Gemini The Twins

The third zodiac sign is Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury and its symbol is a pair of twins. An individual that is born from the months of May 21 to June 21 will fall under this sign. They are always on the go & in the know!

They have great intellectual capacity, people with this zodiac sign are known for being talkative as well. No matter where Geminis go, they will always have an exciting and vibrant party life. They are extroverts, meaning they cannot sit in a solitary place and stay quiet. Also, these people tend to easily make a lot of friends.
The twins represent the Gemini zodiac symbol because they are usually dual natured. Their other symbol is the wolf as it refers to renowned Roman twins Romulus and Remus. They're typically adaptable, communicative, eloquent and rather intellectual while having a certain amount of youthful liveliness. However they can also be two-faced, high tension, cunning individuals. Some can, not all! I have been married to one for 32 years now, who makes me laugh, & will always be there to catch me if I fall! He's my rock! If you'd like to know more about just who are you? Where are you going in life? How to get there...please see my Services/Rates!

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