How Planets can Affect Your Health, It’s all in One’s Horoscope, & Begins With Your Natal Chart!!

Planets have a big influence on your state of health more than what your Zodiac sign states. The planets and their astrological cycles can make you healthy or sickly as their energy and characteristics have something to do with how they react to different horoscope signs.  The houses and the Zodiac signs serve as the backdrop of these planets, while the signs give character to these planets. The houses are responsible in telling you what environment they seem active or fit. Imagine a Zodiac sign without any active planet involved related to your natal chart, these planets will lay dormant until aspected by a major planet or an eclipse.

A Zodiac sign with an active planet can help improve the health condition of a  person as well; however, there are times that an activated planet in one’s natal chart could lead to health issues. These things could happen depending on the aspects and the planet involved, and how their energy is allowed to flow. The planet’s ability to act is diminished. This is because a planet that deviates from its positive nature tends to react negatively.

Although some illnesses are caused by lifestyle or genetic, which by the way will be seen in one’s natal chart, most of them are caused by obstructed planetary powers in the Zodiac sign. The planets have different characteristics and they have their own style to affect your health. They could bring good health if there is a good stimulation or bad health if they are obstructed.  Check out the planets and their similar points and how they affect your health:

The Health Horoscope and the Sun

When the Sun is obstructed in your horoscope, it can cause weakness and general fatigue to your body.  But if the sun is enhanced or stimulated properly, it can make the body strong and active. The horoscope gets its source from the sun, which is why it brings general health influence.  The sun as the source of the horoscope seldom gets weakened, except in Pisces minor degree. The Sun is demanding and strong in Aries, Leo, and Capricorn, and sometimes in Libra.

The Health Horoscope and the Moon

When the moon is in your horoscope you tend to be depressed because this planet can create gloom and sadness when it becomes obstructed.  This can also lead to a fluid imbalance in your body. The moon, if held back can affect your health condition and your emotional health. But when enhanced, it makes the person patient and has the sense of fulfillment, and always in a good mood. When the moon is over stimulated, it can lead to melancholy and if not treated would result in mental problems. This can happen when it is in the path of Capricorn and Virgo and some extent in Gemini. It becomes strong in Cancer and some extent in Pisces, Scorpio, and Taurus.


The Health Horoscope and Mercury

When Mercury is obstructed it has the ability to create erratic behavior and nervousness. You become fidgety, lack the courage to express your feelings and thoughts, or your mind works faster than your body. Mercury is responsible in your mental health regardless of your Zodiac sign. When this planet is stimulated correctly, it leads to high intelligence and good communication skills. But if over stimulated it can make you crazy, restless and lack of direction. This planet becomes weak in Cancer and Taurus and some extent in Scorpio. It is demanding and strong in Gemini, Virgo, and Libra, and sometimes in Pisces.

The Health Horoscope and Venus

Venus, when obstructed, can create minor complications and vulnerability in the person. It causes bad health to the body part ruled by the horoscope sign. But when stimulated it brings pleasure and boosts your well-being. When over-stimulated, it can lead to gluttony, lack of discipline and indulgence. This planet is not weakened by the signs except in some extent  Aquarius and sometimes in Aries. It is demanding and strong in Libra, Taurus, Virgo, and Cancer.

The Health Horoscope and Mars

Mars creates agitation, pain, and aggression when being held back. When this occurs, it can bring accidents, serious illness and put you in danger. When there is much blockage in the horoscope the condition becomes too severe to bear. When enhanced, it brings strength, good health, and power. When over-stimulated, you hurt yourself and others, which could lead to your downfall. This planet becomes weak in Pisces and some extent in Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, and Aquarius. It becomes strong in Capricorn, Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. Whether they are strong or weak, Mars tends to cause problems in your horoscope.

The Health Horoscope and Jupiter

Complications are the effects that Jupiter could bring if obstructed.  It makes easy things difficult, small problems into obstacles.  It is important that you take advantage of good opportunities because Jupiter is not easily held back.  When stimulated, it can cure your illness and solve your problem.  When over-stimulated you lack focus and control, and you always feel dizzy.  It is slightly becoming weak in Libra and sometimes in Aquarius. It becomes strong in Sagittarius and sometimes in Gemini.

The Health Horoscope and Saturn

Body pains and depressions occur when Saturn is obstructed. It brings serious illness and unsolved problems, especially on the part of the body of the sign that Saturn is in. Saturn’s malicious intent may have a long-lasting effect on your entire life. An enhanced Saturn does not actually have a positive effect since it is tricky because its power is naturally grim. This goes true when stimulated as it makes your world a prison, with lots of obligations and responsibilities to carry that can affect your body part. The best way to thwart this is to have a balanced life.  It’s the Pisces, Scorpio, and Gemini who can weaken Saturn and becomes strong in Capricorn, sometimes in Libra, Aquarius and a few times in Aries. Saturn brings trouble to any Zodiac sign.

The Health Horoscope and Uranus

Life would be melancholic and meaningless when Uranus is obstructed and leads to memory loss and dementia. When it is stimulated, your mind becomes contemplative and you have a positive outlook in life. When over-stimulated, it creates forgetfulness, introspection, confusion, and daydreaming. It is weakened by Aries and Taurus and stronger by Sagittarius and Aquarius, and sometimes in Libra and Gemini.

The Health Horoscope and Neptune

Nightmares and bad dreams are often felt when Neptune is obstructed, and the illness, it created are products of your fertile imagination, which could lead to mental problems.  When it is stimulated, it creates vivid dreams, beautiful visions, and a healthy inner mind. When over-stimulated it results in imaginary things that can create confusion and depression. This planet is weakened in Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn and sometimes in Libra and Aries. It becomes strong in Scorpio and Pisces.

The Health Horoscope and Pluto

When obstructed, Pluto can lead to serious health issues and accidents.  Its changes can lead to chronic or terminal illness, so Pluto should not be taken for granted.  A stimulated Pluto can create solutions to major problems and serious illnesses. When over-stimulated, it can lead to unsolved health issues and problems. It becomes weak in Virgo, Taurus, Aquarius and Gemini, and strong in Leo and Scorpio.

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