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What is Horary Astrology?

Horary Astrology comes from the Greek word ‘Horus’ which means ‘The Hour’, and this tells us everything we need to know from the outset about the importance of time in Horary Astrology.

Unlike Traditional or Natal Astrology, Horary Astrology is focused on using an astrology chart that looks at the time a question was asked or received/read, by an astrologer, rather than looking at the birth chart of the person to make predictions about the future. One of the best reasons to use Horary Astrology is to answer questions that we suddenly feel we have a burning desire to know the answer to, or questions that suddenly occur to us and become pressing matters that consume our thoughts all the time. With Horary Astrology, no need for your birth information, only have to have your question, & your state, city, country, is needed!

How is it used?

If we have a pressing question, we can look at the horoscope chart of the moment when the question was formed (The moment the Astrologer receives/reads, the question) and this will give us a clear and accurate answer to the issue that we are facing. The most important thing to remember when we use horary astrology is that our question needs to be pressing and concrete. It can’t be a ‘what if…’ kind of dilemma, and it is much better if we ask questions that can be answered with a firm yes or no, although the charts used in horary astrology will also take us through the reasoning for this, so that it is not simply a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer without any substance to back it up!

Is Horary Astrology new?

If this is your first time hearing about horary astrology, then don’t think that this is some new kind of fad. Actually, this form of astrology has been used for centuries, when men realized that they could make calculations based on the heavens and on the positions of the planets and stars. The timing of these celestial movements became important, as this, in turn, could be used to work out timings for things like when there would be an abundance of fish in the rivers, or when the best time to plant or harvest crops would be. As such, horary astrology grew as people wanted and needed to know answers to fixed but important questions such as ‘Will my crops survive this year?’ These were questions that could lead to life or death situations, and so the study of horary astrology was used to answer them clearly.

What kinds of questions can be asked?

In the past we used horary astrology to answer very specific and important questions about things like the world around us, but nowadays we can still use it to answer questions that are more personal to us. These can be things about a romantic partner and whether they are right for us, or whether we will get a new job or move to a new house. We can also use horary astrology to locate objects that we may have lost, and to help us decide if we should make a move with something like buying a new house, car, or other big ticket items. Selling is also timed when using horary astrology.

What are the benefits of Horary Astrology?

There are many benefits of horary astrology but one of the best is the way in which it is so structured, meaning that there is little room for error or wrongful interpretation. Horary astrology works by reading the natal chart of the time when a question was asked, and looks at aspects, houses, and planets. In the case of horary astrology, aspects such as squares, conjuncts, and oppositions are looked at in simple terms, such as squares which have a negative connotation. If you see a square in a horary astrology chart then this is a bad sign for that particular situation (depending on what is squaring what), and there is no need to interpret any further than that. In horary astrology, the answer is always clear.

How do we calculate Horary Astrology?

The first thing to do is to formulate the question, and the more precise it is, the better. Wishy-washy questions don’t work in horary astrology, and you won’t get the kind of answer you are looking for. If you can, note down the question and make it as clear and concise as possible. Also, try to only ask one question at a time and leave a few days before asking a new one. Noting the time that the question was formulated is extremely important, as everything stems from this, the timing of the question is #1-when you are able to run the calculations. #2- The moment your Astrologer reads the question. Note: Not when the Astrologer receives the question-But-when the astrologer reads the question-timing is everything!

From here, you need to then look at the chart of the time the question was asked/read, in order to answer it. Horary Astrology really is a very simple way of finding answers to queries.

Can I use Horary Astrology at any time?

There are times when horary astrology will not work well for you, such as if the ascendant is at 0° to 3°. This means that we are looking for an answer to the question too early, and we will not get an answer. Similarly, if we ask the question when the ascendant is between 27° to 29° (up to and including 29°59), then it will be considered too late.

Other times to avoid include when the Moon is in Void-Of-Course or in Via Combusta, and when Saturn is in the 7th House.

At all other times, however, Horary Astrology is one of the best ways to get clear answers to clear questions, and many people who have used it link it to magic- it really does work every time!

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