Earthquakes Eclipses & Astrology

Is the world getting ready for another huge earthquake? Where and when might it happen? Can we predict it ahead of time? Perhaps…if we use astrology.

What causes an earthquake according to astrology?

According to astrology, an earthquake can be caused by eclipses. When an eclipse happens in a Fixed sign or planets are in a Fixed sign when an eclipse occurs, then earthquakes may happen in the areas of the world where these planets rise, set, culminate, or are on the nadir. Earthquakes also can happen when an eclipse is in a Cardinal sign.

An example of this would be the Solar Eclipse of January 15, 2010, when there was a triple conjunction of the planets Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron. These planets were in the sign of Aquarius and were opposing the planet Mars in the sign of Leo which is a fixed sign, meaning that the chance of earthquakes significantly increased. Shortly following the Solar eclipse, two large earthquakes hit around the world and there were several minor quakes in the United States including in Chicago.

It has been noted that earthquakes often happen following an eclipse or close to the time that an eclipse occurs. The chances of an earthquake hitting also increase if there are other indicators in the mix and if the eclipse is a Total Eclipse. Why does this happen? Well, earthquake activity rises because of something that we call the ‘Moon Wobble Effect’.

What is the Moon Wobble?

The Moon Wobble happens when the Sun is square with the lunar North Node. This causes a kind of energy which we associate with an eclipse when the New or Full Moon aligns with the nodes. The chance of a disaster rises both before and after a Moon Wobble.

An example of the Moon Wobble Effect happened on January 11, 2010, when this energy was at its strongest. This was the day before the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Other Moon Wobbles happened on April 6, 2010, as well as July 3 and September 30, 2010. As well as being a common occurrence close to eclipses, earthquakes also happen close to a Full Moon.

How can you predict where an earthquake will hit?

It is possible to try and pinpoint the location of a large earthquake using something called an Astrolocality map which looks at the lines of Mars and Saturn so that we can see where problem areas may occur. This can also include planets which are in Fixed signs or are at an important conjunction.

Another way to look at possible earthquake areas is to compare an eclipse map to an Astrolocality map of the current ingress which will show common problem areas across both maps. This can also be done by using the maps for different areas and looking for an emphasis of planets on the angles.

One example of this would be to look at a chart when it has been relocated to Port-au-Prince in Haiti. When we look at this map we can see that Jupiter is conjunct the 4th House cusp with Neptune and Chiron which is opposed by Mars which is in Leo, a Fixed sign. These placements clearly show how disaster and catastrophe will hit this area.

When an earthquake occurs we will find that there are many aspects between the planets at this time. We will also see that these planets will have aspects to the previous eclipse and the places of the planets around the time of that eclipse. This means that an eclipse can predict that an earthquake will hit but that this will not happen until the planets form various aspects to each other and to the eclipse itself. This is why we do not see a major earthquake every single time there is an eclipse, as it has to link to other factors as well.

Going back to the example of the earthquake in Haiti, we can see that this happened during a period of the Moon Wobble Effect as the Total Solar Eclipse had planets that were forming angles to Fixed signs in Haiti. This also came with a Saturn and Pluto square, which in turn had challenging aspects with the natal planets of Haiti. We can also see that the Ascendant on the earthquake chart was in opposition with the natal Sun (which had just been eclipsed) of Haiti and transiting Mars crossed the South Node of Haiti’s chart.

Another example of how we can predict an earthquake would be the quake in Chile which happened one day before the full Moon and was linked to the Lunar eclipse on July 7, 2009. This eclipse had Jupiter and Neptune at 26 degrees in Aquarius and square to Mars at 26 degrees in Taurus. The minor planet Chiron was in Aquarius, a Fixed sign, along with the North Node. If we look at a relocated map of Chile we can see that Uranus (which brings sudden events) was on the Medium Coeli and was opposing Saturn near the Imum Coeli. When the earthquake hit Chile, Mercury and Neptune were transiting Aquarius at 26 degrees which links to the pattern of the eclipse. The transiting Moon in Leo was opposed to the outer planets which were in Aquarius. We can also see that transiting Mars conjoined with the Lunar Eclipse South Node which was in Leo and the transiting North Node which was in Capricorn. As if that wasn’t enough, the Ascendant on the chart of the earthquakes was in close alignment with the degree of the Lunar Eclipse.

What to look for to see where an earthquake might happen:

To put it simply, this is what you need to look for to predict if an earthquake may hit…

First, look for eclipses which have planets that fall in Fixed signs, Cardinal signs, particularly those that have challenging aspects.

It is also a good idea to look at an Astrolocality map for the eclipse which will highlight any problem areas in the world.

Also look out for the possibility of increased earthquake activity around the time of an eclipse, a Full Moon, or a Moon Wobble Effect period.

Look out for the transiting nodes to cross over a previous eclipse which is within three degrees of the Sun or Moon.

All of the above herald a higher chance of earthquakes particularly if linked to an eclipse that suggested the presence of an earthquake previously.

There are also many other examples that we can look at throughout history of earthquake activity linked to the heavens. These include the San Francisco earthquake which happened in 1906 when Uranus was on the cusp of the 4th House. Uranus was also opposing Neptune and both were square the Moon in Aries. Before the eruption of Mount Saint Helen, Jupiter was with Mars and they were on the cusp of the 4th House and there was also a fixed Grand Square between the Moon, Uranus and the nodes.

As you can see, when we look back through history, the link between eclipses and the planets predicting earthquake activity is clear and this is demonstrated through a huge number of examples. Still, we should not fear an eclipse and it does not necessarily mean that an earthquake will definitely happen at the same time, as this is dependent on many other factors and planets in the mix as mentioned above.

The next big eclipse will be the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, and many astrologers are also predicting that this will bring heightened activity such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and much more.

I’ve posted on: August 21st, 2017~ Solar Eclipses~ Chaos~Earthquakes~Tsunamie~ Are You Ready?  Watch this space to see how that turns out!

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