December 2017 Highlights Tax Reform Passes & Judge Moore Elected! Re-Count Needed!

Change is coming! It will begin with Saturn going into Capricorn December 19th, 2017! Merry Christmas Everyone! 

December 1st~ Venus switches signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius. This sign change will help to feel more festive during the Holiday season! With that said, however, we have a nasty line up with Uranus & Mars on the same day!

December 1st~ Uranus is 24° in the sign of Aries, in the USA 4th house, opposite Mars in the sign of Libra 25° in the USA 10th house. As I’ve stated in my November newsletter, this is unfortunate for any nation. Mars is energy, war, Uranus is like a bolt of lightning, you never know with Uranus involved! I see the strong possibility of warlike behavior along with a loss of a bye or general election, changes in the cabinet, party splits, failure of a bill. Also, earthquakes &  an explosion of some sort will happen, this could possibly be related to war like behaviors. Military force. Sit tight & be ready for just about anything the last week of November into the first week of December 2017. Although I’m not seeing an all-out war, but warlike behavior, as we will have a lovely trine joining this madness that will soften it. Update:   North Korean missile lands in Sea of Japan, Pentagon says more at link:  

December 2nd~ The USA has a Jupiter~Neptune Trine. Jupiter in the USA 11th house, Neptune (which is now direct as of November 22nd, 2017….off with those rose-colored glasses)  in the USA 3rd house in the sign of Pieces. This is very positive reinforcement! I’m seeing a very fortunate time in the USA! The masses will benefit regarding our neighboring countries, ie…China. But not without turmoil that will follow! It’s like the old saying, for every win, there is a loss.

December 3rd, Mercury goes retrograde in the USA 1st house 29° in the sign of Sagittarius & full moon 11° Gemini in the USA 6th house. The Gemini full moon is square Neptune in the 3rd house. With full moons will come endings, turmoil. The 3rd house in Mundane Astrology rules all means of disseminating news and information, also all means of inland transit, such as locomotion, railroads, cars. With Mercury retrograde in the USA first house and a full moon squaring Neptune, I see newspapers failing more so than any other time, mainstream media failing, their message is no longer accepted for real news & the masses will be more vocal regarding this. We will hear that message even stronger in 2018.  I’m also seeing any legislation will be most unpopular at this time.

December 4th~10th~ Mercury retrograde will conjunct Saturn in the USA first house. Dec 10th, Mars will change signs & go into the sign of Scorpio into the USA 11th house. With Mercury retro there will be miss communications, the Sun is also in the USA first house lighting it up! With the Sun lighting up the 1st house the nation prospers! The overall conditions are good. Mercury will trine Uranus December 10. I see an important piece of legislation/Bill, passing at this time ie…Tax Reform! The USA also has Venus in the 12th house, square Neptune in the third house. Venus in the 12th house gives lots of love, but squaring Neptune means scandals will be revealed, Mercury retrograde equals secrets revealed, I’m predicting on this day we will also hear of financial frauds amongst many other hidden secrets the American people will be privy to. Keep your ears and eyes opened double check what is said as well as facts, underneath hidden the truth will be revealed! I again am calling out the mainstream media and their hidden agenda will come to light more so than any other time!

December 11th~the 17th~ the USA first house is lined up with fire! The sun is in Sagittarius, Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, are conjunct. Miscommunication, do not believe everything you hear! Venus is now in the first house in the sign of Sagittarius, Saturn 29° in the sign of Sagittarius! Busy 1st house for the USA!   

December 12th, we have Mercury opposite the USA natal Mars! December 12th is the Alabama special election! Fireworks indeed on this day! I’m seeing disputes, quarrels, and disagreements. It will feel as if it is warlike! I am seeing some type of a crime against a prominent person. Accidents in moving vehicles. Super high negative energy on this day! But however, the USA will have the moon in the sign of Libra at 11:03 pm, in the 10th house Sextile Mercury, Sun, (& and within 5° orb) Saturn (Sextile)  all in the USA 1st house! The 1st & 10th houses are angular houses & impact will be felt. I do see Judge Moore winning this election. Even though I do not support what Judge Moore has been accused of, I do believe in the Justice System, I’d hate to think one of my sons could have a finger pointed at him & not have his day in court to prove any & all allegations false, or ?. This is exactly what is being done to Judge Moore, this is not justice, justice is done in a courtroom, not a witch hunt. I would love to see a fair & balance recount done in the state of Alabama! Remember, this is America, you are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. 

December 16th~Sun Trine Uranus, this will be very fortunate for the USA, strengthens & prospers, promotes & strengthens reform, also I see this will help with the passage of legislation. Also, will advance successful occupations under this influence.

December 18th~ New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius in the USA 1st house trine Uranus in the 4th house. Conjunct Venus within a 5° orb, not perfected but well within orb to have a sweet effect! This will be a good time for the people in the USA, fortunate for the government in general or bye-elections, popular support & approval. Very welcoming indeed!

December 19th~ Saturn will go into the sign of Capricorn in the USA first house. Saturn was in the sign of Capricorn back in 1988. Saturn will remain in Capricorn for the next 3 years demanding law & order, traditions, respect, security. We will see a huge change coming about, but I’m not saying that change will be without turmoil. That is coming in January 2018.

December 25th~31st~ Dec 25th, Merry Christmas!

 Venus & Saturn Conjunct on the 25th, Venus in the Sign of Capricorn, it will be a sobering day indeed, Venus is not comfy in the sign of Capi! Money matter in the stock market will see a sobering decline.  Not predicting a crash, only adjustment.

28th~Mars & Neptune Trine. This will benefit women, & I see popular movements regarding hospitals! Look for news relating to that!

31st~Happy New Year Everyone!

2018 beginning of the year looks to be somewhat of an enigma, stay tuned!

Please stay tuned for January newsletter, The Hot-Spots will be:

 Two Full Moons

 Uranus will go Direct

 Mars-Jupiter conjunction!

For more please see: We Will Break From The Chaos To Restore Our Future!

Blessings, Bree

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