Gemini Tarot Readings Predictions! September 2016! Business Flourish! Lots of Money!

Gemini Tarot Readings Predictions! September 2016!

Three of Wands! Tarot Card Reading, Gemini, Predictions! Sept, 1st-15th!

Gemini! Your focus to start out the month of September 2016 is on some kind of promising unions, business ventures, something to do with larger & small companies, I’m also seeing contracts….new ones coming in…possible some being revised! In the area of romance ,many of you are going to be doing some thinking, like, should I do this or should I?  I feel a decision is going to be made regarding a new relationship… you just don’t know which way to move right now! A lot of you are going to be having a very successful business… possibly even more transactions/money coming in… some of you maybe even starting a new business! I see many of you, rather your in a business of your own ,working for a business, things are going to begin to flourish for you now!

Getting back to  romance…. it’s such an excellent time to meet somebody new, don’t be fearful, you will meet somebody new at this time! I see some of you getting married at this time! If you’re already in a relationship… it is going to flourish! Please remember this is a general tarot card prediction reading for Gemini, Gemini rising, Moon in Gemini, if you would like your own reading to see what is coming in for you, please see the bottom of this page I am offering a special at this time! Please go to my website and see my services and rates on everything else I have to offer! Also, please sign up for my free news-letter!

Some Geminis are in need of a-rest at this time, I feel meditating will do wonders for you. Many of you are going to be so busy with your businesses and finances that are going to be improving. I see many of you receiving bonuses at this time! I see money coming through, this is excellent for you Gemini! I see your life in general is going to be improving greatly, I see new partnerships being established, I see existing relationships being strengthened! Many of you are going to purchase something at this time, something you’ve always wanted. I see many of you having luck your seeing your idea’s  manifest at this time, you’re getting profitable returns from a new enterprise, things are looking sweet for you Gemini!

Justice Tarot Predictions for Gemini! Sept 15th-22nd!

This is starting to make perfect sense for me! My husband is a Gemini, my son is a Gemini, and my North node is in Gemini! Even though I’m a Capricorn, with a Virgo rising, that North node is where everyone’s destiny lies in this life-time! I will soon be doing a YouTube video on this! Right now the focus is on reaching goals, anything to do with income, health, investment of time, it’s “Awesome”! In the area of romance, many of you are going to be reviewing the quality of your relationships, your going to realize what you are wanting is quality, someone who see the way you do. this is truly a beneficial time for you! Many of you you are seeing that the home you are living in, it’s no longer going to appeal to you, you’ve outlived its purpose you’ve outgrown it… a lot of you are going to want to move now, begin a new life somewhere else, your selling your home now & you’re going to be moving! Remember, again, this is a general tarot reading prediction forecast for Gemini! Please look into ordering your own personal tarot reading from me! I do see something regarding a lawsuit at this time Gemini… it will be settled in your favor!

I’m seeing something happening in your work area, someone is trying to sabotage you, they’re trying to make you feel that your job is in jeopardy. Take notice Gemini, look around you, you will see where this is coming from, and you will be able to stop it. I also see that some of you will be experiencing some problems with your significant other, some of you will be considering a divorce, possibly separating at this time. Many of you at this time are feeling a crunch in your financial outlook, but Gemini because your finances are going to be improving soon do not worrie! Change is coming, it will be positive, but for some of you something is still missing, someone, something, is missing from your life right now. Gemini I want to say something in your life is being completed right now,ending, A brand-new way of life is going to be happening for you! Things are going to start happening for you Gemini!

The World! Sept 22nd-30th!

Towards the last two weeks of September, Gemini, I feel your focus is on travel, new opportunities, I see running to succeed in every area of your life, your dreams, everything! I feel some of you Gemini, your feeling like everybody has everything they want and you don’t. I feel your some of you are wanting to go away, you’re wanting to leave everything behind, to start all over somewhere! You’re feeling pressured, I also see something coming up.. it’s like an unplanned trip perhaps…. go for it Gemini, it could change your luck! Some of you I do feel are unemployed at this time but no worries, things are going to improved considerably in your  life, soon, you will have so much work you wont  know what to do! Many of you are going to have money coming in, many of you are going to be given an exciting opportunity in your profession! On a sad note, I do feel some of you are going to have some unpleasant communication, I feel this has to do with family, possibly there will be some talk about the loss of a loved one, or a separation or divorce at this time. Your finances are looking awesome though Gemini! Yes, a lot of you… your finances are going to be improving at this time! I do feel your best success is coming in Gemini!  You are able to handle it with ease! I feel a lot of expansion is coming in, income is increasing, Gemini expect some good fortunes in your business and finances!


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