January 5th/ 6th, 2019 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn & New Moon! What the Solar Eclipse Holds for you Aries ~ Pisces!

January 5th/6th 2019 Solar Eclipse!! by Bree


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We will have a Partial Solar Eclipse on January 5th/ 6th, 2019! Depending on what aspect the Solar Eclipses is making in your natal chart or cusp, or both, & too your progressed planets, it may bring in new energy working in your favor or possibly some new challenges! Always remember you need your own personal chart analyses done to see what aspects the Eclipse is making to your natal & progressed planets to know what is coming in for you,  otherwise, the following will be a hit or a miss! It takes a person’s birth-time, am, or pm, as well as the city/state/country, one was born & yes their full birth info, as well as the city/state/country, ones resides in now to get a complete forecast on what will be happening for you, without all the above, again, all horoscopes are a hit & miss!  Read on to see what will be the theme for each sun-sign regarding this eclipse!

Aries the Solar Eclipse will be in your 10th house of Careers!

The 10th house is an angular house, so it is a very public house! It rules your career, your social standing in the world. (Productive work would be more your sixth house.) This would be a good time to start a business Aries depending on reinforcing transits and progressions in your Astrology chart. Or you may be able to promote a business you already own! Also, this solar eclipse is sextile Neptune so Aries this could be a very positive time to have psychic and déjà vu experiences!

Taurus the Solar Eclipse will be in Your 9th House!

9th house conjunct midheaven approaching at 1-degree Sextile Neptune in 12th ~

Taurus your solar eclipses is in your 9th house the 9th house is related to spirituality, philosophy, higher education, long-distance travel, and publishing. Also, this solar eclipse is a 1° approaching your midheaven! For many of you and this does matter what it is transiting in your progressed and natal chart will be switching up careers at this time and yet many of you may decide to go back to school perhaps even travel! I see many of you interested in anything metaphysical at this time also.  A few of you may even be zipping up a button on a novel you been writing!

Gemini the Solar Eclipse will be in Your 8th house Sextile Neptune in 11th

Gemini, the 8th house is the house of other peoples money!  A business/governments, investments, inheritances, other people’s money! A business that you owns money. Your spouse’s money, I think you get it! The 8th house is also, death & rebirth, & sex. I see for some of you a possible death in your environment, or, for a few of you possibly someone will innate a date toward you. Many of you will be looking at your investments, switching up banking at this time. Those who own their own business may hire more employees at this time also! New loans may also be on your horizon Gemini! You also Gemini may experience psychic and déjà vu experiences because this eclipse is sextile Neptune!

Cancer the Solar Eclipse will be in your 7th house

Your attention will be on all your close relationships! The 7th house is an angular house so the affairs of this house will be very public! That includes marriage partners, your significant other, even business partners. Also with an eclipse in the seventh house a lot of marriage proposals will be happening! Depending on what this solar eclipse is aspecting in regards to your progress planets and natal planets look for someone to initiate towards you, this could be simply someone offering you a job, perhaps asking you out, maybe even inviting you to some event. Do know if this is a difficult eclipse again meaning what is it aspecting in your progressed and natal chart, this may be a time when some of you are working through a divorce or a separation. The seventh house is an angular house whenever happens in your seventh house will be public. If you have good aspects look for clients to increase for you if you are in a field like selling, or counseling, psychiatrist, CPA, etc…

Leo the Solar Eclipse will be in Your 6th house

The sixth house is a health house and your services to others, plus, their services to you. Also small pets. Depending on what aspects your solar eclipse is aspecting regarding your progressed planets and natal planets some of you will put yourself on a very serious exercise routine! Diets! I see many of you looking for a new Dr. Possibly if you’re a business owner hiring new employees, perhaps switching up your routine! When you have an eclipse in this house it’s a great time to work on personal habits, quit smoking, start taking vitamins,  go on a diet, start an exercise program, some of you may even decide to get a pet! Always wait to start something new after a new moon or a Solar Eclipse, has started gaining in light, 3 to 5 days after.  What-ever is started in the dark, stays in the dark!

Virgo the Solar Eclipse will be in Your 5th House

Virgo your solar eclipse will be in your 5th house! The fifth house is procreation! The house of children, especially your first-born child, hobbies, entertainment, it’s also the house of love affairs which can turn in to marriages! Some of you may be reevaluating your investments. Many of you will have close relationships with children rather your own or someone else’s! You may even decide to take up dancing lessons, or guitar lessons! Perhaps you will start a new hobby, or you will get your ducks in a row to take your existing hobby & start a business! Whatever it is it will be fun Virgo!  It does matter what the solar eclipse is making an aspect to in your progressed and natal chart to know how this will affect you always remember that.

Libra the Solar Eclipse will be in Your 4th house

The fourth house is an angular house whenever happens here will matter! Angular houses are more public. I see many of you moving homes at this time, perhaps someone moving in or someone moving out. This is the perfect time to sell your home too! Also, look for things related to your parents to come about at this time. If you are wanting to sell your home with an eclipse in the fourth house it will sell! Again, it matters what the eclipse is making an aspect to related to your natal and progressed planets, it does matter!!

Scorpio the Solar Eclipse will be in Your 3rd house

Scorpio your solar eclipse will be in your third house of communication, short distance travel, depending on the aspects this solar eclipse makes regarding your progressed and natal planets some of you could be buying a new car, or some of you could have very extensive car repairs done at this time. It’ll be all about communication, transportation, Scorpio! Some of you will be throwing parties, some of you will be having extensive speaking engagements! Emailing, letters, short distance traveling, are all in the cards Scorpio!

Sagittarius Your Solar Eclipse will be in Your 2nd house

Sagittarius your solar eclipse will be in your second house of finance, how you make your money! Some of you may be finding ways to bring in new money, perhaps a side job, I see many of you are acquiring assets,  some major purchases may be made at this time! Some of you may make yourself more marketable! Depending on what aspect this eclipse is making to your moon some of you may be feeling very secure, or very insecure Sagittarius.

Capricorn Your Solar Eclipse will be in Your 1st house

Capricorn your solar eclipse is in your first house! I see many of you having new enthusiasm and new energy!!  This will be a time in which you will do a lot of self-focusing! New hairstyle, new clothes! Perhaps you have been thinking about losing weight? Capricorn if this eclipse falls on your ascendant this is an excellent time to begin that diet! I want to add if the transiting moon is in a fixed sign, that would be great, but it’s not, so best to hold off on all diets until the moon is in a fixed sign. For many of you, your outlook on a global sense will be changing. Just remember this will be all about you so do try and guard against being too selfish at this time!!

Aquarius Your Solar Eclipse will be in Your 12th house

Aquarius your solar eclipse will be in your 12th house! The 12th house is the house of secret enemies, the subconscious mind, institutions, hospitals, prisons, anything or place that confines. Look for secrets to be revealed to some of you, and for some skeletons to come out of the closet! Some of you will be working through some real deep, hidden psychological issues. Some of you may have hidden affairs, remember it all matters on what this solar eclipse makes an aspect to in your progressed and natal chart. This will be very karmic in nature. You may visit someone in a hospital perhaps you will be connected to an occupation in which your helping others who are confined. Many of you will want to be off by yourself for some “Me” time.


Pisces Your Solar Eclipse will be in Your 11th  House

Pisces your solar eclipse is in your 11th house! The 11th house is the house of your hopes, your dreams, your wishes, it’s the people you hang with, the social groups you hang with. This is a good time to join new organizations, new groups! Some of you will be making new friends!! Switching up your social settings!! This is a very good time to set some new priorities, goals. This house also deals with business Pisces! So perhaps you will get a promotion,  or, a raise!  Dream big Pisces, reach for those goals, with some patience you will obtain them!

Blessings, Bree

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  1. Charlotte Bedard says:

    I an so glad u are trying to inform people of the rule that whatever is happening in the sky might not affect someone at all unless it aspects to your natal or progressing planets. About time someone has taken the iniative. Therefore I will bookmark you.
    I m glad yo see Capricorns might have fresh energy about life as we have a 16 yr old that is so in need of that. Thank god and you. I caught a glimpse of it and u have verified it. We were raising the vibes by a make over of her room and new clothes at xmas and she s been messing with her hair. Now they are just getting home from the Mountains. She has had pluto on chiron and her son and mercury to come. So much to bear. May u have a rewarding new year…

    • Bree says:

      @Charlotte Bedard ~ Thank you for your kind words! I’m happy to see her new energy coming into her life! And raising the vibrations in her surroundings is just what will make this new energy more vibrant for her! Have a blessed New Year for you & your family 🙂
      Many blessings, Bree

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