December 2016 Horoscope Predictions Highlights!

December 2016 Horoscope Predictions Highlights!

December 1st-4thDecember 7th, Venus will go into the sign of Aquarius, it will open love and money vibrations!! This will be a perfect date night! If you’re single get out there you will meet someone new now! Great time for romance!

December 10th– We have a Sun- Saturn conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius, it’d be a good idea this week to remain in the shadows and repress your urge to expand & fly, until next week!

December 12th-18th– We have two positive fire trines, the Sun & Uranus! Perfect time to engage in new activities and making discoveries about yourself and your world around you!

December 13th– Full Moon, in the sign of Gemini, this is the last full moon of the year, it’s a super moon, it will be the biggest and the brightest more so than usual! Around the full moon there are usually endings of something! Where will your full moon fall?

December 19th-25thDecember 19th, Mars enters the sign of Pisces, and Mercury will go retrograde for the fourth and last time this year! Be careful, as Mars is in the sign of Pisces, there will be hidden agendas that will make it difficult to move forward in any sense of a normal fashion. December 21st, is the first day of winter! When our Sun-moves into the sign of Capricorn. This is known as the winter solstice. December 24th, Christmas eve- we have a Saturn-Uranus fire trine! The last one we had was in the year 2003! Time to open that door break free from past-ties, and change the rules of the game!

December 25th, Merry Christmas! Venus and Jupiter trine will bring us all peace, love, many blessings!

December 26th—31stDecember 26, We have an opposition between Jupiter-Uranus and this happens every 14 years! During this transit, you will feel a need to break free, from any restrictions in your life that was unnecessarily restricting you in your life. Be careful, you are forewarned, the danger here is that you may overthrow things that are necessary and worthwhile in your life along with the useless dead-ends in your life.

December 29th-You have a new moon in the sign of Capricorn! Don’t forget to write down your 10-new moon wishes! Very magical!!

December 29thUranus will begin to wake up from its five month-nap now! Which in and of itself is a sign that we just may end this year with a unexpected surprise!

December 31st-New Year’s Eve! We have a conjunction between Mars and Neptune in the sign of Pisces, do expect to have strange feelings on this day! Be-sure to avoid any actions that are ill thought out & are based on personal delusions rather than on the facts! Also, you should be so careful not to abuse your body during this period. Many of you will feel your energy level will probably be rather low and if you push yourself too much there is a possibility it may bring on an illness or perhaps an infection that will lead to fevers.

I want to wish everyone a “Very Merry Christmas” and a “Very Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2017”! We’ve earned it!


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