How to Plan your Marriage According to the Moon!

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Many people planning a wedding may be consumed with all the preparations. There are dresses to choose, flowers to pick, menus to plan and a million other details you need to think about. But one thing you really need to focus on if you want a happy and healthy marriage is planning your wedding according to the position of the Moon. Can this really influence whether you have a happy marriage or not? Yes! It can!

In astrology it is common to cast charts for people, such as synastry or compatibility charts, but did you know you can also cast charts for events like a wedding or an engagement? In astrology, we call these horary charts and they can tell us when the best time to plan such an event will be as well as the outcome. One way to do this is to look at the cycles of the Moon.

The Moon is a relatively fast moving planet which changes signs every two and a half days, so you can schedule your wedding to reflect the Moon sign that you want to pair with your marriage. The best way to do this is to use an Ephemeris which will show you the possible dates of your wedding and the corresponding Moon sign. That way you can make sure the Moon sign is a reflection of how you want your marriage to turn out. Read on to find out about all twelve Moon signs and how they will influence married life…

Aries Moon Wedding:

What will happen if you marry when the Moon is in the sign of Aries the Ram? Well, this is the first sign of the zodiac and is known as the baby of all the zodiac signs. This sign is also associated with the self so there is a feeling of ‘me’ about this Moon rather than ‘us’. One of the challenges of your marriage, therefore, will be learning to compromise and focus on ‘we’ rather than ‘me’. Fortunately, the Aries Moon will also make you quick thinking and you will solve issues quickly and make decisions for the future easily. Aries is also the leader of the zodiac and you will probably marry early and quickly – once the decision is made you will go for it! One thing to also think about however is that there is space for both of your plans and dreams in this marriage and you don’t need to compete with each other over goals for the future. You could also compete for the spotlight in your marriage so, again, you need to remember that everyone gets a turn! The key here is compromise in your married life and you need to make sure you don’t fall into a pattern of having passionate arguments that end in someone saying something they can’t take back!

Taurus Moon Wedding:

A Taurus Moon is a great time to marry as this means that your marriage is likely to be stable and grounded, just like the sign of the plodding Bull. There is a lot of love in this marriage and you will have a strong union that is generally calm and peaceful. This marriage will plod along at its own pace and although it may not be exciting all the time, it will be solid and loving, which will make both spouses happy and content. There will be a lot of time for shared pleasures such as cooking and eating together, or feathering your shared nest by buying things for your home. One thing to look out for however is the tendency to rest on your laurels and take your partner for granted.  Taurus is also the sign associated with nature so you can enjoy leisurely pursuits like hiking in the countryside which will get your blood flowing and stop you from becoming too housebound. Gardening together is also a good shared activity as is going to concerts or listening to music together in your love nest.

Gemini Moon Wedding:

If you marry when the Moon is in Gemini then you will have a busy marriage which allows you to socialize – both together and separately. As Gemini is a very intellectual sign, you will have lots of interesting discussions together and you will also be blessed with a busy home with lots of guests. As the pace is so busy, however, you need to be careful that you do not get bored when things slow down a little. As a couple, you need to remember that you can enjoy spending time together without the constant whirlwind of parties and social events. As Gemini is ruled by Mercury, Planet of Communication, you will communicate well with each other and may also use technology to stay in touch if you are ever apart.

Cancer Moon Wedding:

Anyone who chooses to marry when the Moon is in the sign of Cancer will be blessed with a happy home and family life. This is the sign of the home, so this is particularly good Moon placement to have if you plan to get married in your own house or the property of a friend or relative. A couple that marries at this time will often host family parties in their home and will be known for their warm and inviting nature. This is a couple who do their best to make anyone in their lives feel welcome and they will often host other events like birthday’s, baby showers and weddings in their home. There can be a tendency however for you to be sensitive in this marriage and when this happens you tend to shut other people out and retreat inside your shell-like Cancer which is the sign of the Crab. If you argue then you can also lash out with your pincers and exchange harsh words which can be difficult to take back once they have been said. All in all, however, this is a great Moon sign to choose when you get married as it is literally the sign of home and family!

Leo Moon Wedding:

If you get married when the Moon is in the sign of Leo then you will have a fun marriage which is filled with social events that allow you to show off your decadent home. People who are married with the Moon in Leo are loyal to each other and to their social circle and they will form a loving family unit. You will enjoy hosting events so much that people will flock to your home and your parties will become legendary. Leo is also a Fire sign though and this means that the marriage will be very passionate and you will also have a lot of excitement in your life. You will both like to give and receive lavish gifts and also take care of your appearance so that you always look your best with each other. Keeping up appearances also applies to your home which you will have fun decorating together. This is also the sign that rules children so you may decide to have a large family.

Virgo Moon Wedding:

If you get married when the Moon is in Virgo then you can expect to have a practical marriage where both partners like to focus on an organized home. You will not make decisions lightly and, as Virgo is a highly intellectual sign, you will spend time talking through any choices you make together as a couple. This means that you will never be intellectually understimulated in the relationship and you will both work hard to sort out shared problems. This is not to say that there is no emotion in this relationship however, and you will be very caring, although you will not be overly passionate. Virgo is also a sign that tends to nitpick however, so make sure that you don’t overly criticize your spouse as this could lead to issues down the line. This requires you to focus on all the good things in your relationship and be forgiving of any negative traits. You will have a great sense of humor in this marriage but you need to remember to find time to laugh and not just focus on the practical and serious side of life all the time.

Libra Moon Wedding:

If you want a romantic marriage then a Libra Moon wedding is the wedding for you. This is down to the fact that Libra is the sign of marriage so this means that you will have an opulent wedding that reflects Libra’s ruler Venus, Planet of Love. This is a marriage that will endure over time. There is a sweetness and an old fashioned romance to this union and you will love flirting with each other, so you will never lose that spark of connection. This means that you will be the envy of your friends, but you will also put in the work required and will make sure you take care of your spouse over the years and find ways to make them happy. You will enjoy entertaining together as well as spending time cooking, eating and just enjoying quality time together. Venus is also the Planet of Beauty and you will apply this aesthetic to your home – so decorating your love nest together will be another shared hobby. If you marry when the Moon is in Libra then you will often spend most of your time together and don’t need to be alone as much as some other couples do.

Scorpio Moon Wedding:

A marriage that takes place when the Moon is in Scorpio could have issues when it comes to jealousy as Scorpio is known for being a possessive and obsessive sign. You will also tend to be quite stubborn to the point of being selfish and you may struggle to understand things from the point of view of your partner. This could mean that you need to work on finding a sense of balance and compromise throughout your life together. This will also be a passionate union but you could also struggle with trust issues and with opening up to your partner completely. Scorpio is also known for being the sign that is closely associated with sex so this means that you will have a passionate relationship physically, but you also need to be careful that you don’t use physical intimacy as a way to work out problems in a relationship. You will however be very devoted to each other once you learn to trust your spouse fully and there is a chance that you could have a large family. There is also an almost psychic link between you at times.

Sagittarius Moon Wedding:

If you marry with the Moon in Sagittarius then you will bond over the things that this sign rules such as travel, religion, education and philosophy. This is a meeting of minds and you will also both have wanderlust which will take you all over the world together. This means that when you get home, your house will be full of souvenirs from your adventures together and probably stuffed with books about different cultures and ways of life. Sagittarius is a Fire sign but also a very humorous and good hearted one so you will argue passionately but also be able to compromise on many things in your life. You both love to roam free so you may spend your time together outdoors enjoying the countryside. This is also a very independent sign and both of you will need your space in the relationship. Still, this will work out as you will feel like best friends as well as lovers and will be honest about your hopes and dreams for the relationship.

Capricorn Moon Wedding:

Capricorn is one of the most organized signs of the zodiac and if you get married when there is a Capricorn Moon then this is also how you will approach your relationship. This could however at times make it seem a little unromantic but underneath it all there will be a feeling of deep love and affection between you and your spouse. In public, and even in private, you will be a little reserved and you need to make an effort to express your love to your partner so that they feel valued. When it comes to your home, it will run like a well oiled machine and you will both share the responsibilities well. People will look to you as a couple that can be relied upon and who have a solid marriage. Money is something that you will both carefully monitor and if there are issues within your wider families then you and your spouse will often be the ones who deal with these. One thing you may need to work on is giving each other the time and affection you both need as you tend to get distracted by all the responsibilities.

Aquarius Moon Wedding:

If you marry with the Moon in Aquarius then you will be great friends with your spouse as well as lovers. Aquarius is the sign of groups and group activities and this means that you may work on joint projects together such as doing charity work. Your home may always be full as you like entertaining and will always open your doors to anyone who is in need. This means that in addition to you and your spouse, you may feel like you have a large extended family of relatives and friends. As Aquarius is a fixed sign you can be quite set in your ways and you need to learn to be flexible. Aquarius is also the idealist of the signs and you need to give your spouse room to have their own set of beliefs, if they do not always align with yours. Both of you will probably march to the beat of your own drum in the relationship which means that you are a perfect match for each other, and you are unlikely to have issues such as jealousy if your partner wants to do things alone.

Pisces Moon Wedding:

A Pisces Moon wedding is a very romantic affair and there is a sense that there is a deeply intuitive and spiritual connection between you and your spouse. It is almost as if you can read each other’s minds and you may not always need to say what is on your mind as your partner will already know! There is a deep love and compassion here which will sustain you even when things get tough. Both of you are also very compassionate towards others, however, and you need to make sure that this does not take away from your time together – or sap your energy so much that you can’t focus on your partner. You will be less focused on material things in your marriage and more interested in the spiritual side of your marriage. This also means shared creative outlets are a good choice for you.

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