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If you think about what makes you feel happy, then you may often stick to tried and true cliches. Many people might say that watching a puppy playing with a ball makes them feel happy, or spending time shopping for their favorite things. Many of us feel happy watching our favorite TV shows, or enjoying a delicious meal.

But while these things may make us feel happy, they are not about the pursuit of pure or deep happiness. These things are temporary feelings which are formed by the situations we find ourselves in, and it is these situations which make us feel happy. Pure happiness however is something that is not linked to a single situation, and is something that we feel constantly in our lives. We get this pure happiness from the people around us who we love and who love us back in return. It is also formed when we learn to truly love ourselves.

With that in mind, we can also learn a lot about how to find this form of pure happiness and self love through our zodiac signs…


As a Fire sign, the key to finding long lasting happiness is learning to let go of some of this burning energy that can consume you if you are not careful. You are known for being a sign that loves adventure, but if you constantly keep chasing the next thrill then you could miss out on the here and now Aries. There is also a reckless streak in you which you really need to learn to tame as this can put you at risk in life, and you would do well to listen to grounded friends around you who will tell you when you are going too far! Don’t lose that spark that you are famous for, but learn to temper the fire inside you before it gets you into trouble.


As a Taurus you are ruled by Venus which is the Planet of Indulgence, so it is true that you know a thing or two about being happy! But this is often on the surface, such as enjoying good food or wine, and you need to dig deeper if you are going to harness true happiness that lasts. You are also a fixed sign Taurus and you tend to stick to tried and tested ways of doing things which often don’t let you try anything new. If you do shake things up, then you could be pleasantly surprised. Surrounding yourself with people who are not scared to push you out of your comfort zone is also another way find deep inner happiness in the long term.


As a Gemini you are a naturally upbeat person and that means that you probably feel as if you are happy much of the time. But this could be quite superficial and you need to learn to find your own inner bliss. Sometimes you can lack the stamina and concentration to focus for too long on one thing, and you have a tendency to go through life never really committing to anything. If you can learn to slow down and smell the flowers, then you may find that deep inner happiness follows. This includes learning to go deep into things like hobbies and your interactions with others, rather than just scratching the surface.


Cancer is the sign most closely associated with home and family, and you love nothing more than taking care of other people. This of course gives you a lot of happiness in your life, but sometimes it also comes at the expense of taking proper care of yourself. If you want to find the secret to true inner happiness, then you need to also look within and learn to take care of your own needs in the same way that you take care of the needs of others close to you. There is nothing selfish about putting yourself first from time to time. You need to learn to balance your life and the lives and needs of your loved ones Cancer.


You are a live-out-loud sign Leo and that means that you often feel happy. You also love to be in the spotlight and are often surrounded by people who tell you how amazing you are all the time. This can however ring a little hollow at times, and it could be that you have a niggling feeling of insecurity that prevents you from feeling deep inner happiness. The key for you is to learn to love yourself and also open yourself up to other so that you are not constantly “performing” for an adoring crowd. People will still love you and want to spend time with you even if you are not putting on a great show Leo! Trust in that and happiness will follow!


It is no secret that Virgo is a slightly neurotic sign to say the least, and you are often bogged down in the details in life without ever stopping to smell the roses! This can mean that you are often caught up inside your head, worrying about all the things that can go wrong in life. With that in mind, you really need to find people who can lighten the load such as a romantic partner or friends who can help you to see the bright side of life. Once you stop taking everything so seriously, and stop worrying about every little aspect of the future, then you may find that you feel a much deeper sense of happiness.


Libra is the ultimate people pleaser of the zodiac and of course with this comes the tendency to put everyone else’s happiness before your own. While you say you are happiest when everyone else is happy first, you really need to slow down and ask yourself what you want. Your people pleasing tendencies also mean that you try to never rock the boat, even if people are being obnoxious or unfair to you, and you need to learn how to stand up for yourself and your own happiness at times. There is an art to knowing when you need to fight your own corner, and once you master it you will feel a much deeper sense of inner bliss Libra.


As a Scorpio you are known for liking some aspects of the dark side of life, and sometimes you may even ask yourself if you want to be happy—life is pretty interesting even if you aren’t! But this can cause you to wallow in negativity and you really need to learn that you are as worthy of living a happy life as the next person. You also have the tendency to be jealous of others and this can cause destructive behaviors if you don’t find a way to embrace the lighter side of life. One of the challenges in your life will be to allow people into your inner circle and be vulnerable with them. Once you have a support system of people who love you, then you can learn to let your guard down.


Sagittarius is a sign that is often said to be one of the happiest of the zodiac—at least on the outside. You often have a smile on your face and you seem to cruise from one adventure to the next, but you also need to realise that some of these experiences are superficial and are not bringing you the inner happiness you crave. You can also be a little bit of a loner, but if you can commit to a partner then you will find that the stability it brings to your life will fill you up with true happiness. If you can learn to slow down and stop looking for adventure around every corner, then you may find inner happiness comes from feeling secure with those close to you.


As one of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac, you love to work hard Capricorn. Of course this means that your work-life balance could get seriously messed up and it might be a case of all work and no play. Some Capricorns may feel that they get all the happiness they need from their work, but you need to make sure that you don’t neglect your relationships as these will also bring joy and deep happiness to your life. You can also be quite tightly wound, so make sure that you take the time to appreciate the lighter side of life. Many Capricorns work hard because they worry about a lack of financial security, but you need to trust in the security of your relationships as well and your own inner sense of self as well.  


You are something of a workaholic Aquarius as you really want your life to mean something. You are full of lofty goals and this means that you often prioritise helping others or making a difference above your own happiness and that of your relationships. It could be that you are something of a loner as you tend to rely on your work to raise you up, but this could make you feel emotionally empty. If you look to others for support and love, then you will probably find that they are more than willing to give it to you. Instead of turning inwards you need to turn outwards and trust that others have your back.


As a Pisces you always put the needs of others before your own and you can find yourself burned out by all the emotional energy you expend on others close to you! This can also mean that you get your happiness from living vicariously through the people close to you, and this is really no way to love your life Pisces! If you want to feel deep inner happiness, then you really need to find it inside yourself and not through others. If people around you are making you feel drained as a result of their own drama, then you really need to make sure that you focus on yourself and your own life. While you may think that you won’t be as happy if you are not caring for the people around you all the time, you will find that the extra energy boost will allow you to focus on a healthy dose of self love!

Many blessings, Bree

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