Horoscopes For 2016

2016 it brings a host of vibrant opportunities for every single sign. Its five eclipses mark critical points that should make you stand up & take notice. The first is a Solar Eclipse that falls on March 8th in the sign of Pisces. This could be a time of some kind of spiritual renewal for you. It presents an ideal opportunities to proceed on a vacation or pilgrimage. Two weeks later, on March 23rd, a Lunar Eclipse will fall in collaborative Libra. Close partnerships will come under extreme scrutiny. Challenging couples will get to decide whether to make up or break up. Later in the year, on August 18th, a Lunar Eclipse in friendly Aquarius will mark the end of a group project. Then, on September 1st, a Solar Eclipse will happen in hard-working Virgo. A demanding job assignment or health challenge could show up at this time. Working with an imposing leader or medical professional should be difficult but rewarding. Later in the month, on September 16th, a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces will bring an ending to a period of isolation. Reuniting the group may be challenging, but it will be essential for personal growth. Mercury, the planet of communication, will go retrograde four times this year. The first retrograde will occur between January 5th and January 25th; the second will happen from April 28th until May 22nd; the third will fall between August 30th and September 21st; and the last retrograde will happen from December 19th through January 8th, 2017. Each time this happens, it will be necessary to reconsider plans for functional reasons. People born under the signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will be able to renegotiate financial deals to their advantage; these will be most especially opportune periods to persuade for raises and negotiate for higher earnings. The period between April 17th and June 29th marks Mars retrograde. Instead of forging ahead with plans, it would be smart to adopt a more deliberate time. Don’t make any extreme moves that cannot be reversed during this particular time. A heedful approach will probably work better, especially for Scorpio and Sagittarius, the signs Mars will be moving in reverse through. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will tour productive Virgo between January 1st and September 9th. Individuals who have their own businesses should take advantage of this transit by employing more staff, expanding product lines, updating equipment and offering pay raises. Freelancers may see a vigorous uptick in business, while unemployed people can get several job offers. This is also a remarkable period for everyone to strengthen their bodies through brisk exercise, better health and nutrition and restful sleep. Jupiter will move into Libra on September 9th, favoring close relationships of all kinds. Getting committed or married is a strong possibility for many people. This transit is also excellent for forming alliances and agreeably dissolving unions that are no longer working. Saturn, the planet of aspiration, will be visiting knowledgeable Sagittarius for the entire year. 2016 is an ideal time to earn an enhanced degree. Traveling for business may be very profitable. Professional business opportunities to write, teach or speak can also be a means to become more profitable particularly for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. If you’d like to know how your 2016 will make its mark, please see my services & rates!

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