February 2022 USA/global Predictions, Horoscope Echoing 2020 North Node in Taurus Economy Slowing Down

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01/26/2022    (March 2022 USA/global horoscopes predictions are posted)

Before I begin, if you are looking for puppies & kittens with my USA/global predictions, you are in for a great disappointment. I see no such thing coming in for the USA/global, economy at this time. Do understand that this is Mundane Astrology, not personal horoscopes, there is a huge difference!

        As I stated in one of my monthly predictions, it’s the planets in play, it doesn’t matter who’s in the white house, BUT I also stated you better hope the right president is in place in the white house, because if the wrong president is in the white house, he will not know how to fix this! As we are witnessing now!

With that said let’s begin!

New Aquarius Moon February 1st, 2022 in the USA 2nd h. Square Uranus in the 5th h ~ Pluto return February 22nd, 2022

At the same time, we have Jupiter coming into a sextile with Uranus, & Mars coming into sextile Jupiter. So that will minimize the effects of the new moon square Uranus, (& we all know they are pumping money into this market!) we will see some downturn in the markets, women & children will suffer, anything to do with amusement will suffer, as well as risk-taking & speculation. (remember as with all aspects…… what I write will happen before the luminaries/planets perfect.)

With the Pluto return on February 2nd, 2022 (Pluto did return to 27 degrees on Feb 2nd, 2022, BUT in the USA natal chart Pluto is 27 degrees & 33 minutes, which did not happen until around Feb 22, 2022, & if you consider all that has transpired from Feb 2nd to Feb 22nd, 2022, not much has changed!)  just as when Uranus went into the sign of Taurus & we were all told of a recession/depression but did you notice it’s a slow burn, it’s coming slowly, like a frog being boiled & not jumping out as the water heats up, that is what is happening to the USA! While I do not look for immediate changes with the Pluto return in the USA 2nd h, it actually started when Uranus went into Taurus, & when Jupiter & Saturn conjunct in 2020. This will escalate slowly throughout the year 2022, do know 2023 thru 2026 will not be a cakewalk for the USA. We have many more hoops to get through, so many. We will go into a depression not now, but it’s coming….. It’s coming quicker than any of us care to admit. Again, always know your own personal horoscope chart as back in the 1930’s many people prospered!  

In 2022 Neptune is popping in & out opposing the USA midheaven.

Neptune when afflicted, causes collapse, downfall, Instability, chaotic affairs, dishonesty, drunkenness, illegal drug usage, as well as but not limited to various forms of crime & vice. Since Neptune will be on & off afflicting the midheaven, we are seeing uprisings, as well as discontent, & a whole lot of political instability & this will continue into the US/global future. 

Also, as we’ve been witnessing, Neptune is square Mars, which counts for the epidemic turning into a pandemic, for political gain as we’ve witnessed!

Full moon on February 16th, 2022 in the US 9th house will be quincunx Pluto in the US 2nd house with Pluto conjunct natal Pluto. 

I look for more trouble with trade wars, causing money problems for the US. Anything to do with the sea, I look to bring insane issues, war possible, could be trade war! Navy, anything that operates from sea will not be fortunate during this time. 

I also look for airlines to have even more difficulty due to the rules & regulations brought down from the biden administration. 

On February 24th, 2022, I do look for something to do with banking to become more evident to the people, like the system is cracking is what I get. 

Something interesting I want to point out for the year 2022, Uranus & the North Node, I blogged on here & stated the following BUT I did not state what happened in 1931 when Uranus & the North Node conjunct on March 13th, 1931, in the sign of Aries in the US 4th house. Saturn USA 2nd h, in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto in 1931 was in the US 8th house in the sign of Cancer Also, Saturn & Uranus were forming a square for the 1st time in late 1929 & exact on February 8th, 1930. The square between Saturn & Uranus happened three times as it is in 2021/2022.  Saturn & Uranus square in late 1929, 1930, as well as 2021/2022. In 2008/2009 they were opposite each other!!

What I stated in my January 2022 blog ~The North Node will be conjunct Uranus & Mars (USA 5th h) on August 1st, 2022….(remember…the flavor will happen before they perfect!) look for crazy chaos coming in, a downturn, because not only will that be happening but we have a full moon on August 11th, 2022,  conjunct Saturn in the sign of Capricorn (USA 2nd h) square Uranus & the lunar north node (USA 5th h)! I’m wanting to give a heads up you need to be planning now because this will indeed not be pretty. Unless they are able to pull a rabbit out of their hats this will indeed be financial chaos so be forewarned! More coming as we get closer! As I always say, keep an eye on your horoscope chart to see how this plays out for you, many people thrived during the 1930s, may you be one of those people!!

Now I am including ~1931, Uranus & the North Node were conjunct in the sign of Aries,  Also note….Saturn in 1931 was in the USA 2nd house in the sign of Capricorn (As Saturn is today.) Remember always watch the Nodes! While the North Node today has slipped into Taurus, a sign the USA economy is slowing down,  Uranus & the North Node, & Mars will conjunct in the USA 5th house August 1st, 2022. In 1931 when this happened both Uranus & the North node was in the sign of Aries which was the year of financial difficulty in the USA, “The Great Depression”.

What happened in 1931 ~  Less than 50% LInk: The People History 

What Events Happened in 1931

United States — Dust Bowl

The Great Plains suffers devastating droughts, dust storms, and soil erosion during the Dust Bowl years. Farms suffer and massive ecological damage is done to the Midwestern and Southern Plains areas of the country.

More Information and Timeline for the Dust Bowl


1. The United States Congress passes the Homestead Act of 1862 and settlers move into the Great Plains and begin farming the lands.

2. Farmers plant dry wheat in the Great Plains prairies and continue to plow and plant millions of acres. This over-working of the land is one of the main reasons that the Dust Bowl became so devastating and lasted so long.

3. A drought hits the Midwestern and Plains states this year, dust from the overworked land begins creating dust storms.

4. The drought worsens in 1932 and more dust storms are reported.

5. The drought continues in 1933 and many farmers face foreclosures as the Great Depression also worsens. The Emergency Farm Mortgage Act and the Farm Credit Act are created to help save farms.

6. Many farmers flee from the Plains and abandon their farms in hopes of finding work in California.

7. The drought becomes the worst in US history during 1934 and a total of twenty-seven states are affected by it.

8. The Taylor Grazing Act goes into effect in 1934 and created heavily monitored grazing districts. It was used to help stem the damage caused by over-grazing the land.

9. The Drought Relief Service is created and starts buying cattle from struggling farmers in 1935.

10. The Emergency Relief Appropriation Act is created in April of 1935 and it forms the Works Progress Administration as well as providing hundreds of millions of dollars of drought relief.

11. The Black Sunday dust blizzard hits on April 14th, 1935 and is the worst dust storm of the Dust Bowl Years. It does massive amounts of damage to lands and property.

12. The Soil Conservation Service is established with the aim of developing topsoil preservation programs in 1935.

13. Recovery efforts continue in 1937 with the Shelterbelt Project. This project would utilize the Civilian Conservation Corps to plant native trees throughout the Great Plains, another program to help stop soil erosion.

14. The drought still continues in 1938, work intended to help with the problems caused by the drought and programs aimed at preventing further land issues continue as well.

We all are witnessing & feeling that something wicked cometh this way…..while a potential war is in the mix related to Russia, I feel will come in late February, March 2022, something related to war, this could even point to more chaos dealing with trade…like trade war. 

With all I’ve written in this blog as well as other blogs before, it would be ideal to stock up on all things you will be needing, as well as stuff your money in your mattress, literally! Things in the USA, as well as global, do not look appetizing, as I’ve stated in my January 2022 blog, unless they are able to pull a rabbit out of their hat, I look for things to get even dicier than ever before! Do also note, 2023 & 2024….it looks very sad for the USA/global, world, I’m only wanting to prepare you, not scare you, as I’ve always stated use your mind to create your reality it really does work!!

Warm wishes, Bree


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