January 2018 Horoscope Predictions for the USA! Happy New Year!

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I’ve also completed the 2018 yearly Horoscope/Predictions for each Sun~sign & rising sign! I’ve been busy! Please look for your sun-sign here: Aries Horoscopes for the Year 2018! From there you’ll be able to click on your sun sign at the bottom of the blog page & see what is coming in for you in 2018! Aries ~ Pisces! Well worth the read!

Happy New Year Everyone!

 January 2018 is starting out with a “Super Full Moon” a Super “Cold” Full Moon! Let’s look at what this means for the USA!
Jan 1st ~ The first Super Moon of the year! In the USA 7th house in the sign of Cancer. This full Moon will be the “Cold Moon” & if you live where I do, you will feel it! Brrrr! With full moons as powerful as this one, I look for an earthquake, a powerful earthquake. This full moon is not only in an angular house, but is also square to the USA 4th house which is angular & the 10th house, also angular. (Houses 1, 4, 7 & 10 are all angular houses, most powerful)
That’s not all, this full moon is opposite Saturn in the USA 1st house, which is angular. If I did a mundane map for the USA as well as other countries, I’d be able to at least pinpoint the area that the earthquake will happen. To do that is a lot of work! Huge amount! I will say the moon, in the sign of Cancer is related to New York, & the 7th house has Gemini on the cusp, rules North America, & again, New York, I look for what I stated above in or around that area. Also, the Super Moon in the sign of Cancer is at 0 degrees & the 7th house cusp Gemini in at 12 degrees, for the Sun or Moon we can bump up the orbs to 15 degrees for a Conjunct. This will be some powerful Super Moon! A few days before to a few days after there will be an earthquake, bad storms which will bring a tsunami & I’m going to say it will be on USA soil. (See above)
Also, this Super Moon will trine Mars & Neptune, I see emotions heightened with this Full Moon as well as heightened energies connected to the ocean tides! Neptune is in the sign of Pisces, that’s a lot of water, look for some dramatic weather as well as emotions running on steroids along with the Ocean Tides!!
Jan 2nd ~ Uranus will go direct! The USA inner rebel is awaking! Uranus is in the USA 4th house which is an angular house! Also, Uranus is at 24 degrees in the sign of Aries.
January 6th ~14th, Mars & Jupiter will conjunct in the USA 11th house. Both in the sign of Scorpio. With this conjunction, affairs need to be handled with care! Scorpio is a water sign, & Mars along with Pluto rules Scorpio. On the 11th house cusp, you will find Libra. Venus rules Libra. But, this is an Aquarius house, Uranus & Saturn rule Aquarius. There will be some disputes, (as there always is) but both signs are in good aspect with the USA Sun in the 2nd house. I do not see anything getting too out of hand.
Jan 8th~ 9th, ~ The USA Sun & Pluto along with Venus (All in the sign of Capricorn = Saturn) will be conjunct in the 2nd house of finance. Square the USA 4th house with Uranus at 24 degrees, a 5-degree orb. Capricorn is on the 2nd house cusp. With Uranus involved square Venus, this is what I see taking place. (We will have this influence for a week.)
The people of the USA will hear of money being wasted, (I know…nothing new there) taxation may increase of course despite national prosperity, & there is! There is also loss thru fluctuations of the stock market, shares, also look for cases of dishonesty, (nothing new again) extravagance, speculation, & luxurious living declining. No fear though, if you have read my blog on “Astrology Predicting Chaos in the USA~Changes Coming In~We Will Break From The Chaos To Restore Our Future!” that will tell you all will be better down the road. But, until that time arrives, I’m afraid we’ve got some really crazy issues being thrown at us!!!

Jan 15th ~ 21st ~ New Moon on the 16th in the sign of Capricorn in the USA 2nd house of money conjunct the Sun, Venus, Moon, & Pluto. All in the sign of Capricorn. I see the USA earning power very good! Trade & money will be good also at this time. With Pluto also conjunct the Sun, within 7 orbs, so not exact, there could come some kind of a huge failure related to finances.

Jan 17th ~  18th,~Venus enters Aquarius breaking her square with Uranus. The Sun also enters the sign of Aquarius. Making the 2nd house light & more loving for finances.

January 22nd ~ 30th ~

  Jan ~ 24th, Mercury & Pluto conjunct in the USA house of money in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto known for tearing down & building back up only better then what it was,,(Not that when it’s happening anyone thinks it will ever get better) & Mercury is the sign of communication, I’m seeing false reports related to the stock market, & shares, which will fluctuate.  Communication goes underground to dig for dirt. This will be related to the fake news who should know better. The only thing we have going for the USA in this situation will be both Pluto & Mercury will be in the sign of Capricorn, Saturn rules Capricorn. Good & honesty will prevail, as well as law & order. Saturn will slap the hands of the fake news media… it’s coming!

 Jan 26th ~ Mars moves into the sign Sagittarius in the USA 12th house.

January 31st ~ Leo Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! Also known as the Blue Moon, will be in the USA 8th house! This will be visible in some parts of the USA. & the saying is the States that see at least 60 to 70% (for more on this please see: Solar Eclipses August 21st, 2017!)  are the ones that may have the activity! And I do want to say, I do not think you want any of this Super Moon’s activity! Lunar Eclipses in the USA 8th house I’m seeing unexpected, perhaps acting quickly, & violent, causing great disasters influencing the Parliament, (Russia, UK,) & the USA. As well as national finance & money matters, I’m seeing trouble. Also, I’m seeing sickness, an epidemic, possible deaths from this epidemic of common people.

We’ve got a lot to get thru that’s for sure, but make no mistake, the USA will get thru it & the people who have done the USA wrong will be brought to task. You’ll see!

 I want to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year!
Be safe everyone! Have a plan in place! Don’t forget to read your own sun sign & rising sign see below!
Blessings, Bree

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Blessings, Bree

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