JULY/August/September 2022 USA/global Horoscope Predictions PLUTO “GOD of the UNDERWORLD” SATURN = DEPRESSION

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Also, view on Rumble:  JULY/August/September 2022 USA/global Horoscope Predictions PLUTO “GOD of the UNDERWORLD” SATURN = DEPRESSION

With the NYSE, Fed Chart & the USA, horoscope chart  ~  my title is fitting ~ PLUTO “GOD of the UNDERWORLD” SATURN = DEPRESSION

In case you missed it: December 4th, 2021 Solar Eclipse USA/Global Horoscope Predictions Problems Accelerating Warning

Things to remember ~ When the North Node is in Taurus we are in a transition period, moving from above normal to below normal. Also, keep in mind if there are any positive or negative secondary factors present, rather the North node is in Aquarius = Low Point of Business Volume Reached)  or Leo (= High Point of Business Volume) that affect the nodes either positively or negatively, they must be considered.

  This rule applies no matter what sign the North Node is in. (Highly recommend McWhirter Theory of Stock Market Forecasting ~ you can purchase it on Amazon. )

I am going to include with this post a video showing what I see & comparing it to other years such as the dot.com bubble (which began in 2000) & the 1929 depression as well as what planets were in orb back in 2008/09 ( Saturn & Uranus opposite each other.) showing the similarities when Saturn & Uranus square/opposite, & Uranus conjunct North Node chaos follows. 

 1930’s “Great Depression” 

Saturn square Uranus December 8th, 1930 

On April 2nd of 1931 we see the North Node in Aries,  (1929, North Node in Taurus) conjunct Uranus in Aries, in the USA 4th h, (h. = house) also we had a full moon Lunar Eclipse 12° Libra in the USA 10th h. Conjunct the South Node opposite the North Node & Uranus.  

Pluto (God of the underworld) in the USA 8th h. Saturn in Capricorn in the USA 2nd house opposite each other. Saturn conjunct Vesta in May 1931 2nd h. As it also had in May 2022, Vesta is always around at endings. Please understand in no way am I stating what I wrote above is when the 1930s depression began, October 28th, 1929 is the date it started. I’m only in this blog post stating similarities of planet lineups. 

Dot.com bubble Saturn Square Uranus 

Began in 1998, Saturn square Neptune.

11/7/1999 ~ Saturn square Uranus ~ Uranus conjunct North Node Aquarius USA 2nd h. 

Saturn opposite new moon, Vesta square north node & South node ~ 11/7/1999

11/7/1999  Uranus in Aquarius (2nd house) Saturn in Taurus (5th house) Dot com bubble) ( now we have Uranus is in the 5th in the sign of Taurus & Saturn in the 2nd h. in the sign of Aquarius) In 1999 ~ Notice the North node is in Leo, meaning the high point of the business volume has been reached, but we must consider the negative aspects)

Around March 26th, 2007 Uranus conjunct North Node in USA 3rd h. in the sign of Pisces ~ Saturn 8th h.  quincunx both Uranus, North Node.

Saturn 9th h.  Opposite Uranus 3rd h. November 3rd 2008.  North node moved into the sign of Aquarius ~ 

What the USA is going thru as of now, we should have gone thru in the year 2000!

As I’ve stated back in other blogs unless they can pull a rabbit out of their hats this time around I’m afraid we are in for some massive bleeding.

Now Jamie Diamond, and Elon Musk, are sounding the alarms which are great, but however a little too late!

Saturn square Uranus ~ 1st square was on February 16th, 2021. The last square will be on September 30th, 2022.

July 2022, Uranus conjunct North Node, both conjunct Mars (USA 5th house) in orb to square Saturn (cusp of 3rd house) soon to cross into 3rd h. North Node in Taurus.

With Saturn & Uranus, North Node, Mars, and Pluto all in the mix in July 2022, I’m hoping you are as ready as you possibly can be as we are heading into the abyss, a very dark & depressing bottomless pit. 

  July 13th, Full Moon 21° Capricorn  2nd h. conjunct Pluto, North node & Uranus conjunct ~ I look for the stock market to decline, some banks to be in difficult territory. Something with taxation to change. 

 July 28th New Moon 5° Leo USA 8th h. Saturn & Mercury come into orb opposite each other,  Uranus, Mars, & the North node come into orb to conjunct USA 5th h. Mercury also squaring Uranus, Mars, North node. While the New Moon is trine Jupiter (Jupiter retrograde July 28th, (Jupiter direct 11/23/2022)  with Jupiter retro, some of the promise one may receive but will feel cheated) I feel that will be mitigated against what I’ve stated. 

Pluto is conjunct natal Pluto, noting Pluto is the “God of the Under World”  

I look for the stock market to move much lower, with Pluto involved we are heading into the abyss, & I’m seeing illnesses & deaths from some kind of nervous disease (Mercury square Mars) I feel the young will not be so lucky, )Uranus 5th h.) look for much insanity, criminal attacks, and assaults. Accidents/deaths, related to travel. There will be debates, meetings, hindrances & unexpected trouble or some kind of complications, government is not fortunate. I’m seeing accidents with planes, autos, and railways. Possible threats for strikes or they take place. Something related to education will be in dispute. Very strange cases in the courts. Writing this part above is where the song “We’re NOT Going to Take it ANYMORE” popped into my head…..hmmmmm, noting that song has never been my favorite.  (BLET to hold strike authorization vote)

With Mars in the 6th house in the sign of Taurus, on August 8th, 2022, Mars in the 6th house is evil, Taurus rules White Russia, which below, I copied & paste from a Google search:

 It includes Ukraine. The nervous disease I wrote on above, as well as the August 27th New Moon below, when Mars moves into Gemini in the 6th house square the new moon in the 9th. Gemini rules the USA. Something very wicked is coming in I feel related to a nervous disease. 

Copied & paste from Google search:

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the term “White Russian” described ethnic Russians living in the area between Russia and Poland (today this includes Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Moldova).

Full Moon August 11th ~ 19° Aquarius ~ USA 2nd h, Conjunct Saturn, both square Uranus 5th h & North node 5th h.

I’m calling depression territory! I fully understand media will not until we are 2 to perhaps 3 years out, then media will say, we have come to the conclusion we were not in a recession but a depression! Again, seek one’s news from a reliable source, & that source isn’t going to be one’s local news channels or CNN! 

Stock market decline,! biden administration will have the hate & despise center directly on them. When Saturn & Uranus are square in Mundane astrology it brings trouble to the government & biden administration, you’ll see national politics in crisis,  profound changes are advocated, as well as important reforms that may be suggested or could be attempted, but do note that they could be successfully resisted, or there is the possibility of achieving with difficulty although that comes with long resistance. There is much trouble with the government as well as disasters, in which case may be defeated, lose ground, and/or, have to resign. You will see changes in the cabinet, either by resignation or death. Large reforms are being advocated affecting elections. As we have been witnessing much opposition, delays, as well as difficulty. This will center around the biden admin/goverment.   Women & children will suffer, amusement parks/recreation will suffer. Risk-taking, speculation will suffer.  Changes in the cabinet either by natural death or some will resign. 

August 27th New Moon 4° Virgo USA 9th h ~ square Mars, Venus square Uranus & opposite Saturn we have a T-square that is in fixed signs! Look for something along the lines of firm rules & regulations the kind of regulation that ties one’s hands, only this will have to do with the stock market. If one is familiar with a black market, look for that to thrive now. 

The stock market declining. Shipping will be hindered, merchants will not be happy! Risk-taking/speculation of any kind will suffer. Mars in the USA 6th house rules great inflammatory, & feverish disease with the USA as  Mars is in the sign of Gemini. Gemini rules the USA! What I posted above related to nervous diseases….although, it may not come out news-wise until around the 1st, 2nd week of October, or end of September 2022!  I do feel the war between Russia & Ukraine was done by design & the biden admin is the number #1 culprit! Of course, it’s not the biden administration who that is running the show !  Look for accidents related to warships, fires, I am also seeing some kind of insubordination with…. I want to say, sailors. 

September 10th, 2022, 

Full Moon 17° Pisces in the USA 3rd h. ~ Mercury stationed, Sun oppose moon & Neptune ~

I look for substantial losses in the stock market. Look for trade as well as travel to be hindered. 

September 25th, New Moon 

New Moon 2° Libra USA 10th h. Opposite Jupiter 4th h. 

Be careful of market exaggeration, Jupiter is involved as well as Saturn & Uranus are square. Anything risk-taking/speculation may very well be highly exaggerated. Housing fits into this scenario.

As I’ve stated in previous blogs we have Neptune opposite the midheaven in the USA chart ~Neptune when afflicted, causes collapse, downfall, Instability, chaotic affairs, dishonesty, drunkenness, illegal drug usage, as well as but not limited to various forms of crime & vice. Since Neptune will be on & off afflicting the midheaven, we are seeing uprisings, as well as discontent, & a whole lot of political instability & this will continue into the US/global future for quite some time!!

On July 17th, 2023 the North node slips into Aries!

The year 2023 to be precise July 17th, 2003, New Moon 24 degrees Cancer in the USA 8th h. opposite Pluto 2nd h. Pluto 2nd h. square North node Aries 4th h. Saturn 3rd h. oppose Mars 9th house. (North node will slip from the 5th h. cusp to the 4th h. on 9/8/2023 )

NYSE chart ~ New Moon 25 Cancer 1st h. opposite Pluto 29 degrees Capricorn 7th h. Pluto square both North node( 11th h) & South node (5th h,) Saturn in the sign of Pisces 9th h opposite Mars 3rd h.

Federal Reserve chart ~ New Moon 25 Cancer  1st h. opposite Pluto 29 degrees 7th h. Pluto square both North (10th h.) & South node 29 degrees (4th h.) Saturn 9th h opposite Mars 3rd h.

What the houses stand for in MUNDANE astrology ~

1st ~ Common people, (the people’s house) public health, state of home affairs, general conditions of the country

2nd ~ Commercial affairs & trade, Banks, Stock Market, National Exchequer, Revenue

3rd ~ Traffic returns, stocks as well as shares, railways & all that pertains to them, telegraph, telephone (cell phones) postal affairs, locomotions & means of transit, motors, omnibuses, books, computers, newspapers, news, literary concerns.

4th ~ Agriculture, crops, weather, land interest, mines, public buildings, & the opposition party to the government.

5th ~ Music halls, Theatres, places of amusement, children, education, birth rate, schools, morals & betting, risk-taking, speculation

6th ~ Working class, sickness, public health, Army & Navy, Warships,

7th ~ War & international disputes, Marriages, divorces, foreign trade, sickness, public health

8th ~ Suicides, death-rate, mortality, privy council

9th ~ Commercial powers, Science, Law courts, Judges, clergy, religion, colonial trade & affairs, shipping, & matters to do with shipping

10th ~ Government, President, Kings, Royalty, ruling powers, aristocracy, nobility & society

11th ~ House of Commons, Parliament, Legislation

12th ~ Workhouses, Hospitals, Prisons, Asylums, reformatories, Charitable Institutions, Crime, Murders, Criminals, Spies, & Secret enemies

Warm wishes, Bree

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

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6 Responses

  1. mariah says:

    it is very kind of you to share what you see. thank you. i have thought about the young ones facing this, you mentioned your grandbabies… i think not astrologically but mythically of Vesta, to keep the fires burning, may you be able to shine the light of sanity to your loved ones.

  2. kat mackenzie says:

    what do you see for donald trump

    • Bree says:

      @Kat ~ Great question! for the immediate future Jupiter opposite his natal Neptune…he is the victim of an outrageous deception! AS we are witnessing today! The bogus Jan 6th committee will get nowhere as they have always gotten nowhere. Waste of taxpayers’ dollars! President Trump will hold his own! Rest assure!

  3. Ginger says:

    Love the video!! So much information! Wish it was better news but news I believe & you speak my language. I’m also Virgo rising. 1966. Taurus sun, mars, north node & moon 8 house, Jupiter in gemini. Angles 29 degrees. Thank you!
    Peace & blessings Ginger

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