Lunar Eclipse will allow us to look at our lives on a spiritual level rather than just a physical and material one.

We sometimes feel as if life is very challenging but we also need to remember that we have the choice to decide how it plays out as well. When the Blood Moon Eclipse is in the heavens, we are going to feel as if many thoughts and feelings that we had buried are coming out of our souls and this will perhaps feel a little uncomfortable, but it will also make us remember why we were put here on this Earth. As such, it is helpful to think of the time of the Eclipse as an opportunity and a positive time when we can get back on the right path and correct course. If you have been going in the wrong direction in life, then now you can see where you need to go in the future to make things better.

That said: make no mistake! This Blood Moon Eclipse is going to push us out of our comfort zones and it is also going to ask a lot of us emotionally. It may be that it hurts as some of the pain we have buried comes to the surface, but this is also the only way that we can heal and grow. Another thing we need to remember is that this is the longest Lunar Eclipse that we will feel in our lifetimes and this means that we all have the chance to push ourselves and exceed our limits.

This is truly the moment for us all to let go and enjoy a sense of cleansing and healing energy. Think of this, if you will, as a kind of long detox session where you get to expel all the toxins that have built up in your life. But these toxins have not just built up in this lifetime, but across all your past lives – so that is a lot of pain and baggage that you need to work through! They key now is also to give in to the process as there is really no use in fighting against it, and also let the Blood Moon Eclipse show you the way forward. While this may not happen immediately, this is the start of a very important process of transformation for all of us!

This Blood Moon Eclipse will fall in the sign of Aquarius and this means that it is all about the energy of that sign which is linked to the communal spirit and group activities. You can take comfort therefore in the idea that we are all going through the same thing now – no one is being singled out and there is no need for you to think that others are having an easier time of it than you are! This feeling of commonality, however, means that you will feel the connected energy of everyone and it could make everything seem more intense than usual.

This will also mean that while we will be focused on our own souls, we will also feel the pain, suffering, and heartache of others – even if this is on a global scale. We could connect with and feel the suffering of other people like refugees now, for example, and this will lead to us feeling even more raw and vulnerable. But we need to allow ourselves to feel empathy for others as this also helps us to heal ourselves.

On the flipside, this is a very heavy energy that could almost make us feel depressed. We will feel as if we have the weight of the world on our shoulders now as we feel the pain of all those around us and as a result, we could be prone to pessimism or feel as if there is nothing we can do to make anything better. The only thing we can do now, however, is do our best to work through this and know that it is a continued part of the process. Out of this darkness, there will always come light at the end of the tunnel. There is nothing to be done in fighting against this process and once we learn to surrender then we will be on the right path once again. We also need to realize that the universe has a higher plan for all of us, and while it may seem as if things are falling apart now, you need to trust that the universe is clearing the way for something better for you.

When an Eclipse hits, we often don’t see all the information we need to see and we lack the bigger picture. It is there – the universe sees all the pieces of the puzzle even if we do not. So we need to trust in this and in the things that happen to us around eclipse time. What we see on the surface may not be the full story – so you may want to try to activate your higher intuition now to really see what is going on. This about what your soul can see!

It is challenging living here on Earth and we see this all the time. After this journey, we will all embark on another one somewhere else, but for now, there is a lot that we need to accomplish and work through. The Blood Lunar Eclipse will allow us all to do just that – but we also need to roll up our sleeves and put in the hard work.

While this Eclipse is going to shake things up, we really all need to look at it as a time of release and cleansing. If you can learn to let your spirit work as your soul guide now, then you will soon know the right path that you need to be on.

Good luck and enjoy the July Blood Moon Eclipse!

Blessings, Bree

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