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Current Planetary Positions

Sun 21° Cancer 27' 00"
Moon 15° Libra 13' 05"
Mercury 16° Leo 38' 30"
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Mars 24° Taurus 46' 24"
Jupiter 10° Gemini 49' 28"
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Uranus 26° Taurus 14' 27"
Neptune 29° Pisces 53' 58" R
Pluto 01° Aquarius 06' 08" R
Chiron 23° Aries 27' 29"
TrueNode 10° Aries 00' 01"

Discover Your Destiny: the Perfect Business Based on Your North Node Zodiac Sign

Jun 19, 2024 | Astrology Blog

What am I supposed to be doing with my life? I know what I'm doing now isn't working. Why am I continuously doing the same thing over and over and getting nowhere? I feel empty and frustrated. UGH!

Curious about the best type of business to start, or perhaps you only want to score the best possible career but are unsure where to begin? Maybe it's time to take a peek at your blueprint, natal chart, horoscope chart (all have the same meaning)—specifically, your North Node sign. What if you could tap into a deeper understanding of yourself and uncover the business ventures, careers, or, entrepreneurship that resonate with you and light you up? All the while helping you to balance your day-to-day living. This hidden aspect of your natal chart holds the key. Look no further than your North Node sign, which holds the key to creating a successful and deeply meaningful venture.

What is the North Node, and Why is it Called One's Destiny in Life

Imagine your North Node as a trusty compass, always pointing you toward your highest potential. It reveals the lessons your soul needs to learn and fulfill its destiny in this lifetime. This is the life trajectory that sparks fireworks in your heart and skyrockets your personal evolution. Unlike your Sun sign, which reveals your core identity, the North Node points to where you should head to achieve greater satisfaction and meaning in life.

Our lives are subtly shaped by the mysterious influence of the North Node - but how?

Reaching your highest potential requires adopting certain traits and behaviors, and your North Node sign can guide you towards them. It's the cosmic GPS guiding you towards your true path. Imagine building a business, a life, that's an authentic reflection of your deepest desires and values – that's what aligning with your North Node can help you achieve. Journey through the 12 North Node signs and find the winning business, life direction, that harmonize with you. Note, though: It will matter what house and aspects your North Node makes in your birth chart, blueprint, natal chart, or horoscope chart (all have the same meaning). Squares and oppositions can be challenging, while sextiles and trines have ease, your natal promise!

You may also be interested in knowing where your North Node is located in your horoscope chart and the aspects it makes to other natal planets. This is a must-know as well, so you can balance your life and get back to living it instead of dreading it. See: Secrets to Unlocking Your Destiny in Each Horoscope House That Magical North Node

Below is a brief description of the North Nodes in the different signs.

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Characteristics of Aries North Node

If your North Node is in Aries, you're here to embrace independence, courage, and leadership. It's a thrilling moment – you're breaking free from the sidelines and taking center stage. Breaking free from codependency starts with confronting our fears - it's time to take a stand.

Business/Career Ideas for Aries North Node

As an Aries North Node, consider starting a business that allows you to be a pioneer. Picture yourself at the helm of your own venture, where you're the visionary calling the shots. Maybe it's a startup, a fitness studio, or a consulting firm - the common thread is you, shining as the driving force behind your brand. 

North Node in Taurus

Characteristics of Taurus North Node

With a North Node in Taurus, your mission is to cultivate stability and self-worth; no need to gain support or validation from anyone! Truth is, whatever a north node in Taurus deems valuable makes money! Stuck in a whirlwind of chaos and intensity? Let's ditch the Scorpio South Node mindset and focus on crafting something that stands the test of time.

Business/Career Ideas for Taurus North Node

Taurus North Node individuals thrive in businesses related to beauty, luxury, and comfort. Transform the way we eat by building a farm-to-table sensation that locals adore. Or, funnel your knack for finance into part guidance, part coaching for individuals seeking financial independence. When you put your own spin on something, it's like adding a secret ingredient – suddenly, it's infused with a sense of reliability and quality that wins customers over. 

North Node in Gemini

Characteristics of Gemini North Node

If your North Node is in Gemini, communication, learning, and adaptability are your key themes. Curiosity is calling, and you're ready to answer. It's time to trade in stiffness for flexibility and connections that spark. Let go of the dogmatic thinking and rigidity linked to a Sagittarius South Node.

Business/Career Ideas for Gemini North Node

Gemini North Nodes are natural communicators and networkers. Imagine yourself in a role that blends creativity with connection – think blogging, selling, public relations, communications, or teaching – where your unique voice can shine through. Anything that involves sharing information, journalism, and connecting people will resonate with your soul’s purpose. Oh & perfect in the art of listening 🙂 which is a huge learning curve for North Node people!

North Node in Cancer

Characteristics of Cancer North Node

With a North Node in Cancer, your journey involves nurturing, emotional expression, and creating a sense of home and community. You’re moving away from the Capricorn South Node’s focus on status and control.

Business/Career Ideas for Cancer North Node

Cancer North Node individuals often find fulfillment in businesses that involve caregiving and emotional support. Imagine being your own boss and creating a space where families can thrive. This could be a family counseling service that offers personalized support or real estate, rather selling or investing.

North Node in Leo

Characteristics of Leo North Node

Leo North Node people are here to shine, embrace creativity, and enjoy the spotlight. Your path involves developing self-confidence and a sense of personal pride, moving away from the anonymity and detachment of an Aquarius South Node.

Business/Career Ideas for Leo North Node

For Leo North Nodes, businesses that allow for creative expression and recognition are ideal. Think about starting a business in the arts, entertainment, or even personal branding where you can be front and center. A theater company, a design studio, or a social media influencer career might be perfect for you.

North Node in Virgo

Characteristics of Virgo North Node

Virgo North Node individuals are here to embrace service, precision, and practical skills. Here's the deal: you'll need to tighten up your attention to detail and bring a sense of order to your approach. Otherwise, you'll find yourself lost in the chaos and fantasy that the Pisces South Node is so good at spinning.

Business/Career Ideas for Virgo North Node

A Virgo North Node can signify a predisposition towards careers that reward scrupulous attention, analytical prowess, and old-fashioned elbow grease. Entrepreneurs with this planetary alignment might venture into territory that explores high-stakes project management, quality control, or advisory services.

North Node in Libra

Characteristics of Libra North Node

If your North Node is in Libra, your mission is to learn about balance, relationships, and diplomacy. You’re moving away from the Aries South Node’s focus on independence and self-interest.

Business/Career Ideas for Libra North Node

Looking to turn your passions into a career that reflects your Libra North Node? 

People born with a Libra North Node shine in careers that bring people together, promote aesthetic appeal, and foster peaceful vibes. Been considering a business venture? Give wedding planning a shot, where fairy tales come to life. Alternatively, bring spaces to life with interior design, or help find common ground with mediation services. Anything that involves creating balance and fostering cooperation will suit you well.

North Node in Scorpio

Characteristics of Scorpio North Node

With a North Node in Scorpio, your path involves transformation, deep connections, and embracing the unknown. You’re moving away from the Taurus South Node’s emphasis on material security and predictability.

Business Ideas for Scorpio North Node

Scorpio North Nodes are drawn to businesses that deal with transformation and depth. Maybe you're cut out for a field that probes the human psyche, like psychology, or for careers that hunt for truth, like investigative journalism, or for ones that heal and nurture, like medicine and its kin. A therapy practice, a detective agency, or a spiritual coaching business might be perfect for you.

North Node in Sagittarius

Characteristics of Sagittarius North Node

Sagittarius North Node individuals are here to embrace adventure, truth-seeking, and expansive thinking. Your journey involves moving away from the Gemini South Node’s focus on a need to gather experiences no matter how small.

Business Ideas for Sagittarius North Node

For Sagittarius North Nodes, businesses that involve exploration, inspirational writing, and sharing wisdom are ideal. Consider starting a travel agency, an online course platform, a lawyer, or a publishing company. What drives you to explore and learn will be the greatest advantage you can have.

North Node in Capricorn

Characteristics of Capricorn North Node

Capricorn North Node people are here to embrace ambition, structure, and responsibility. Your path involves developing discipline and a long-term vision, stepping away from the Cancer South Node’s focus on emotional dependence and familial ties.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a promising newcomer, align your professional pursuits with the unyielding determination and perseverance of the Capricorn North Node – and transform your business landscape.

Business Ideas for Capricorn North Node

In professions that require strong leadership, Capricorn North Nodes rise to the top with their capability to plan, organize, and execute with precision. Looking for a challenge? You might thrive in a role that combines strategy and people skills, like corporate management, real estate, or financial planning. A consultancy firm, a real estate agency, or a career in politics might suit you perfectly.

North Node in Aquarius

Characteristics of Aquarius North Node

If your North Node is in Aquarius, your mission is to embrace innovation, scientists, computer experts, humanitarianism. You’re moving away from the Leo South Node’s focus on personal glory and self-centeredness.

Get ready to subvert expectations and defy norms with business ideas inspired by the independent-thinking Aquarius North Node - the sky's the limit! You need no approval from anyone!

When it comes to innovative startups and community-driven initiatives, Aquarians with a North Node shining bright excel at harnessing technology for the greater good. Dream big and start something from scratch – whether that's a cutting-edge tech startup, a non-profit dedicated to driving change, or a social platform that becomes the next go-to hub. When passion and innovative thinking combine, the doors to success swing wide open, waiting for you to walk through.

North Node in Pisces

Characteristics of Pisces North Node

With a North Node in Pisces, your journey involves embracing spirituality, compassion, and welcoming change. You’re moving away from the Virgo South Node’s emphasis on practicality and analytical thinking. Give up your need to be right all the time.

Business Ideas for Pisces North Node 

Pisces North Nodes are drawn to businesses involving creativity and vision-building. Pursue your passions in the creative industries, artists—areas where your heart and soul can shine. Picture yourself discovering a project to build, finding serenity in a cozy yoga studio, admiring the artwork in a vibrant gallery, or discovering inner peace at a reiki practice.

And if you're wondering, how do I find my North Node anyway?

You can find your North Node sign by looking at your natal chart. Many astrology websites offer free chart generators where you can input your birth date, time, and location to find your North Node.

Your North Node sign will never change, either. From start to finish, life's path unwinds with this anchor point remaining steadfast, embodying the incredible growth your soul wants to experience in this life. Getting to know your North Node sign is like stumbling upon a hidden map to your soul - it's the most important astrological aspect you've never heard of.

To uncover the hidden threads of your North Node sign, you've got options! Whether you cozy up with astrology books that codify this North Star, dial into online courses that speak directly to your node, or work with an astrologer who reveals your North Node path, the secrets of your nodal self await. 

One more detail your gonna wanna know ~ 

Getting to our North Node isn't easy; you see, every one of us was born many lifetimes dialing in on our South Node, and then BOOM, all of sudden, the universe says enough, it's time to experience life using a different road map, I'll give you all that you've learned from your previous Node, BUT you will now only take so many gifts from it to incorporate with the North Node I'm giving you now. Learn your Node, climb & reach it, but I'll also pull the rug from underneath you occasionally. Don't just lay there falling back on that South Node; that won't work for you in this lifetime as it did in other lives before; pull yourself back up & begin again.

Nothing in life is worth having if it comes easy. or so they say anyway.


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