Happy Mother’s Day

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Bree’s most treasured moments in life on Mother’s Day!

 One of my most treasured moments in my life was the birth of my 1st grandson Nathan around Mother’s Day!

I was the most excited grandmother in the whole universe! Never in a million years did I ever think having babies around was going to be the light of my life! After all, raising two boys of my own was…. well…memorable! Nothing like a grandchild to raise one’s spirits in life! My main focus in life changed & quite dramatically! Mother’s Day for me took on a whole new meaning! I’m not in any way saying my mother’s day was less significant with my boys not at all! I’m saying God’s gift to parents is grandchildren! And my 1st came close to Mother’s Day!

Bree, Bree’s husband, & 1st grandson

Of course one can tell by the photo’s Peppi (Toy Poodle) & Sophie (Shit TZU) wasn’t so convinced baby Nate was what we needed to pep up our lives! But it wasn’t long after they too were excited each time baby Nathan came to visit!

As time went on as it always does everyone got older but with that, we added one more grandson, Hunter!

Thur out the years our family grew & Mother’s Day is cherished so much more!

All the trips we take together, all the laughter we share, This Mother’s Day going down memory lane, cherishing the moments, love & the laughter! Priceless!

I celebrate my own mom too on Mother’s Day, but not with the happy heart I do with my grandchildren. Not everyone has those special fuzzy feelings of being loved as a child, for those who do, what an awesome gift you’ve been given, for those that do not, you learn to love & accept yourself!  See my life growing up with my mom was not so happy. I really do not mean to sound ungrateful, because I am grateful, grateful I made it out alive from her hateful grip. If that comes off as sounding mean-spirited or hateful, I’m sorry, I’m just telling it like it is. I did not come from a happy home, but I did make a happy home for my family.  Our home is filled with lots of love, conversation, hugs, celebrations, tears, & laughter! I made up for what I lacked while a child, & to me that makes celebrating Mother’s Day all that much more meaningful! You may also enjoy ~ Jupiter in Pisces May 13th, 2021 a Sea of Possibilities 

Bree & her boys, & husband


I know there are many more out there that had to cope with an ill-functioning family, as I had to, & I’m sending each person love, & healing light, & are in hopes you have made your adult life all that much more meaningful, & loving for the family you’ve created.

I read & it’s true because I’ve done it, to give your inner child the love he/she may not have gotten while a child, get some poster board & place a photo of yourself when you were small in the middle of the poster board. Surround the photo of yourself with phrases of love that you did not hear growing up! Example: You are such a super gal/guy, & are loved by many, you can be anybody you dream yourself to be, you are loved, you are amazing!

Make sure you place that where you will be able to read it each day! Giving yourself the hugs & love you may have missed while growing up! It works to heal your inner child, & that inner child needs to be loved, talked to, hugged,  & cherished each & every day! Watch the magic begin!!



Healing crystals to use, Use a Clear Quartz crystal above your head at the crown chakra so that you can benefit from your inner child healing.


I wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day & all the joy & laughter, food & wine your heart can handle! If you have a special moment you’d love to share please scroll down & leave a comment as well as a photo if you can!!

Warm wishes, Bree

Nate & Hunter ~ Bree’s Grandsons 




You can tell who the Leo is in this photo….right? 



Warm wishes, Bree

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