Highlights Coming for November 2017!

2017-10-26     Highlights Coming for November 2017 soon! This is an update!

Hi everyone!  I wanted to update everyone on my Newsletters, I will have one ready for November 2017 soon. It’s been busy for me lately,  family, other issues calling me lately…it’s been a busy time!

I do want to add in my August 2017 Newsletter, I did point out a lot that was going to be transpiring in the coming months  & I do hope you had the chance to read it, if not please read it here: Chaos~Earthquakes~Tsunami~Solar Eclipses August 21st, 2017! Are You Ready?  If you think October was surprising with all its twist & turns that’s been happening lately surrounding the FAKE NEWS MSM,  &  of course, the H. Clinton,  & the FAKE DOSSIER that just came to light, wait until you read what I see coming in November 2017! It will heat up! And I see no war with North Korea…keep your eye on Iran, Iraq, there is where you will find a fire. 

I will have my November Newsletter out next week, who~ever is signed up to receive my newsletters will be the first to get it! Please do not forget when you sign up for my newsletter you do receive free ebooks & become a part of my community!

Blessings, Bree



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