Incoming!! Nail-biter ! July 2018 Predictions for the USA!

Nailbiter! July 2018 Predictions for the USA! 
Here we go, folks! We are in for one nail-biting month fasten those seat belts!
With July’s predictions, I’m mixing in a bit of Horary Astrology!
Let’s start off with that Capricorn Full Moon on June 28th!

Can you see the Full Moon is in the USA 1st house which represents the people, not to mention it is an angular house! We are seeing the effects of this full moon a whole week earlier due to its strength & the Sun is opposite Saturn! And we’ve been witnessing that!

Expect to continue seeing disputes & complications regarding foreign powers, relations, related to trade & government, also a whole lot more of going underground, behind the scenes, underhanded, tactics going on with Mars retrograde on June 26th, 2018 until the end of summer!

July 3rd~8th

July 3rd~ Sun~Moon Water Trine, I’m seeing fortunate happenings for the

Government as well as the people of the USA! Take advantage of this one day happening, Also, you may feel like crying because you’re so happy…seriously 😊
July 4th~ Happy 4th of July everyone!
July 5th~ Sun in Cancer Trines Retrograde Jupiter, when Jupiter is retro, we may receive some of the promises if any at all! I’m seeing good prosperity & peace in the USA as well as abroad! I’m seeing trade (some. Jupiter is still retro) improve. Commerce increases.
I’m also seeing, good fortune for children, & women, also, the Real Estate Market!
Also, on June 5th we have Mars & Mercury opposite each other, but since the Sun is the strongest here in this line-up, I’m not anticipating any huge fireworks!
July 9th~15th~
July 9th~ Venus goes into the sign of Virgo! This sign change will not be so easy on our love goddess Venus! Virgo is a total perfectionist, so it will be much harder to enjoy life’s pleasures, such as money & social relationships! This will go on for a whole month!
July 10th~ Jupiter goes direct! Yes! Bringing us good fortune & opportunities! Bring em on! But do note on the downside of this good news Jupiter being in the sign of Scorpio it may open up the floodgates to even more than we’ve seen before massive flooding & sewer backups! Remember…Uranus in Taurus…earth changes like we’ve never seen are happening!
July 11th~ Venus Trine Uranus~ fortunate for prosperity & progress! (But on a more pickier side)
July 12th~ New Moon in Cancer! But do not put on your dancing shoes for this new moon! It’s not only a new moon, it’s a “Partial Solar Eclipse” & a “Supermoon” opposite Pluto in the USA 2nd house! Ouch! Talk about Debbie-downer!
I’m seeing a time to lay low, & definitely not the time to start anything new! I’m also seeing deaths related to high circles of people, notable people, I’m seeing this especially surrounding females. I’m also seeing some tension related to the stock market, banks, this could be “A Very Tricky Time Folks” & do expect this to happen one week to one day before or after July 12th. (I’m going with one week before 😊 )
July 16th~22nd
We have a Sun~Moon water trine! For the entire week, it’s ideal to catch up on some downtime! You are going to need it…we all are going to need this!
July 23rd~29th
This whole week will feel very draining & dangerous for us all! 
July 24th~ Venus ~ Neptune opposite expect to hear of financial frauds coming to light as well as other impostures will be reported. Of course, to get the truth…be careful on what news station you listen too! Regarding horoscopes, it maybe a disappointing time for love & money! All depends on your natal chart folks!
July 25th~ Sun Square Uranus, hmmm…while predicting with Uranus involved, the wild card, & it’s coming from the 8th & 5th houses, this will be tricky, but however, I’m going to take a stab at it! I’m seeing sudden trouble for the Government, ill or hasty considered legislation, I’m seeing enemies made, & friends lost. party splits, bills failing, & if there is any type of special elections happening I’m seeing great changes coming forward, also, a danger of strikes or perhaps rioting.  Also, Mercury will turn retrograde making it even more challenging to communicate. 
July 27th~ Sun opposite Mars, this will happen in the USA 2nd & 8th house. & the full moon which is a “Total Lunar Eclipse” in the sign of Aquarius! Aquarius is ruled by Uranus & co-ruled by Saturn. Mars is retrograde as well as Mercury. Mars & Uranus square! South Node in Aquarius is station to go retrograde, one orb past the Total Lunar Eclipse. I’m again predicting to see what I’ve stated happenings one week ahead of the date I’ve given (July 27th) I’m seeing this as a time of tension & sudden release! 
The things I see happening will start to happen one week before…. “Server Outbreak” of weather, high winds, tornados, volcanoes, & an earthquake, in the likes that we’ve not seen before (Update): (WATCH: Winds fuel ‘fire tornado’ in Shasta County wildfire)Mars is retro, working underground. I’m also seeing some disturbances related to the USA financial system. Stock Market declining, banking issues. Tempers rising. Get ready & be prepared!! 
We need to remember “This Too Shall Pass” I feel we as a Country will come together because of these crises I’ve described above. Sometimes, (& it’s a shame,) it takes a massive happening to bring people together & to work for the good of all.
Keep safe everyone! And spread love & kindness as if it were the plaque…. the world needs this more than ever now.
Many blessings, & love to you all,
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