Gemini Horoscopes for the Year 2018! What You Need to Know Gemini!

Do you want to know how 2018 will work out for the sign of Gemini? What will happen and how will it all play out? Which areas of your life will experience amazing luck from the heavens and which areas will be a little more challenging? Will this be a lucky year for Gemini and will you find love? How will your health be affected? Will you find your dream job? If you want to find out the answers to these questions then read on and see all my predictions for love, work, money, health and luck in 2018!

To give you an accurate prediction of the year ahead we look at the astrological weather coming up for the sign of Gemini and look at the positions of all the planets, including the important placements of Saturn and Jupiter in 2018. When you read your horoscope predictions for the year ahead, also make sure to read the information for your Rising Sign or Ascendant as well as your Sun Sign! more times than not your rising/ascendant sign will fit you so much better than your sun sign! Also note: It will take your whole Astrology Chart (Birthtime~ Am Or Pm must be included, City~State~Country~you were born, Month~Day~Year you were born to know exactly what is going on for you in the year ahead, this is a general reading for all Gemini May 21st~June 20th, for the year 2018. With that in mind the following will be hit or a miss! You must have your own Astrology chart completed for total accuracy as stated above! And NOT a computer print out!

Here’s to a great 2018 Gemini!

Gemini Love in 2018:

Saturn is not opposing your sign any longer Gemini and this means you should feel more cheerful. Can you feel the sense of freedom coming? You may have found that your life has been caught up in a series of delays but now you can put these behind you. In addition you may also find that your relationships have suffered in recent years but now you can move forward with a relationship and make serious commitments without anything blocking the road ahead of you. You don’t have the support of Jupiter any more, it is true, but you also will find that Saturn is no longer pressing on you and you can now make moves such as getting engaged, married, or even pregnant! There is certainly a sentimental feeling in the heavens and you will find that you reconnect to your partner on an emotional level. If you have had some issues with family members in recent years then this is the time to put this behind you, and the key is communication and compromise!

If you are single then this may have been caused by too many work commitments which left you no time to date. Now however you get a break and you will get the chance to socialize more often with those close to you. Put a circle around your birthday as this is the perfect time to meet someone new, or the spring and summer months are also good times to find love generally. Try not to bring any emotional baggage with you from your last relationship however and if you have broke up with someone recently, try not to relive this anymore. Learn to look forward and reclaim your lust for life! Also look out for unexpected meetings with like-minded people who may go on to be very significant to you in 2018. You could also see an uptick in your sex life and you will feel more erotic than you have in years!

Gemini Career 2018:

You have been working hard over the last few years Gemini and now you will get to enjoy yourself a little bit. You may have been plagued with stress and challenges, and you salary may have stalled over the past three years. But now Saturn is not weighing on you so heavily and you will not have to make as many sacrifices as you did in the past.

In 2018 you will have the opportunity to get a better job or role if you want it and you could also see your salary increase as a product of this. As money comes in however, you may also find that you need to spend quite a lot of cash, especially where your home and family are concerned. This is because you can’t count on good luck from Jupiter and this means that you will have to work hard to get a new job and make sure you do your homework and prepare well ahead of time for an interview.

If you invested money in the past then this is the time when you could hear that this had paid off but note, this is also not a good year to make any big financial investments so take care when signing documents or legal contracts. If you do need to get things in writing then make sure you have a lawyer who can draft documents and look over any contracts before you sign them. You could also find that you need to spend money this year when it comes to a younger family member. This may unfortunately relate to illness or it may be linked to their education such as an expensive course that will make a dent in your savings.

Overall however this is a year when your work life improves and this also lifts your mood in other ways. The stress and tension that you experienced in your life in previous years will now start to melt away and you will be able to face 2018 with a much more optimistic attitude as everything around you starts to shimmer with delicious promise.

Gemini Luck in 2018:

You will notice your health improving in 2018 as you don’t have Saturn pressing on your ascendant that rules your body and mind. You could have found that you suffered from issues with your bones and teeth or you may have found that you lost weight rapidly which affected your body. Now however you will feel back to your old self and your energy and mental agility get a boost. You could have felt a little low in 2017 and now your old optimism returns. If possible then try to take a trip around May or June which also coincides with your birthday as this will bring you great joy. If you have been struggling with a legal issue then this could now be resolved and you could find that this also plays out through relatives or siblings who get good news which directly impacts your life.

You will shake off some of the pessimism of previous years and you will be in a much more positive frame of mind now. The way you interact with others improves and your natural good cheer returns which is infectious when it comes to those around you. In the winter period you will be able to take care of your health by starting a new fitness regime which will also be a great way to meet new people who will become longtime friends. These friendships could also bring about an important romantic relationship in your life if you are single which could even lead to children.

After a difficult few years this is a time when you can finally enjoy yourself a little more and embrace your life in full!

And if you Ascendant/Rising Sign is…


This is a positive year and you can make changes as long as you use your immense willpower. You will need to work hard but the results will be worth it. Relationships will also blossom this year.


You have an opposition to Jupiter now which means that projects take longer and suffer delays or reversals. Fortunately Saturn is in the mix and this gives you a huge amount of determination to see through anything you started. Good things are possible if you push for them.


This is a great year for you as you will feel lighter than you have for a long time. You will find that you excel in the workplace and several juicy projects could come your way. Romance also improves now.


Work could have been difficult in 2017 but now it improves. You will have more luck and success this year and you will get ahead professionally. If you have been looking for a new job for some time then you will find it this year.


Relationships could struggle over the course of 2018 Leo. You will also find that the first part of the year is difficult and that you only notice more positive factors over the summer period. That said you will still struggle to make headway either financially or in the workplace.


You have Jupiter in the mix now which is the planet of good luck. This will bring good news when it comes to your health and fitness as well as relationships. When it comes to love, try to put yourself out there.


You will find that this year is something of a mixed bag. On the one hand there can be obstacles that you will need to face in all sectors of your life. On the other hand you can overcome these if you work hard.


This will be a banner year for you and you will find that you feel more alert and have more energy. You will be naturally lucky across a number of different sectors in your chart and this is a time of great new beginnings. Opportunities are plentiful now!


You could find that you feel healthier now and have more energy after a sluggish 2017. Now that you feel more alert you can tackle a number of new projects and the summertime in particularly will be a very auspicious time to complete these.


This is a wonderful year for you as Jupiter is in aspect with the Ascendant. You will feel sharper both mentally and physically compared with last year. Any changes you made in the past will pay off this year.


This could be a challenging year for you. Make sure to watch out for legal issues as there could be complications when it comes to documents and paperwork. You will be focused on your career this year and may not have time to focus on your love life.


This is a wonderfully creative period for you. That said, a romantic relationship may suffer as your partner may not be supportive of your newfound emotional intensity. Family matters will improve however and you will have some great ideas for new projects or plans which could be very lucrative.

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