Gemini Horoscope Predictions for June 2016

Happy Birthday Gemini! Time For Some Relaxation!

Hello there Gemini! It’s your Birthday! You have the Sun lighting up your 1st house! And Venus & the new moon is there to! Make those birthday wishes, write down 10 birthday wishes Gemini & watch them come into your life with-in the year! Keep a visionary board with your intentions on it in front of you also! And always say Thank you for all the blessings in your life!

As I’ve stated you have the sun lighting up the way & conjunct your Venus & new moon on the 4th of June! What a tremendous amount of energy you must feel now! The new moon is all about new beginnings! Venus is love & money! And the sun is lighting the way! With your sun & Venus conjunct it brings you self-expression thru your imagination & relationships. A new relationship may start with these transits together! But do remember Mars is still retro & will not go direct until June 29th! So any new relationship  that starts will fizzle out, take it real slow! With that said, the new moon is all about new beginnings! And June will offer you Gemini that opportunity, but only if you know its coming! You have Jupiter the planet of expansion & money that is in your 5th house of children, (Jupiter went direct on May 9th, 2016). love affairs, hobbies, & creation, making a fabulous trine to your sun & Venus, in your first house (Your first house is all about you Gemini) & your new moon on June 4th! Take full advantage of this! What I see possible coming in for some of you is some family fun, either with your own children, or others children. You are very creative now, maybe possibly thinking on a new business to start for some of you, or a love affair will begin for some of you! Jupiter may still be in the 4th house for some of you, depends on the day you were born. (ie…beginning of month, middle, or end)

If Jupiter is in your 4th house as of this blog, it will have to do with either Real Estate, selling your home, buying a new one. (Remember…..Mars is still retro, so if you are able to postpone this or any type of big ticket ventures it would be in your best interest to do so). the 4th house represents the home you came from & the home you have now. Some of you may revamp your present home! Also, something new may come to lite for some of you to clear up!

With Mercury coming into your first house on June 18th, & Venus moving into your 2nd house of income, (Mercury went direct on May 22nd, 2016). Mercury in your 1st house some of you may want to get out & travel, but not necessarily long distances. I do want to say that your minds will be going 100 miles per hour & sometimes this may affect the way you come across to others, meaning, your messages you are trying to confirm may get scrambled with others, they may take what you have said “Not The Way You Meant It” & they may think you’ve done this to them on purpose, but you have not! Its just that your mind is going so fast thinking on this & that, that it maybe even at times hard for you to process what you are intending to say because so much information is coming to you at once! Your thinking is intense at this time!! Mercury is trine to Jupiter in your 5th. (depending when your birthday is…Jupiter may still be in your 4th house). This signifies an excellent time to buy & sell, again, remembering Mars is still retro. (I have a blog on Mars retro…what to do & not do, please read it for more on this subject of Mars) This is also an excellent time for making long term goals for your future. (Which is best as Mars is retro) This transit will support you in all business related activity’s.

On June 27th, 2016, we have Venus Trining your Neptune. this is a good aspect, though not for working! You will be most likely to spend this time daydreaming rather then living in the everyday world. You will be more compassion & understanding. If you start a new love relationship under this transit it will not be all you thought once this transit is over.

On June 29th, 2016, you will have your Venus & Uranus sextile, Venus in your second house of income & Uranus will be in your 12th house. With Venus in your 2nd house this can be either good or difficult financially. And Uranus is the planet of surprises! With this particular sextile its a wonderful time for a party! During this time you will not favor a long lasting relationship, because you will value your freedom to much. But one may start under this aspect as long as both parties agree “Freedom Is Key”.

The full Moon will be on June 20th, 2016, in your 8th house, in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn. Something may need to come to an end here. With-out your natal chart to put with the transits it will be difficult to know what that maybe. You will want to focus on careers, public life, planning things, letting go of things that no-loner serve you. You may feel as if you are being asked to carry extra responsibility.

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