When you hear someone say “Mercury retrograde”, what goes thru your mind?
Many individuals get totally stressed out, frightened or nervous around this time since the extreme powers may translate into physical circumstances or emotional issues.
And some  people may become a lot more sensitive, maybe even emotional blockages and miscommunication can happen, and also often it kind-of seems like we’re required to be a lot more open.
So what’s really going on here anyway?
Everything is essentially energy, as well as these massive plants bordering us are regularly letting go of energy in the kinds of sound, vibration and heat. These energies constantly effect us, but it takes a particular level of sensitivity to completely feel it.
An planet going right into retrograde means it shows up to be relocating in reverse around the sun from our perspective, however it is merely a trick of the eye. It is the objective and also focus we placed towards a retrograde that makes it exactly what it is. If we’re expecting every little thing to be negative throughout a retrograde, we’re viewing it from that thought of mind, as so it shall be.
If our cumulative consciousness looked at a retrograde event as something purely favorable, it would have a much different effect on humanity all at once. Retrograde’s has actually never ever been something negative or something to be afraid of; it is a time for us to go back over our goals, as well as tweak what-ever it is that needs tweaking!
So, on April 28th, 5 planets will remain in retrograde. Something such as this hasn’t happened in more then 10 years. It’s kind of a large deal!
Each planet stands for an aspect of humans as well as our lives, so when one enters into retrograde, it’s like it gets shaken up and also the powers are magnified. The reason Mercury obtains such a bad reparation when it enters into retrograde is due to the fact that it represents communication & travel. It has been know to mess with our computers, cell phones, TV viewing, anything that represents communication is wrecked havoc on!
When this planet is in retrograde, many people come forth with feelings they’ve been hiding, things come out of the shadows and secrets are revealed! It isn’t really something to run from,  you can’t anyway. just something to learn from.
Our personal growth, expansion, & money, is ruled by the planet Jupiter.
Pluto whose energy may be subtle, but make no mistake its results will hit you like a ton of bricks. This planet is about transformation, regeneration and rebirth Emotions, especially rage, enthusiasm and also aggression are Mars. And also Saturn is  our Karma.
Every one of these planets will be in retrograde, so each one will  be intensified majorly. It will lighten up once Jupiter goes direct on May 9th, & while most of these planets are in a earth sign, which will also lighten things up for us, still proceed with some caution!  Alot of  things are going to come to light rather you want them to or not…secrets revealed during a mercury retrograde.  Do not view this time as a possibility to hide away and prevent any of the problems that may arise.
Instead, utilize it as a chance to go back over things you may have missed, write down your goals you want to incorporate into your life & launch them after Mercury goes direct.
If there is a repetitive pattern in your life, a mistake you continually make, it’s due to the fact that you haven’t fully comprehended the issue, realize this & make an effort to learn from it.
As soon as a lesson is fully learnt in your life, you will not keep repeating the same patterns over & over! It is a beautiful learning experience that could greatly benefit your life.
The planets go retrograde in late April but you will feel the effects about 2 weeks or so before then! And again, when Jupiter goes direct on May 9th, 2016, it will lighted the load for us all, as well as the planets being in earth signs, that to will lighted it for us! Also, when Mercury is retrograde one may have the chance to experience a “Blast From The Past”  someone you may have known in your past, rather that is a ex-girl/boy, friend, or a old friend, during Mercury retro’s you maybe given a chance to revisit your past with an old ex, & or friend! Be very “CAUTIOUS” though….never start/launch, anything new during a Mars retro, it will fizzle out! Guaranteed!

So there you have it! the basic of what happens in these retrogrades, good & the bad! Stay positive & know it a time to appreciate not to fear! A time to go back over things, a great time for a vacation! Or cleaning out your closets…did I mention you are 10 times more app to find things you’ve lost during a Mercury retro also! See it’s not all bad!

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