Donald J. Trump’s Horoscope ~ Neptune in his 7th house

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I wanted to take a moment & explain what I see in President Trump ’s horoscope Neptune transiting his 7th house, & I’m hoping if this is happening to anyone else out there, this may be the reason! Please read on!

I want to begin by saying notice transiting Neptune in his 7thhouse? That sign explains so much regarding his well…some of his bad choices for AG & other cabinet choices he has made.  Let me explain.

With Neptune in your seventh house, it can have several effects. But to narrow it down it affects all of the one-to-one relationships you have in your life. This includes partnerships, business partnerships, significant others, your spouse,  also those who you consult with such as attorneys, doctors, and any kind of counsel. With that said, there is a danger of miscommunication, poor communication, and misrepresentation, by those whom one consults with. Rather that be intentionally, or otherwise.

Being in business one has to be careful about forming any new partnerships because they are not likely to work out as one would want them to. And perhaps you will find the partners that you have contracted with in the past seem not to work as well as they once had.  Also, take note, in very extreme case Neptune transiting the seventh house can even indicate being swindled, or being, con’d.

Let’s say Pres. Trump had established a partnership that seems to work out very well for him in the past but here comes Neptune transiting his seventh house now perhaps causing misunderstandings as this is a standard consequence of Neptune in anyone’s seventh house. See where I’m going here? Those very partnerships may be disolved. 

 We all know that Pres. Trump has had issues with attorney(s), this transit is not good for dealing with lawyers or lawsuits, because the seventh house rules people you consult, as well as lawsuits.

Neptune is delusional, it is not of this Earth, it fogs the mind, whatever house Neptune is transiting always stick to what you know, not what you think you know, but only to what you know, I’ve received that knowledge from reading the book by Isabel M. Hickey, 

In whatever house one sees Neptune sacrifice of self-interests will be necessary. Did you know Neptune never pressures, Neptune works by persuasion. Neptune is called the “Cosmic Santa Claus.”

I wanted to write on Pres. Trump’s transiting Neptune because it explains so much on what is actually going on with him now. We see a lot of his choices are not necessarily sound ones at times. We see people with whom he has been in business with forever some dissolving now. And perhaps not in a good way. Neptune ~ the planet of delusion can be related to as a termite that eats it way thru one’s wood, you never know the damage until it’s too late. I myself am beginning to witness the transit of Neptune in my 7th house, & I’m so happy I know what to expect with Neptune’s long stay! To put it mildly, I will be sticking to only what I know!! 

Blessings, Bree  


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  1. Венета Матева says:

    President Trump always makes the right decisions and if some partnerships dissolve, it’s for the better, it means they should dissolve and Neptune is helping that happen without great difficulty.

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