Debunking the Myths about each Zodiac Sign~Fun Facts

Debunking the Myths about each Zodiac Sign


            It is a myth in astrology that anyone is absolutely typical of their zodiac sign, by which we mean their sun sign. This is because everyone is an individual and because our birth charts are made up of a number of different planets rather than just the sign that the sun was in when we were born. Still, lots of myths exist about sun signs and if you believe them then you are not getting the full picture of a person’s personality at all.

            Here we debunk some of the most common myths about each zodiac sign…


            People think that those who are born under the sign of Aries, the Ram, are rash, reckless hot heads who can’t be tamed and who have fiery tempers. They are often known for being impulsive and lacking in patience and are always looking for something new. This is of course only part of the truth and actually many Aries people are very good at planning. They are often wise beyond their years and they may be great strategists. They may be like this in many areas of their lives, and their impulsive and risk taking nature may find outlets in other areas such as extreme sports.


            Taureans are usually said to be stubborn and slow moving, just like their sign of the Bull. They have a reputation for liking to eat and generally overindulge and push to get people to do things their way. The flipside of this however is that Taurus is a sign that adjusts and adapts to life easily thanks to their easygoing nature. They are also decidedly stingy with money and possessions and although they like to indulge they do not throw money away easily. They also care very much for others and make excellent parents, so the idea of the belligerent Bull is only one side of the story!


            Gemini is ruled by chatty Mercury so Geminis are supposed to never stop talking. They are also said to be at home in jobs where they use communication to bring people round to their way of thinking, such as working in newspaper publishing where they get to set the agenda. As Gemini is the sign of the Twins people born under this sign are said to be a bit Jekyll and Hyde. All of this is true but not exclusively. Many Geminis work in jobs that don’t involve persuasive selling of their ideas and many have no interest in this area at all. It can be true that they have a changeable nature, although no one is every 100% the same all the time and we are all subject to bouts of moody behavior regardless of our sign.       


            Cancer is a Water sign and it’s fair to say that their reputations have become watered down over the years. Those born under this sign are said to be soft, sensitive, and nurturing, but this also makes them sound like a soft touch which they definitely are not! Cancer is the sign of the Crab and crabs have pincers, so if you are expecting a Cancerian to be sweet and loveable all the time then get ready to expect the unexpected. There is an iron fist beneath that velvet glove and Cancerians are more than happy to stand up for themselves when needed.


            Leo is the sign of the Lion and the king of the animal world. People tend to look at Leos in the same way however and imagine that they think of themselves as superior to others. It’s true that Leo is a confident and sometimes arrogant sign, but they are not above having their confidence knocked when things go wrong in life. As a result, it’s wrong to imagine that all Leos are supremely confident all the time and, as with anyone, they need as much help and support as others do when they are going through a hard time.


            Virgos are said to be fussy to the point of being neurotic. They love details and are expert planners who also keep a tight hand on the purse strings at all times making them stingy. This reputation, however, is not really deserved and those born under the sign of the Maiden love to have fun just as much as anyone else. They are practical people for sure but they still know when to let their hair down.


            Libra is an Air sign so many people think this makes people born under this sign airheads. As this is the sign of the Scales we tend to think of Librans as constantly balancing everything in their lives to the point where it leads to analysis paralysis. This is not strictly true however and Librans are perfectly capable of making decisions, particularly if they happen to work out well for them. They may have a reputation for being the ultimate egalitarians but don’t think that they don’t enjoy coming out on top when it suits them.


            Of all the zodiac signs, poor Scorpio is perhaps the most misunderstood. This sign is associated with sex, death, drugs and a whole host of other negative attributes like being horribly secretive and cutthroat. Actually Scorpios are exceptionally kind people who are incredibly loyal to those around them. They are wonderful friends and they forgive easily, although they tend not to forget when they have been wronged. Scorpios are also said to constantly enjoy talking about uncomfortable topics like occult matters but this is simply because they see nothing wrong in discussing a range of subjects including those not considered mainstream.


            Unlike Scorpio, Sagittarians enjoy a largely positive reputation. They are thought to always be in a good mood and although they speak their minds they are generally considered to be hugely optimistic folk. Of course this is not true all the time and Sagittarians have mood swings just like everyone else. They also enjoy lofty pursuits like philosophy and travel and are idealistic in nature. Far from being always positive, they can be quick to judge others and indulge in pessimism if something or someone doesn’t agree with their world view.


            Poor Capricorns are said to be dreary people who like to work hard and then horde all their money. They don’t like to have fun, if you believe their reputation, and they just want to work and feather their own nests. This of course is only one side of the story. It is true Capricorns are ambitious, but far from being unfeeling they have a real fire inside of them that comes out in the form of burning ambition. They are passionate about the things that are important to them and make great parents who care deeply about their families.


            Aquarius has a strange reputation of being cool and aloof. Perhaps it’s because they care more about the group and collective endeavors rather than their own feelings. That said they are anything but cold. In fact it is quite the opposite and they are usually one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac when it comes to causes they believe in or matters close to their own heart. They are often said to be eccentric and this is often true although it comes from marching to the beat of their own drum rather than deliberately trying to be different.


            Pisces are known for one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac although this has lead to the myth that they are airheads who are only interested in new age theories and who eschew logic. This is not at all true and actually it comes from the fact that Pisces are so open-minded. They will always consider different ways of doing things but they are often highly intelligent and intellectual and are great at rational and practical pursuits such as problem solving.

Again, you are so much more than the above, you have to take your natal chart as a whole & only then can you know your natal promise! Positive thinking works when it comes to Astrology, but trust me, if the promise in not in your natal chart when born,  no amount of positive thinking will make it different!

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