“Grand Trine” In Your Birth Chart, What’s it Mean?

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Do you have a Grand Trine Chart Aspect in your Natal Chart? It is very important that you find out the answer to this as a Grand Trine (also called a Large Talent Triangle) could have a great impact on your life if it also features in your Birth Chart.

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What is a Grand Trine?  

In its simplest form, a Grand Trine is just a triangle formation which has three sides and is made up of three trines which are angles of 120 degrees. On a Natal Chart, these are shown by blue lines.

A Grand Trine points to something that is complete and to a natural talent. It is usually associated with qualities that cover a huge range of different experiences and it is a dominant part of the personality of the individual concerned. One thing to note however is that this talent is not a given. Work also needs to be done on the part of the individual if they are to reap the talents that a Grand Trine brings with it. If the individual doesn’t put in the work necessary, then all the positives of the Grand Trine can then turn into a negative. A good example of this would be a highly talented individual who has the Grand Trine formation but does not use it well and instead lapses into criminal behavior.

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Trines are already what we call ‘lazy aspects’ as they need to be cultivated. People who have the talents that come with a Grand Trine may see no reason to try to develop any other skills or positive attributes and they may just rely on their cosmic ‘good luck’ which has blessed them with superficial talents and an illusion of grandeur.

The planets that sit at the three corners of the Grand Trine are usually concentrated in one element, so Fire, Earth, Air, or Water. When this happens, it means that the natural talents of the individual will be somehow related to this element. This can also, however, cause a lack of balance in other areas of life if only one element is heavily present. This could also force the individual to hide behind the easy or lazy aspects of their talent.

A Grand Trine is a joyful figure but blue aspects need to be cultivated if you are to get the best out of them. You should not waste this talent that is given to you and you should also not use it just for your own gain. A Grand Trine is most powerful when you use it to help others. When you use in a positive way, this allows the talent and power to be nurtured and to grow. It will become deeper as a result and you will gain from experience and by attracting new skills.

One of the issues is that we tend to try to keep hold of what we already possess and guard it. This, however, means that we can’t grow. In this case, it really is true that ‘the more you give, the more you will receive’. If you do not manage a Grand Trine successfully, then you will stagnate in life and will no longer be able to grow. You may also tend to rely on natural good luck which you do have but this can also be dangerous as you can rely on this too much.

People who are born with a Grand Trine formation may sometimes give up on things easily. They may also have addictive personalities and they may live in an anti-social way. If you really mishandle a Grand Trine then it can be very dangerous and you can fall into criminal behavior and you will be like a child who refuses to grow up. There is a sense that you expect the world to do you a favor and you will be vengeful if you don’t get what you feel you deserve.

Much of how this will play out also depends on the mix of the planets in the Grand Trine and also the Natal Chart as a whole. The more planets are involved in the mix then the bigger the problems can become. In this case you may feel like others are there to help you in your life and you may expect favors without ever giving anything back in return.

   Multiple Grand Trines:

If you have Multiple Grand Trines in your chart then this can be even heavier for you. In the best-case scenario, a Grand Trine is a formation that makes us highly idealistic as well as insightful and perspective. It can also make us highly creative and articulate. It can also point to a great self-confidence as well as an optimistic attitude and an inspirational style. There is also a heightened sense of self-protection due to a deep inner faith and feeling of hope for the future.

Grand Trine in Fire:

A Grand Trine in the Fire Signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius is quite rare. It does however bring with it a gift that can be cultivated through hard work but it does also often case negative behaviors and criminal activity. This is also a highly creative aspect and a feeling of inspiration is common with a Grand Trine in Fire signs. This reflects that nature of the element of Fire which is expressive and spontaneous.

There is a strong sense of vision but this can also bubble over into egotistical behavior and selfishness. With this formation you can be arrogant and feel privileged. You may also be drawn to adventure and reckless behavior. You could crave an adrenalin high like extreme sports and gambling which will be coupled with a sense of naivety about the damage it can do and lead to careless behavior. You could feel as if you are protected by a bubble and that nothing can harm you, or have a false sense of being invincible. This will make you prone to take big gambles in life which may make you extremely lucky and may pay off well but may also make you crash and burn.

With a Grand Trine in Fire there is the sense that you could be the master of your own downfall and that your impulsive nature could be harmful to you. In order to combat this you need to develop your spiritual understanding so that you can grow and stop yourself from feeling empty of unfulfilled. If you do not achieve this level of spirituality then you may become disgusted with the harm you are causing through your lifestyle but will be unable to stop it.

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Grand Trine in Water:

A Grand Trine in the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces makes you passive more than reactive. You are receptive to others and there is a feeling of protection around you. Just like water, there is a sense of soothing, calm and tranquility. You are very insightful and highly intuitive, almost to the point of being psychic. You find it very easy to retreat into your inner world and you derive pleasure in a subjective manner.

For this to be truly harmonious then there needs to be other dynamic aspects in your chart such as Fire planets in angular houses or a T-Square that is fixed in nature. If these do not exist then the Grand Trine in water can make you highly vulnerable and you may feel like you want to escape from the world. There can be a lot of emotion in you and you will need to know how to channel this is a healthy way. You can tend to exaggerate a lot of your feelings and you may try to mother others around you to the point where you stifle them. There is also a strong feeling of co-dependent behavior as well as being over-cautious and struggling to make decisions. If you do not acknowledge any of these tendencies then they will get far worse. This can actually be one of the most challenging of all the Grand Trines and it can be difficult to get close to a person with this formation. You may feel cut off from the rest of the world and like you don’t fit in anywhere.

The positive sides of this Grand Trine, however, mean that you can be highly sympathetic, empathetic and nurturing to those in your circle. You could excel in the psychiatric field or in medicine or counseling. If your chart is generally weak, then you could feel easily down and insecure about yourself. You may quickly get defeated by challenges and given to delusion and fantasy. You are also capable of being a dreamer and if you nurture this you could unlock some of life’s great mysteries.

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Grand Trine in Earth:

An Earth Grand Trine with the signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn is all about maintaining the status quo. You will be obsessed with security and you will not deal well with change. You like to attract and gather resources around you but sometimes you may not be energetic enough to make this happen. If your overall chart does not express much ambition then an Earth Grand Trine can be indulgent and materialistic and this can make you seem like you only care about money and possessions (which is also very limiting for your spiritual growth).

If you have an Earth Grand Trine which is well managed however then you will be extremely tenacious and persistent. You will be highly focused on your goals and nothing will make you veer off course. You will work towards anything you set your mind on and will have a huge ability for endurance. To put it simply, you will keep working to get what you want, even if this takes years of slow and plodding effort.

The Earth Grand Trine also makes you more inspired, insightful and capable of great vision. You could also be excellent at organizing your life and you will be very practical and will thrive when you have structure and routine. There is also a sense of a huge amount of resourcefulness and a good dose of common sense that will serve you well.

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Grand Trine in Air:

When there is an Air Grand Trine in the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, there is a tendency for you to live inside your own head which means that you don’t communicate well with others. You are far more abstract that tangible and this can make you impractical as you have values that can be too idealistic.

You will also usually be very curious about the world around you and open-minded when it comes to others. You will be largely tolerant of the quirks of others but this can also make you slightly

aloof. If you have this formation then you may struggle to get close to someone and you may need to be with people one on one in order to truly be able to understand them. Often, however, you prefer to simply observe people and detach yourself from feeling things too deeply. You could flit from one idea to the other and you will refuse to be tied down which means that you are non-committal when it comes to relationships.

You are naturally more content if you have many different kinds of friends and relationships around you, especially if these are undemanding of your time and emotions. This does also mean however that if others try to get close to you, then you tend to see this as denying your freedom.

If this Grand Trine in Air is managed in a positive way, then it confers a high level of intellectual ability on an individual as well as a great capacity for higher learning. It will also allow you to see the ‘bigger picture’ in life and you will be on a life-long quest to constantly learn and improve your mind.

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Warm wishes, Bree

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18 Responses

  1. Amy Catherine says:

    I have a fire trine (Venus & Mars both in Aries!, Neptune in Sagittarius, & MC in Leo) and what you wrote about it is so true. I’m 41 and led a fairly reckless life thru much of my later teens and 20s bc it all came easily to me. Life did, in general, I guess, as bad as that sounds :/ I have 5 fire signs in my chart and then 6 earth (Taurus sun & Capricorn moon with my only water sign being Scorpio rising, which makes the whole thing even more nuts. Who I am and what I’m like haha). The earth signs balance the fire out but the grand trine can take over quite a bit. Plus that pesky Scorpio.. But not so much now that I spent my entire 30s learning/practicing spirituality or awareness, whatever one chooses to call it. I actually am more than qualified to run groups and classes myself at this point. So my Venus and Mars aren’t as bad as they used to be. My MC in Leo is really taking a stand at this point in my life. Making me focus on my writing and music. I’m a published author (Stephen King has a fire trine lol) and professional writer/editor. My friend and I have also written all the songs for an EP (and then some..) so we’re recording it this year. I’m a really laid back person now who no one can even really anger. But I still feel that fire inside. I know it’ll never go away! And I don’t really want it to bc it makes me passionate about what I can do and love to do. It’s just so crazy how accurate all of this is! Thanks for writing this all out. I liked the concise yet informative format 🙂

    • Diani says:

      Wow we share similarities in chart I too am ♉️ sun capricorn ♑️ moon and Scorpio rising, Aries in Venus- I have libra in Mars, Saturn and Pluto my MC IS ALSO IN LEO – north node Cancer my chart is balanced out with Earth, fire, water and air. I’m trying to understand it all and balance it all. Thank you

  2. debi nakano says:

    Yes, I too have two grand trines in air, and along with the unharnessed aspects she is correct. Once I was able to understand that I needed grounding I started ‘Dressage’ horse back training, worked at it for many many years, became a Nichiren Shoshu True Buddhist 25 years ago, and I work at it every day. I did not understand it either at first. But you must offer these gifts to the world and you will understand. If you work in the present to make good causes, your future will blossom with good effects.

  3. growmine030983@gmail.com says:

    I have 3 grand water trines

  4. A.C. says:

    I have a grand trine in water, 16* Mars in Pisces (11th house), 13* Chiron in Cancer (3rd house), and 16* Pluto in Scorpio (7th house). I, too, am often considered aloof by others and have a hard time getting to emotional depth in my friendships without resorting to trauma bonding or co-dependency/insecure attachments. Phew. If anyone has any insight on this, please let me know!

    • Kelly says:

      I have a grand fire trine with sun in 8th, mars In 11th and jupiter in 4th. I wish there was more on this, so I appreciate your article! I’d like to cultivate whatever this brings to me, but it seems to be just an ability to catch on easily to anything creative (painting, drawing, cutting hair, creative solutions, etc.).

  5. Tyler Fields says:

    I need to say thank you for this article. The work to cultivate the trine in Air (Aquarius Rising-Jupiter 1st with Mars – Libra in 8th house*Scorpio Sun BTW* and then Chiron – Gemini in 4th house). I wish I understood exactly what it all meant, but knowing the gift isn’t inherent was a big help today. I also have a t-square, kite, and yod but this is the fist I’ve looked into any of this. I got no idea what any of it means if anybody wants to take a stab at explaining it to me. Thank you again for this explanation though.

  6. Amanda says:

    Hi I have a fire grand trine : neptune-venus-saturn. Yr article is relevant, the planets in mine seem to make relationships difficult sometimes, but that could also be the stellium sun moon mercury chiron in my 8th house…or pluto conjunct nn in 1st lol …. 🙁

  7. Maria says:


    I have a Grand Trine in Air too, Sun conjunct Jupiter trine SaturnR trine UranusR. No way to belong to places or people. I’m a lonely wolf and adore my freedom.

    Thanks for your article,

  8. Virgo Rat says:

    My Grandson has two grand trines according to another website that I looked at
    Grand Trine
    Mars in 2° Virgo
    Pluto in 5° Capricorn
    Jupiter in 3° Taurus

    Grand Trine
    Saturn in 24° Libra
    MC in 24° Gemini
    Chiron in 0° Pisces

    I’d love to read about ways to help him make positive use of these gifts as he grows and becomes an adult.

  9. Henri says:

    Hi! Your article was very helpful. In my natal chart, my neptune and ascendant are in conjunction, and they both trine my moon and venus. Does that count as one or two grand trines? thank you!

  10. Rumfluff says:

    I have a davids star with my north node, grands trines of fire and air…. I’m researching the aspects and learning a lot about astrology along the way; I feel it’s helping me to understand why I’m sooooooooooo perplexing to most (and myself), very useful article, thank you

  11. Ellen sandler says:

    I have a grand trine that is involved with my MC, Venus, moon. Is the Mc point as strong as another planet might be.

  12. verica says:

    water trine. very helpful and exact.

  13. Венета Матева says:

    i have a grand trine in water and i feel detached from emotions in friendships, too. People often consider me aloof. Not that i care much.

  14. Lion says:

    I have a Grand Trine in air & i found this article very accurate. I didn’t know that my detachment from emotions in friendships was related to this. Many found me too aloof.
    This article is helpful.
    Thank you.

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