You-Tube… Using Astrology & The Tarot!!

I’ve always been attracted to Astrology & the Tarot ever since I can remember! In my early  teens I would secretively engage with the Tarot asking it all sorts of questions several times in a row hoping each time it’d give me the answer I was wanting to hear! To no avail that did not ever happen! It gave me instead the answer that was to be! You need to pay attention to the card/s drawn for that particular question you have asked it! And not continue picking out cards because you do not like the answer! That is when the Tarot becomes unresponsive! It’s like it’s saying…..I’ve given you your answer, now move on or leave me alone as I cannot lie & give you the answer you maybe hoping to hear! It will not work that way with me! (Tarot).

The Tarot has a way of getting tired of the same questions asked in one single setting & will refuse to respond… is this even possible with a set of cards you maybe asking? Simple, the “Tarot” is more then a deck of cards. Let me explain.

The Tarot engages with one’s subconscious mind in a way that is a mystery in & of itself. It has a way of going deep into one’s subconscious mind & searches for the answers that are hidden way down deep in the bed of one’s mind. The answers that are sleeping! While reaching into one’s subconscious mind, it searches like a computer would when one is putting a search term into Google & Google sends out its spiders to search the web in search of the seekers answers & brings it back to the seeker. That’s the way the Tarot works. It will send out spiders if you will, & the spiders will reach deep into one’s subconscious mind & will bring back the answers to the questions one has asked. Now more times then not, the answers will be in a puzzle that needs to be decipher by the seeker, & that seeker needs to be able to put the puzzle together for the asker! Not always an easy task! But with a developed gift & years of practice & study, I am able to engage with the Tarot & bring back & decipher that puzzle for the asker/seeker, with ease!

I also mix the Tarot with Astrology! Astrology has been around since the beginning of time! And the credit goes to the  Babylonians! They are generally credited with the birth of astrology. Their astrological charts enabled them to predict with the most accuracy  recurrence to do with seasons & certain celestial events. So there you go, & in the beginning,  for more than 2,000 years, astrology & astronomy were the same science. I’ve studied Astrology for many years also! I’ve been, I guess, that one can say strongly drawn to the secrets that society (& the credit goes to TPTB) has deemed a joke, or sorcery for many centuries now.

But “Why” has TPTB made this highly used tool that works be-on the wonders of the mind taboo? When in fact once apon a time it was considered a science! And it was embraced by the Romans (also note: Roman names regarding the  zodiacal signs are still used in today’s world) also, the Arabs & it was  later spread throughout our entire world.

While we know that earliest astrology has been used to bring a sense of order out of  chaos, it was also utilized to predict the weather patterns, primarily regarding agricultural purposes. And not to forget it was eventually broadened to include our forecasts of natural disasters & to predict war and other events. With such  amassing successes in these fields, it became a natural advance for astrology to be used as counsel for kings & emperors &, in time, for all of us.

I feel TPTB made this into such a circus (especially with the news paper horoscopes…worthless!) so the masses would not use the tools to have the knowledge that only TPTB want to have to use & control us. They use Astrology don’t think to this day they do not. Look at our wars…look to see when & who started them…bet they were not started by the USA during a Mars Retrograde! I have a post on that as well! Please read it, it is very informational!

Ok, now to why I’ve decided to go onto You-Tube with my gifts I have & share with the world! For many years I’ve hidden them like a underworld secret one does not want to get out!

Embarrassed at the very thought that one of my peers would find out & I’d then loose my status….my status I thought I had anyway! I’m a Capricorn with Virgo rising….trust me its not easy putting myself out there for the world to ridicule!

But I’ve soon learnt none of us are getting out of this maze we call life alive! And our time here is short! So to hell with what TPTB have made most of society think! And that is that Astrology is a joke & the Tarot is evil! All of that nonsense couldn’t be further from the truth! And you know what? I’d bet my eye teeth they use all of the divine tools today only they use them in the OTT most secret! You know they do! Nancy Reagan for one! And there are many others as well! During a Mercury Retrograde “Secrets” are revealed!

I’ve in a sense have decided to come out of the “Closet” it’s no longer a dirty little secret for me to hide! My status in this world I feel by coming out & going for it will make me a much more rounded, well adjusted, more compassionate, human being then not standing up to what I believe in! I believe in the Tarot, & Astrology! I’ve lived it, practiced it, & will continue to do so! We are all trying to get to the same place when we die! Heaven is for all of us no matter our believe system! No matter if we are gay or straight. No matter the color of our skin, we are here on this earth to learn & by learning we will make mistakes along the way, that makes us human! But by denying the gifts we were brought into the world with is nothing short of one’s soul dying slowly & having to come back to this world again & again, to learn our  soul’s destiny in this world, each & everyone of us has a soul & we must learn that each & everyone of us has came here to learn a particular lesson as well as perfect our soul!

Astrology & the Tarot have very strong abilities to guide us in the direction of our soul’s perfection to ensure we “Get It Right” if only one would listen & know the divine guiding one feels deep in-side their being is one that ott not to be ignored! As to do so one is surly inviting a slow, exhausting existence.

I’ve learnt how to be happy in my middle age (after all 50 is the new 40)!! I decided to put myself out there for all the world to judge! But please, before judging me, look into your own being to see what your hiding in secret & what your “REAL” believe system truly is! We have no time to be politically correct any-longer, time seems to pass by in the blink of an eye anymore, or so it would seem the older I’m getting, the faster time is passing!

You-Tube…. I’ve decided is the perfect platform to engage with people who will not sit still & let TPTB decide for them what is right & how to think, when TPTB engage in the same science, but hide it! I’m good at what I do & I will show this to the world! I’m not hiding it any-longer, I’m putting myself out there! You-Tube will enable me to enhance my gifts & show the world I’m serious & I believe there is more to my existence then playing the game safe so I “FIT” in if you will!

I was raised southern baptist & while I respect that religion, its no-loner my religion. I’m spiritual & I think for myself!

What I do not know I question & will look for the answers with an open mind! I ask that the many of you who are reading this to please do the same thing!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this blog I’ve written! Please leave me comments & I will assure you they will get published on my blog….rather good, or not so kind comments, all will be here for all to read! That’s how we learn, how we grow, by engaging in each others opinion, learning from each other! And to do that we must listen with an open mind & never judge!

Blessings, Bree

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