July 2020 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse USA/GLOBAL Horoscope Predictions ~ Are You Ready for This?

Hello everyone! I hope this finds all doing well & continuing to plan for the fall of 2020 into 2121!

For those that have been following my post & sending emails to me “Thank you” for your much-needed support!! I very much appreciate all of you!

July is going to be rough for the USA. I am not going to candy rap my predictions on what I see, it’d do no justice for anyone. Sometimes I think to myself, “Bree, go back to just doing simple horoscopes, stay away from Mundane Astrology, as its getting very scary to write on anymore.”  But then I realize I’m driven by some force to continue writing on what I see, what’s being told to me the good, bad & the ugly.

I’m not one for a lot of mumble jumble as I like to get right down to it without a lot of nonsense that makes absolutely no sense to someone who is not familiar with astrology terms. July will be crazy!! Remember when I said get ready if you have not done so in my May newsletter as well as others I’ve posted, I hope you & your family did just that! Not only do we have the Planet lineup, which is demanding what we have taken witness to take place, while also ensuring the deep state & criminal media doesn’t feel left out they too are playing their parts & they do not even recognize it. Does it feel to you its as if the deep state & criminal media are trying so hard to say: “Want all this to stop now? Vote Trump out”, they are right on cue & not missing a beat! Perfect! Soon all of this will turn around to the people’s favor! Trust & have faith all that is happening is playing out perfectly!! Trust the process, have no fear, BUT be ready it’s not over by a long shot, things will get so much crazier bank on it! I can promise this much Trump will win the November 2020 election, but I’m afraid not without more craziness taking place, this is how it is to be. Remember, nothing comes easy when demanding change! I’m an independent, I’m not a Trump spokesman, so please understand that it is Trump’s destiny to win, & it is the destiny of the USA to go through what it is going thru, I’m only reading the planets in play for the USA/Global economy, as well as Presidents Trump’s own horoscope chart in order to make the statement I made above. Do I lean too much to the right, no I do not, it’s all related to the planets in play!

Continue getting ready, plan, because again it will get so much crazier in the fall, & into 2021.

July 1st ~ 12th ~

4th ~ Happy Birthday America!! July 4th  ~ Happy 4th of July Everyone! ~ Many blessings, peace & prosperity to all!

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree



Please remember when speaking of a Full Moon or LE or SE, it effects start working before the actual date!!

4th Lunar Eclipses Full Moon ~ 13 degrees Capricorn USA 1st house 3 degrees from conjunct 2nd house cusp ~ The 1st house is the people’s house ~ The 2nd house is how the USA makes its money.

13 degrees Capi will be in the 2nd decanate ~ bringing frequent attacks, of soldiers, robberies & captivities. Before the Full Moon Lunar E, reaches 13   ͦCapi, it will square Mars in Aries, at the cusp of the 4th h, Mars is powerful now as he is in his own domain, Aries.  I am seeing foreign troubles, danger of war, Army, Navy may be a source of trouble, accidents, disputes riots outages, murder, bloodshed.

This will also disturb royal or national treasury, the account into which tax funds and other public funds are deposited. The treasury of the English government. National finance is disturbed. There will be questions regarding trade. I am also seeing a large failure that may occur or perhaps a Bank will be in difficulties, look for changes in taxation. And about that, all need to demand no taxation ‘without representation this tax to death issue will come forth be careful who you vote in it starts at the grassroots level get involved & know what is happening!

Country/cities ruled by Capi ~

India Bulgaria, Mexico, Great Britain, the United Kingdom, Albania, Afghanistan, Lithuania, Bosnia, Brunei, Czech Republic, Haiti, Nauru, Slovakia, and Sudan. ?


Cities that are ruled by Capricorn include Brandenburg, Brussel, Delhi, Mexico City, Port Said, Oxford & Ghent

Countries that are ruled by Aries include ~ Palestine, England, Hong Kong, Germany, Poland, Syria, Israel, Lithuania, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe.

Cities that are ruled by Aries include ~ Birmingham, Cape Town, Leicester, Florence, Krakow, Naples, Utrecht, Marseilles, and Georgia.

July 6th ~ 12th ~

8th ~ Mercury & Mars square ~ Mercury in the USA 7th h & Mars in the 4th h

Miscommunication ~ (mercury retro) angry discussions, disputes, also look for cases of slander, much activity in the courts, as well as politics. There will be accidents when traveling, discontent, or possibly strikes, deaths, illnesses from a nervous disease, insanity, mania, thefts, criminal attacks assaults,  excitement, or activity in connection with crime. 

12th ~ Mercury retrograde ends

Sun & Neptune trine ~ Sun 8th h, Neptune 3rd h ~

12th ~ Super good day for the President, government as this will promote peace & prosperity & goodwill between the people & President/government. Success will come to the President.

July 13th ~ 19th ~

14th ~ 15th ~ Sun 8th h, opposite Jupiter & Pluto 2nd h

With Jupiter wanting to grow & expand good things as well as bad, & Pluto in the mix that loves tearing down & rebuilding, look for trade and commerce to be an issue as well as but not limited to the following:

 Confusion with religion,  questions regarding the churches, law court full, the health of the USA likely to suffer, I see a death surrounding the upper class of people, government, do know this does not have to mean actual death, but the death of something related to how the USA makes its money. I’m also seeing quarrels, disputes, which will accrue in the USA or with another country. There will be a warlike temperament that is aroused. Party differences widen. A crime will be directed toward the President, government. Death of others money to the USA ~ maybe related to army, navy, officers also. Do try not to overreact during this time. (Easier said than done I understand)

July 20th ~ 26th ~

20th ~ New Moon! We have a New Moon in Cancer in the USA 8th h, opposite Saturn in the USA 2nd house!! Yikes! I’m seeing trouble with land, mining, buildings, as well as for states, & municipal officials. This will be an unfortunate time for the President as well as Government as they will incur unpopularity, or obstacles as well as delayed obstruct state affairs. Trade & labor unfortunate. Issues surrounding money unfortunate. The health of the nation unsatisfactory. The New Moon in Cancer does rule the USA!!

Be sure to focus on love, not fear, Saturn has a way of making one fearful, meditate, bring to you what you want …..make it happen by the thoughts you keep!

22nd ~ Sun moves into the sign of Leo

July 27th ~ August 3rd ~  I’m going to roll all of what I see into one ~ we have Mercury opposite Jupiter, Sun square Uranus, Jupiter & Mars square, Mercury, Neptune trine, as well as but not limited to an Aquarius Full Moon on August 3rd~  remembering when I talk about a Full Moon, Lunar E, they tend to start a week earlier than the actual date!

The August Full Moon is in the USA 2nd h, square Uranus in the USA 5th house, yeah, we got issues folks! What a way to kick off August eh?

Danger of strikes or rioting.  I’m seeing unexpected trouble to the President, Government. Friends lost & enemies made. Unpopular changes & reform. Bills may fail or Government is defeated.

As well as an Infectious disease that may increase & again an epidemic occurring, which could be very well related to the fact masks were missing while those who were protesting/rioting, occurred. So really no surprise there! Public excitement & this will be related to secret crimes coming into the light. Also, I’m seeing marital excitement coming in.

Anything related to the 5th h, will have trouble, entertainment, children (remember school letting out early related to the Coronavirus issue?) risk-taking, speculation, theaters, education, birth-rate, schools, places of amusement. There will be a loss for the Stock Market as well as what is stated related to 5th house matters.

With the planet line up demanding change, it’s a good idea to get yourself in a position so you are able to ride out what’s coming in, I’m seeing it only getting worse as we continue into the fall & 2021.

Stay well & be vigilant, be kind, help your neighbors & your family if you are able, remember no fear~ love concurs all! Keep healthy, stay safe.

Many blessings, Bree

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  1. Sabrina says:

    I started to CRY when I read that the Fourth of July it’s going to be a full moon. I dont know what is happening in america but I’m stressed out & hoping things get better…. but I know they wont not any time soon. Trump says we will look back on all of this one day and call it “the great awakening”.

  2. Baskar says:

    Waiting for July month analysis for quite some time. Thanks !
    Some Psychic prediction says female president, you are strongly naming trump.. interesting, lets watch out for november.

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