How A Full Moon Affects Sun Signs

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Throughout the ages, there have been a lot of myths about the Full Moon—just think about images of wolves howling at it to give you some idea. Despite many misconceptions however, it is true that the Moon affects a lot of things here on Earth, like waves and tides, as well as our emotional state.

This is no real surprise when you consider that the human body is primarily made up of water, so just as the Moon affects water patterns, it also has a real pull on our bodies and our lives. Here are all the ways that the Full Moon can have an impact on our lives…

  1. It shines a light in the darkness

A Full Moon literally shines a light down on the Earth and it is brighter at this time than any other time during the Moon cycle. But in addition to being a shining light in the sky, the Moon also illuminates parts of our lives. Depending on what is going on, this could come across as both a good or bad thing. The light of the Full Moon has a way of highlighting some uncomfortable truths in our lives, but it can also light the way to progress and growth if we pay attention. Some signs such as Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn tend to find the Full Moon challenging as it can bring with it a lot of change.

  1. It can be a challenge for Cancer

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Cancer is the only one which is ruled by the Moon, and so it stands to reason that Cancer is more affected by the phases of the Moon than other signs. The Full Moon amplifies everything around them and this means that they tend to focus on their home and family even more than usual, as Cancer is ruled by the Fourth House of Home. This can also mean that they feel closer to family at this time and will be able to tell others how they feel, but there is also a sense that they may become swamped by their emotions or even have an emotional meltdown. It is not unusual for Cancerians to find themselves overwhelmed at a Full Moon which can cause floods of tears as all the watery energy gets too much for them.

  1. It causes some instability

The Full Moon can come across as an unstable time to many. The issue is that some aspects of your life can be in a state of flux now. Secrets can be revealed and new information can literally come to light, and this can then cause changes in a number of different areas of our lives. If you are a flexible sign, such as an Air sign or a Fire sign, then you will find this easier to deal with. Fixed signs or Earth signs however may struggle and be unable to go with the flow that a Full Moon requires. The best advice is to use the Full Moon as a time to let go of parts of your life that are no longer working.

  1. It makes our emotions even more intense

People tend to become much more emotional when there is a Full Moon in the heavens and the energy is also more intense. For signs like Scorpio, who are the most intense sign of the zodiac, this can all get a little much. Fellow Water signs like Cancer and Pisces can also find that they feel more the emotion welling up inside them, and this can come gushing out in the form of tears or tantrums. All signs can be affected by this new flood of intense energy however, and it is important to remember that this is the Full Moon causing such intensity, and you may want to take a deep breath before you react at this time.


  1. It brings a surge in energy

When the Full Moon rises in the heavens, it brings with it a surge in energy here on Earth. For some signs, this energy boost goes well with their personality, so a Leo may respond well and will seem as if they are on fire creatively and artistically. On the flipside, signs like Earth sign Taurus or Virgo may struggle somewhat as they are not comfortable with reacting quickly and firing on all cylinders. Slow and steady signs therefore need to learn to harness this energy to get ahead without losing their sense of balance as it is easy to get swept along when there is a Full Moon riding high in the sky. Other signs like Fire signs also need to slow down and make sure they don’t become reckless when there is a Full Moon adding fuel to their fire!

  1. It causes money troubles

A Full Moon can make you more worried about money matters and this can mean that signs closely linked to finance such as Taurus can have issues. It may be that the Full Moon causes Taurus to feel as if they don’t have enough money in the bank, or other signs ruled by Venus like Libra can also feel the pinch. It can also be hard for Librans to find their famous sense of balance at this time, which can make some waves in their normally harmonious world. Other signs like Aries, who are known for not being good with money, can feel the urge to splurge at this time as the Moon amplifies their feelings of spontaneity to the point of making them a little reckless with money.

  1. It kicks our characteristics into overdrive

We all have good and bad days, and sometimes the world seems like a negative place when we have difficult times ahead. When we have a Full Moon, it takes how we feel and magnifies it so that our emotions become more and more extreme. For example, if you are a Taurus, then you are known for being down to earth and dependable, so when the Moon is full, you can be counted upon to be helpful during a crisis. On the flipside, the Full Moon can also heighten your negative emotions, so instead of being grounded you dig your hooves in and become stuck in a fixed position and fear change. There is no point in trying to get a Taurus to change their views on something when there is a Full Moon in the heavens—they just won’t budge.

How to deal with the Full Moon:

At the end of the day, a Full Moon will happen whether we want it to or not. The key with astrology is that it is there to make you aware of what is happening so that you can better manage the situation and turn things to your advantage. You need to know your strengths and your weaknesses in life, as these are going to be amplified when there is a Full Moon in the heavens. You also need to realise that people are much more reactive at this time, so if the energy is snappy then this could be the reason why, and everyone needs to have an extra dose of patience when dealing with others. If you feel more emotional than usual, then know that this is the Full Moon at work, but also allow yourself to feel your feelings. Just make sure that you don’t act or react on them too much around this time—wait for other times of the month when the mood and energy is calmer!

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    Wolves howl at the moon because the Moon rules with dogs and wolves are canine. It is not a misconception.

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