February 2020 USA Predictions Horoscope ~ WAR LIKE SPIRIT FROM ABROAD

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

People born on February 29th will get to celebrate their birthdays on the very day they were born this year which means it’s a leap year that happens every 4 years!

February 1st ~ 9th

3rd ~ Mercury sign change into Pisces

Mercury in the sign of Pisces is in its detriment. A very strong tendency to react from the subconscious level rather than reason.

7th ~ Venus sign change into Aries 4th h.

Venus in the sign of Aries is in its detriment, Venus tires easily in the high energy sign of Aries which Mars rules. When Venus is in the sign of Aries it can make one aggressive regarding their emotional self-expression.

8th/9th ~ Full Moon 20  ͦLeo ~ USA 8th h. opposite Pluto 2nd h. approaching 3  ͦ

In Mundane astrology the 8th h. has special reference to death & mortality, all matters that have to do with it. The 8th h. does govern the Privy Council.  

The full Moon will be in the 3rd decanate of Leo. It stirs up people, also armies rising to new attempts.

I’m seeing a violent uprising against authority or government. Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch. This will cause disputes, riots, explosions, fires. There will be a warlike spirit from abroad.

Tip: In personal astrology horoscopes, the Leo Full Moon, is asking us to be careful with regards to acting too quickly. Try not to overextend yourself, & by all means be careful not to offend anyone which is so easy to do during a Leo Full Moon. During a full Moon, it is an important time to forgive, releasing negativity & practice gratitude.

11th/12th ~ Jupiter crosses over into 2nd h.

Jupiter in the 2nd house is known to be a great influence, improvement in the USA finances. Enjoy this!

When Jupiter, Mars & Pluto grow closer & conjunct this will change!

14th ~ Happy Valentine Day! 

16th ~ Mercury Retrograde

Communication, transportation will be fuzzy at best! This is a good time to go back over things do not start new. You may bump into someone you’ve not seen is quite a while, perhaps find something you’ve lost can also happen with a Mercury retrograde!

18th ~ Sun sign change Pisces

Do watch your health during this month! One’s immune system is weaker when the Sun is the sign of Pisces.

21st ~ Mars trine Uranus ~ Mars in the USA 1st h. Uranus 5th h.

This will give energy & success to the Government & President. People are happy!

23rd ~ Pisces New Moon ~ USA 3rd h

The 3rd h. in the USA chart rules successful undertakings, related to communication, transportation, stocks, shares, books, newspapers, you will see much activity related to this. Successful undertakings, & benefits.

Tip: In personal astrology horoscopes, the Pisces New Moon is asking us to be careful of being hypersensitive, as well as escaping one’s responsibilities. With Pisces a Mutable sign, this is time to learn all sides of an issue. Yin.

Intentions & New Moon wishes, there is a known secret to ensure your New Moon wishes would come to manifest! They need to be felt from the heart, no wishy-washy intentions will come to fruition. And the MOST VITAL is that you yourself must act as if it’s already happened ~ the mind is a powerful force never forget that! Feel it as if it has already happened!

28th ~ Venus square Pluto ~ Venus 4th h. Pluto 2nd h.

This will bring unfortunate taxation, financial questions affecting foreign relations. Extravagance related to 2nd & 4th house matters.

The 2nd house in Mundane astrology rules financial condition of the Nation, revenues’, banks, stock exchange, commerce & trade.

The 4th house in Mundane astrology rules over the land, & also in connection with it, agriculture, crops, mines, minerals, land interests, as well as mining royalties, it also rules the opposition party to the Government. Also related if aspecting the cusp, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, & the like.

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

TIP: Always remind yourself to see the beauty in life! It’s all around us every second of every day! Retrain your subconscious mind, it is said to start training one’s subconscious mind is to write down what you want your conscious mind to believe, read what you have written 100 times per day, one hour per day, I hear ya, who’s got that kind of time? So, split it up per month, be creative, bottom line it works!

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