Horoscopes & Why You MUST KNOW Your Natal Promise!

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Astrology is (Horoscopes)  one of the worlds hugest peeks into what could be, what is possible, how working with the energies can & will help each of us navigate through this maze we have found ourselves in. And how to use those energies to one’s benefit rather positive or negative. We each were born with possibilities, potentials, it all starts with knowing your birth chart in order to understand what is & what is not possible for you in this lifetime. Believe it.

When listening/reading, your horoscope on YouTube Know your natal promise!! It matters!! 

Many people, come away with saying “Nothing Happened for Me” well maybe not, it is well known if an aspect in one’s personal natal chart (horoscope chart ~ natal chart ~ astrology chart ~ birth chart, = the same thing)   the horoscope chart you were born with & will leave this world with no two people’s are alike… if the transiting planets an astrologer is talking about either on Youtube, or perhaps in the newspaper, blog,  ect,  does make an aspect to your natal planet, or cusp,  what type of aspect are they making? It matters, are they sextile, trine, square, opposite, in your natal chart? Are your planets in your natal chart even making an aspect, does that even matter? It matters!!

That’s why it’s told to you it is a “General Forecast” hit or a miss! Also note, for anything of real life-changing substances to come into one’s world it takes two or more transiting planets making an aspect to one’s natal planet/cusp (Progressions are involved as well) in order to make a change in your life, for the good or bad….. period. Also, you MUST know your natal chart, what’s possible, what your natal promise is, why? Let’s say you are listening to YouTube “Saturn square Mars” let’s say for the sun sign Libra or rising sign Libra, & let’s say that particular YouTube channel has a million viewers,  well if any of those millions of viewers knew how their natal chart was behaving,  (Saturn & Mars) they’d know if what was being said had any real substances for them.  Let me put it this way, in this example Saturn & Mars, let’s say are sextile/trine, each other in your natal chart, then the energy will be felt not as negative as it could have been if Saturn was square/opposite Mars in your natal chart.  When you are hearing that transiting Saturn is square transiting Mars, pretty much a non-happening event for you in regards to anything negative happening (if again, Saturn & Mars are behaving nicely in your natal chart) sure you may feel a bit of tension, but nothing compared to one’s natal chart that shows the two squaring! Let’s use another example, Uranus & Mars are squaring, or opposite, it’s definitely going to be a trying time for you if you were listening to this on Youtube telling of the transits Uranus & Mars squaring! But, if you knew in your own personal natal chart they both were harmonizing, you breathe a sigh of relief! If they were not, then you need to get ready to work with that energy because it is malefic energy if not worked with. Work with the energies not against them, the choice is there!

So, see, that is why you must know your natal promise, what aspects your natal planets are making in your natal chart, are the aspects in harmony? Or are the natal planets in your natal chart disagreeing terribly? It does matter! When you hear of transiting planets making a square or opposition…. Know your natal promise! It really does matter what will be happening for you, could be negative or semi somewhat negative, or possibly it will not apply to you! Know your natal chart your natal promise!!

Also note, when you purchase any type of computer printout related to your horoscope chart, it’s confusing isn’t it? Why? Because it seems to contradict, your left asking yourself “I thought it just said I’d be fine, now it’s saying be careful….contradicting.  Ambiguous at best! Again, know your natal promise, your blueprint! Also, note, it really does pay for itself 10 times fold to have an Astrologer complete your horoscope & consult with you what they see. A professional Astrologer will look at your natal promise first & foremost to see how your natal planets are behaving, at least a professional astrologer will look at your natal promise there are some that may not, & that’s too bad!  Know your natal promise, the aspects each planet is making, are they harmonizing, do you have a grand trine, or a tee square going on at birth? Were you born under a full moon, a new moon? If you take nothing away from this post but one line, make sure it’s this one, “Know Your Natal Promise” it matters! (Note: It is important to know your birth time am or pm when wanting a reading!!)

Also of importance is if a major planet is crossing over one of your angular houses, you will feel this!! (As well as your progressed moon it is used to predict what is coming in & when!) 

More so than if crossing over into your succedent or cadent houses. I’m in no way saying it is less eventful than an angular house, but do know angular houses are more public, again it all depends on your natal promise!! What aspects are being made & how? How are your natal planets behaving? 

Do you have a Grand Trine in your natal chart? Is it a fire grand trine, earth, water?  

What is a Grand Trine?

In its simplest form, a Grand Trine is just a triangle formation that has three sides and is made up of three trines which are angles of 120 degrees. On a Natal Chart, these are shown by blue lines. The Grand Trine shows you were your gifts are in this life time! 

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You aspire to be the person you want to be in life, even if the careers I wrote above does not belong to your astrological sign, don’t get discouraged, it takes so much more than your sun-sign that leads you to a satisfying career in life! So much more!!

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