Horoscope Transitions for your 50’s and 60’s, The Beat Goes On!

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For the majority of people, the prospect of growing older is not something that they really look forward to. As you begin to grow, you probably have learned to harness your inner child and you will be someone who likes to march to the beat of your own drum.

And the beat goes on from there!

When we reach the years between 50 and 60, we often find that we grow into the aging process and that we take on a new role for other generations who look up to us for guidance. This only works however if we are willing to accept this role and if we let go of some trappings of our youth. Narrow thinking & the like.  We need to be conscious of letting go of all our childish notions about the world so that we can accept that we are getting older and the wisdom that comes with this. It is normal for many people to go through a difficult transition period in our 40s as we may feel upset about the aging process and feel as if we have not achieved our full potential. We need to get through this however in order to move into a new phase of our lives.

Your Chiron Return:

Your Chiron Return is the moment when Chiron, which is an asteroid, will come back to the same place it was when you were born – and this usually happens around your 50th birthday. When this happens, it will usually prompt you to think about your life up until this point and will urge you to think about where you are going next. This will be a time when you think about your life choices so far and face your own mortality. In the myth, Chiron, known as the “Wounded Healer” was a healer who had a wound that he could not heal himself and who switched places with Prometheus so that he could escape from Hades. Thus Chiron sacrificed his immortal life for a mortal one. He also learned to embrace suffering and pain as part of his journey. When we are 50, this is a powerful message for us, as it means that we need to allow parts of our old lives to die off so that we can embrace something new. If we have a wound that has been festering and has refused to heal in our lives, then now is the time for us to try and heal ourselves. We need to let go of any toxic anger and resentment now. Once we have done this, we can start fresh in our lives, and many of us may set off on a new life path when in our 50’s. We may find a new purpose in life and our old way of doing things may not cut it anymore.

Your Progressed Moon Return:

Your Progressed Moon Return takes place a few months prior to your 55th birthday as it goes back to its place at the time you were born. This is another powerful time in your life when you will see the error of your ways in your youth and will also be leaving behind a cycle of adulthood, ready to enter a new one as an elder person. If you were born at the time of Pluto in Leo, this will be a time when you may see a lot of serious changes in your life related to future generations, so you may welcome a grandchild at this time or a parent may pass on. You will thus move up one generation as a result.

This will also be a time when there are physical and emotional changes in your life as your body begins to change. This could be the start of menopause for many women or men and you could embrace parts of the aging process as a result.

Your Nodal Return:

Your Nodal Return takes place around the time you are 56 years old and marks the rejuvenation of your soul – ready for a new phase in your life. The nodes in astrology are strongly linked to your destiny and so this is about what you will go on to do in life to fulfill this destiny. At this time, you will likely find that you no longer chase cheap thrills and frivolous relationships and that you instead let go of some of your selfish desire and your own arrogance (which we all have!). You may also find that you have a spiritual and emotional awakening now.

Your Saturn and Jupiter Return:

You will have your Jupiter Return at a number of points throughout your life. When you are 58 you will have your Second Saturn Return, and when you are 60 you will have your Fifth Jupiter Return. Both of these are very important times in your life.

When you go through your Second Saturn Return you will find that you move into a new phase of your life and you may come to something of a crossroads. As Saturn is a heavy planet, however, this can also be a heavy time in your life and you may find that you gain wisdom but at a cost. This is not something to be feared, as you will emerge much wiser and clearer about your life path, but there could be some tough life lessons along the way. Slowly we will find that all the nonsense in our lives is stripped away so that only things with true worth remain. We will also find that our bodies may not respond as they used to and that we can no longer push ourselves to the same physical limits. If this happens, we need to accept the aging process and realize that we need to slow down. This is nature’s way of protecting our bodies and making sure we are as healthy as we can be.

At the time of your Jupiter Return when you are 60, you will find that you are looking forward to the future. Jupiter is the Planet of Abundance and Optimism and this means that you will feel as if you have been born again and that you are seeing new opportunities for growth and improvement in your life. By now you should be easing into the aging process and getting used to both the physical and emotional changes that this has brought with it. You can also use your life experience to live a more positive and fulfilling existence and you are no longer caught up in all the commotion that may have surrounded you in your youth. Family and friends probably also now view you as a wise mentor figure.


As you go through your 50’s and 60’s, it is important that you don’t feel as if you are reaching the “end” of your life. Nothing could be further from the truth, and actually, you are just entering a new phase which is also rich with possibilities, as your journey marches on! All of us age, but as long as we can embrace the process, we will find that we are calmer, happier and richer for having taken all our life lessons and used them to make positive changes in our lives.

Blessings, Bree



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