Gemini July 2016 Tarot Card Reading! Predictions for the Month!

Gemini July 2016 Tarot Card Reading! Predictions for the Month! by Bree!

For the first two weeks in July Gemini I pulled “The Lovers” card! This was by no means planed! “The Lovers” in the Tarot represent Gemini! The Lovers in the Tarot are two twin souls! The Lovers card not only represents romance, but also your siblings! After all some of us do have a close relationship with our brothers, sisters, then we do with our husbands, wife’s, or significant others! I feel for many of you Gemini, you are going to be traveling now! Some I do see some focus is on changes that are coming in for you now. You are or will soon be separated from someone you love. It’s not a good time for you now. Also, I see books written, I see some of you Gemini, celebrating the sale of a book you have written! Some tension is surrounding finances now, but do know something is coming in for you that will put a smile on your face! I also see some kind of new directions in the way of a romantic encounter for some you.

For the middle part of July 2016 I pulled the “Death” card Gemini!

In astrology “Death” is related to Scorpio. The 8th house in astrology. It doesn’t mean it literally, although it can be. I’m sensing many of you went ahead during Mars retro & started a new relationship with someone, or a new business! Huge no-no, when Mars is retro! Mars goes direct on June 29th, & really wakes up in the middle of July, 2016! I do see many relationships ending now Gemini. Rather that is with a with someone, or a business, it is ending now. I see you troubled over your future, you are unable to meet your bills now. I want to say all this will change, see Pluto rules Scorpio, Pluto wants to tear down & re-build. And that is what is happening now. You need to look at it this way Gemini, it will resemble the reborn phoenix, you will rise & begin new out of the ashes, trust me! What ever area you are needing to re-build now will flourish once more! When one chapter of your life is complete, a new chapter awaits to be born!

The end of July 2016, Gemini I pulled the “Five of Cups”

The “Five of Cups” is also in the sign of Scorpio, it is representing Mars, “Lord of loss and Pleasure”  (Mars is the co-ruler of Scorpio) It’s a no-brainier that Halloween falls during the  first part week Scorpio coming in! Halloween is the veil that is the thinnest for departed souls to go back & forth between our world & theirs! When you look at this tarot card you will see someone sad, someone whose heart is broken, something did not work out the way it was to.  As I post this, my youngest son is a Gemini, with Scorpio rising. My husband is a Gemini also, but has Virgo rising. So when I pulled these cards my heart hurt for my son. A-lot of what I see is going to be coming in for him. He was one that threw caution into the wind during Mars retro & began a new relationship. He’s quite fond of her to I might add! I see many Geminis having to let go of someone they thought would work out relating to a relationship. Just how it ends is unknown at this time. But it will end. If you too,tarted any relationship from the middle of April to the end of June Gemini, business or other, this is hitting you also now. I will say something so much better is coming in for you, I know you do not see it that way, but it is. You will learn a very valuable lesson from this!You will begin the Month of August without all the baggage you brought into July. Also, if someone/thing does return to you, they/it, will be on their/it’s time. I strongly advise you to not dwell on the negative Gemini, if I could go back & pull some better cards I would. But it would not tell what is honestly coming this month for you. Remember where your thoughts flow, you are making the energy flow to! I get that it’s hard, I know I myself will have to go thru it again with my son, he went thru a divorce last July. And it wasn’t easy.  One word of caution, stay away from drugs & alcohol , it only keeps one from going thur what you must for a short time. You will have to face what-ever you are being asked to face now Gemini. 

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