Higher and Lower Pluto – What Does it Mean?

We can’t separate astrology from how we behave, and all our actions, feelings and thought-processes are inextricably linked to astrological sources. Sometimes this means that we act in moral and noble ways, and at other times, unfortunately, we may fall short.

            One planet that explains the two sides of our nature more than almost any other is Pluto, which is a planet of extremes. This planet in astrology is known for showing us how we can be the best that we can be, but it also can show us the worst side of people’s nature. This is the polarity of Higher and Lower Pluto. On the one hand, Pluto can be positive and creative, but on the other, it also destroys things in its path. We can see the influence that Pluto has globally in the news cycle and in international headlines, in the havoc wreaked by terrorists and the humanity of aid workers.

Pluto in Astrology:

In astrology, Pluto is often linked to things such as coercion, drama, lack of harmony, mass operations, media like television and radio, spiritual pursuits and the good of all people. This is also a planet that we associate with propaganda, lobbying, splinter groups and negative influence on others. Pluto is also responsible for technology that we use to influence others such as the Internet. There is always a positive and a negative side to this planet.

The Meaning of Higher Pluto:

We also associate Pluto with globalization and when we think of Higher Pluto then this manifest in a positive way as this is about the global good. This is a planet that brings people together so that they can share their common values and make peace with one another. Higher Pluto is known as a spiritual leader who will lead others to care about human rights and the welfare of all humankind. This planet also means that we want to work together to make things better in life – so it is linked to keywords like teamwork and collaboration. Higher Pluto knows that we can move mountains if we work together and are weaker if we work alone. This is also why Higher Pluto is linked to groups such as the United Nations, Greenpeace and Amnesty International. On the flipside, if we look at Lower Pluto, it is associated with the Mafia, gangs, syndicates and Hell’s Angels, to name but a few.

            The way that Pluto works is by bringing people together so that they can get things done, which is why this planet is known to rule groups such as commissions. This is not about people as individuals – and Pluto likes to empower groups, perhaps with a charismatic leader, to achieve goals on the national and international stage. Pluto also has a way of controlling the masses, by setting up committees to make decisions and pass laws or decrees that everyone else has to follow, whether they want to or not! This is the control that Pluto has over the world.

            Pluto can also cause splinter groups however or cause rivalries within key groups – it’s also no surprise that Pluto is linked to the splitting of the atom. This planet is also known for causing a lack of harmony and division. At a global level, this can be the divide between those who have great wealth and those who live in poverty. It can also be divisions between those in power in government and the masses. When we look at Lower Pluto, this is about how those in power accumulate great wealth and status, but do not share this with anyone else beneath them.

The Meaning of Lower Pluto:

In astrology, we have to remember that Pluto is linked to the God of the Underworld and therefore to the Fires of Hell. This is the negative side of Lower Pluto and this is when we see pure evil manifest. Lower Pluto is linked to, terrorism, materialism, evil intentions, crime, corruption, and sabotage. Lower Pluto is associated with all kinds of criminal activity and helps criminals to prosper, including those who extort others, are corrupt, or work in criminal gangs. Lower Pluto makes people lack compassion and become violent in their quest for power and their lust for blood, which is why it is linked to murderers and criminals of all kinds like terrorists. Any kind of fanatical ideological behavior also comes under Lower Pluto, such as the Taliban, Al-Shabaab, and Al-Qaida. On the flipside, all those who fight this kind of radical and bloodthirsty behavior come under Higher Pluto, such as the security forces that strive to keep us safe.

            If we look at some of the most despicable crimes that are possible in the world then we will see how Lower Pluto works. This is the planet that rules mass murders, war crimes, suicide bombings, torture, hostage situations, gang rape, and other brutal violence of all kinds. As Pluto is a planet that operates in the shadows, it is also linked to things like stalking, harassment, extortion, and threats made behind the scenes.

Pluto and the Media:

            Pluto is always linked to the media when we see it used for propaganda purposes and to spread lies and make people believe one point of view – usually that of a dictator. This can apply to all forms of media used to communicate with the masses such as radio, the World Wide Web or television. With Pluto in the mix, we see key figures controlling the media who in turn bring in polarizing figures and influencers who seek to manipulate how we see the world. This leads to terrorism, greed, and hatred spread through the media and how fear is used to control the masses. Lower Pluto is known for being able to persuade us to think things that we usually would never think or feel, and when it is mixed with the media, the toxic opinions brought forward by this planet swirl around us all the time.        

            The big problem with Pluto and the media is that Lower Pluto causes information to be changed so that it influences public opinion and we may not be able to ascertain the true facts about anyone or anything. This makes it hard for us to see through the lies and as Lower Pluto rules darkness, we are literally being kept in the dark so that we stay ignorant and do not ask too many questions. Lower Pluto feeds us the wrong information so that we are always blind to the truth.  

Pluto and Groups:

            Lower Pluto also applies to groups such as corporations which are actually far more influential than other bodies like governments, as the leaders in them are usually not elected by the people and do not have to answer to anyone. As such, they do what they want when they want and are attracted to power more than anything. This is why we see corporate leaders who become dictators under Lower Pluto and who are the ones in charge of the way money and power flow around the world. Pluto is also a planet linked to nuclear warfare and weapons. It is also linked to countries that have dictators, so some parts of the world that have strong Lower Pluto influences include Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, China, or any other countries run by cruel dictators who use power and torture to get their way.

Pluto and Politics:

            Lower Pluto thrives on misinformation or just distorting the information around us, and as a result, it is often the realm of politicians or any kinds of leaders who use politics to manipulate the people around them such as religious leaders or members of fringe scientific communities. These people want us to be afraid, and Lower Pluto makes us feel divided and mistrustful of others. This lack of unity caused by Lower Pluto means that society starts to fracture and so it is easy for people to be controlled. As you can see, Lower Pluto can be a force to be reckoned with as it wants to divide the world and will stop at nothing to achieve this, including the use of things like spying, hacking, cyber theft, threatening behavior and coercion.

While Higher Pluto is all about the greater good, and while we should not fear the influence of this planet generally, Lower Pluto is the opposite of a healthy spiritual life path and should be avoided at all costs.

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  1. Венета Матева says:

    Lower Pluto is the negative side of Mars, and Higher Pluto – the positive side of Mars. We can explain everything without Pluto.

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