January~2017~New~Year~Highlights~New~Issues~Some good~&~not~so~good!

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January~2017~New~Year~Highlights~New~Issues~Some good~&~not~so~good!

Wow! I cannot believe we are beginning our New Year already! I can’t say I’m not happy about 2016 ending, as it was a year full of insanity to say the least! I’m ready for 2017, bring it!
What’s in store for us this New Year? Let’s take peek!
January 1st~8th~2017~We still have Mercury retro, not a good time to begin new things! Wait till about the 13th to begin new things is best! And it is not advised to sign any contracts! Beware!!
Feeling somewhat depressed after the holidays? You can Thank Mars~Neptune for that! But no worries as we will have a Jupiter~Saturn Sextile, super positive shift for Venus as she moves into the sign of Pisces!
January~3rd~ Venus will move into Pisces, hearts will soften during this time!
January~7th~ The Sun & Pluto are conjunct in the 2nd house of finance! Time to push the power button with this one! These two heavyweights have been meeting up every year since 2008 in the sign of Capricorn! YIKES!! We get our energy from the Sun & crises loving Pluto does enjoy his time tearing down & building back up our life’s in ways we least expect! Keep fighting for your goals & never back down!
January~12th~ We have a full Moon in the sign of Cancer. But it’s not just any full Moon…. it’s a Cardinal Grand Cross! It is well advised to bring all you have been working on to a complete stop now! You are being ask to regroup & rethink your intentions now.
January~19th~ Saturn & Mars will be Sextile. Go ahead with your activities as for now you are in a more controlled aspect. Activates now will enable you to get ahead… minding that your actions will be more disciplined, keeping you focused at your task at hand.
January~27th~Venus will be square with Saturn. Relationships will be tested at this time as well as finances. Be wary about falling victim to fears in your relationships.
January~27th~We have the New Moon in the sign of Aquarius! Don’t forget to write down your New Moon wishes! Very Powerful!! Make your New Moon wishes in the sign of Aquarius, please click here to read the rules on making New Moon wishes! They work!
January~28th~After the New Moon, the Chinese New Year begins! This year it’s the Fire Rooster! Look for drama & progressive action!
January~29th~Mercury & Pluto are conjunct. Your mental juices will intensify! If you have a mystery in which needs an answer, now’s the time to investigate the issue because you will find your answers! On another note, don’t be surprised if you come up against some opposition from others! Also, this may indicate an idea may run thru your head so intense that it leaves room for no other thoughts to come to the forefront!
The year, 2017, will be a year to remember folks! Put on your big girl/boy, pants because we all are going to need them!! Stay tuned 🙂
Hot Spots for January, 2017 are:
January~Mars~Neptune conjunction
Mercury~retrograde (in Capricorn/Sagittarius

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Blessings to you & your families,

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