Eclipses- Everything You Need To Know And How To Cope!

Eclipses can be some of the most dramatic traumatic periods in our lives. In that sense, think of them as the universe’s way of forcing us to stop and think. Sometimes we need to make changes in our lives, and eclipses are here to ensure that we do.

An eclipse is almost always surprising and bold. It is meant to make us examine our lives and make changes. But rather than easing us into a slow change, it is more likely that an eclipse will escalate a situation rapidly so that we are forced to action. This may sound dramatic and scary, but trust that an eclipse has our best interests at heart, and any changes, however challenging at the time, are all leading the way for improvements in our lives. It will matter what house & sign the Eclipse is in & what planet in your natal chart the Eclipse is making an aspect to. At times, Eclipses will not affect us due to this. But, with that said, if an Eclipses is making an aspect to one of our natal planets, or, our progressed planets, you will feel it!

What is an eclipse?

To understand eclipses we need to first understand that they come as Solar or Lunar eclipses. Put simply, a Solar eclipse comes when the Moon moves between the Sun and the earth, so that we can no longer see the Sun.

A Lunar eclipse is the opposite, so when the earth moves between the Moon and the Sun, we cannot see the reflections of the Sun on the Moon. This is less noticeable than a Solar eclipse, and it just looks as if the Moon is not there.

What is the meaning of an eclipse?

An eclipse is always a significant event and it is one that we need to take seriously. The meanings of an eclipse can be many, but they always herald a big event in our lives. This means that we can often see a big announcement during an eclipse such as a birth, marriage, job opportunity, business breakthrough, move to a new house or country etc. In this sense, try to think of an eclipse as a turning point or breakthrough. Something significant always happens at eclipse time, and if you are not directly affected, then often it will be that someone close to you that is and that this has an impact on you as well. An example of this could be a relative announcing that they are pregnant and that you are about to become a grandmother, aunt, godmother etc.

Eclipses are also about beginnings and endings, which is why some people fear them and think that they are bringing bad luck or that they are a bad omen. This is untrue, and although things often come to an end at eclipse time, trust that this is paving the way for something better on the horizon. Usually the things that end at the time end forever, with no way back, and they usually happen suddenly. For this reason it can seem daunting when an eclipse looms, but once we have walked the path that the eclipse has set up for us, we will see that it was all in the name of progress.

An eclipse is also the bearer of news and it will usually come suddenly. An eclipse shines a light on a part of our life that we may not have even realized needed attention. Often some piece of information that we lacked in our life will suddenly fall into our laps, and our lives and decisions will change as a result. Often this will come as a shock at the time, but we will realize that we needed this piece of information in order to move forward.

Eclipses speed up events in our life, whether we like it or not. This is a good thing, as if we have been putting off making a decision, the eclipse will force our hand and make us face up to whatever is happening around us. An example of this could be that we have wanted to travel the world but have been making excuses about why we can’t go. Or, perhaps we may lose our job or end a relationship, leaving us with no more reasons why we shouldn’t take the plunge. In this sense, the eclipse brings decision-making right to our front door and we are forced to act.

What is the difference in meaning between a Solar and Lunar eclipse?

We also need to divide eclipses according to whether they are a Solar or Lunar eclipse. If it is a Solar eclipse then this usually heralds the start of something new that will be very positive for us. Often it brings an opportunity although it is usually an abrupt one that we did not see coming, like a sudden job opportunity from a rival firm or company.

When it comes to Lunar eclipses, these are usually more about endings, and these endings are final. The energy of a Lunar eclipse is also different and we may feel nostalgic, sentimental, and overly emotional thanks to the Moon’s power.

Is an eclipse final?

Yes. For the most part we cannot overturn decisions made and things that happen around eclipse time. An eclipse wants us to move forward and in order to do so it sometimes forces our hand. Still, the changes are for our own good and as a result we need to accept them. Trying to reverse decisions or fight what is happening at eclipse time is futile. An example of this could be a break-up. If our partner tells us that they want to end the relationship during eclipse time then this is likely to be final and there is nothing to be gained in trying to cling to the union.

Is it true that people are often Leave our lives during an ‘eclipsed’?

Yes. This is very true. Often a person will leave our life during an eclipse time. If it is a Solar eclipse then this usually means that a male will be eclipsed. This may mean that we break up with a male in our lives, or that a prominent male figure such as a colleague or boss leaves our company.

If the eclipse is a Lunar eclipse then this points to a female presence. This could mean the end of a friendship or if could be an argument with a female relative. It could also be a female boss or colleague who is moving on from the company.

Either way, the relationships that break up during an eclipse do so permanently, and although this may be painful at the time, in the long term we will see that this was a breakthrough. An example of this may be a breakup that leads to you meeting your new life partner, or a toxic friendship that needed to end but that you were too timid to confront.

How should we deal with an eclipse?

An eclipse will come to us whether we like it or not, so in that sense there is little that we can actually ‘do’ around eclipse periods. The best way to handle an eclipse is to go into it with our eyes open. We also need to be aware that changes will probably come and be open to these as they will happen anyway and it will be easier for us if we do not fight them. In this instance, a degree of flexibility is always welcome during eclipse time. Another good strategy is also to trust in the process. An eclipse time may be a messy period when things seem to go awry, relationships break down, and information that we didn’t necessarily want to hear finds it way to us. Trust however that an eclipse really does have our best interests at heart, and this will go a long way to facing whatever an eclipse brings us.

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