Gemini Tarot Card Reading December 2016! New Beginnings Coming at end of Month!

New Beginnings Coming at end of Month! Get Ready…your life is improving!

Six of Pentacles Dec~1st~12th

Gemini’s! Your focus to start out the Month of December, 2016, will surround, promising enterprises. I see many of you focusing on career opportunities, gratification! I see for many of you regarding your romance your wanting  your ex~lover to come back, you’re hoping that they will call. Many of you are so busy with your at this time that spirit is telling me to tell you to take a break or you are going to be fighting a up hill battle. I do see some new elements coming in regarding your work area I see many of you at this time receiving an increase in finances, I see you giving back to the needy. Your a very generous sign Gemini. I see money flowing into you from many resources. I see you feeling a bit insecure even though money is flowing… because you are undecided about the success of a current venture and how to proceed with it. Gemini, Spirit is speaking to me to relate to you you’re going to have a lot of success in bringing things out into the open, initiating a new business venture, perhaps a new method will be introduced into your work area. Remember Gemini, you are problems are only existing because you are thinking about them. You have to keep your attention on that now, where your thoughts go…energy flows! Keep them positive!

Ten of Wands~Dec~12th~24th

Gemini, I am sensing your focus at this time is on major changes, your moving from one place to another, you are taking steps towards progress. Although I do see many of you Gemini, you’re in the dark about your love life, you’re wanting someone to contact you. I’m seeing some of you Gemini’s are going to be changing where you live at this time. I also see Gemini, many of you are changing up your routine at this time, you’re wanting to do something else, Gemini, perhaps another kind of work. I see you having a lot of work at this time that you need to be getting completed, because I’m sensing a new way of life is emerging both personally and professionally for you Gemini at this time. I see you Gemini getting an unexpected career opportunity. I’m also seeing your success is going to come because you are patient, you are diligent, you have the ability to apply yourself to your goals. I am seeing again Gemini,this is a warning, I feel many of you are very tired, you are working too hard, take a step back take a breath and reassess your situation. Rome wasn’t built is a day!

The Magician~Dec~24th~31st

Gemini how inspirational! Your focus is on new beginnings, manifesting your most deep desires, finance and your future. I see you be getting something new right now Gemini perhaps a new romantic affair is coming in for you those of you that are single get out there you will meet someone who is perfect for you at this time!! Get out & enjoy! I see many of you Gemini’s beginning new ventures, new projects, also spirit is telling me a few of you are going to have to be passing a test of some sort, you will pass with flying colors! I do see with this new love coming in, possibly even strengthening an old love, you’re going to be very happy with the outcome. You will do very well in all your financial transactions Gemini and in your business transactions they will go smoothly to your liking. I do see the Gemini’s who are without a career, job, will be getting a call for a job. Gemini, we all know the Magician stands for the old ways going out, new ways, new beginnings coming in. You will have a very successful aspects going on Gemini! I see many of you doing very well in your ventures at this time. Luck will bring many of you Gemini… an opportunity to start your own business  at this time. The latter half of December 2016 will be Awesome for you Gemini’s!!

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