Crazy & Wild! June 2018, Horoscopes Predictions for the USA

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June 1st~3rd
Mercury changes signs & goes into Gemini & Trines Mars!
Strengthens & will increase all publishing, public matters, new movements, transits, keeps things light & airy!
June 4th~ 10th
5th~ Sun & Mercury conjunct~ Careful with miscommunications! Slow down!
5th~ Venus & Pluto square! Unfortunate for money matters! Not good for stock market nor relationships!
6th~ Mercury & Neptune square~ Loss of bye~elections, confusion~I’m seeing a collapse taking place, Social scandals will come to light!

June 11th~17th

12th~  Mercury moves into Cancer! Emotions rule forget logic!
13th New Super Moon in Gemini! Absolutely amazing for foreign affairs! Venus enters into the sign of Leo!

14th~ Venus & Uranus square! Very unfortunate for money related matters! I’m also seeing people in the entertainment spectrum enduring some kind of loss…financially.
June 18th~24th
18th~ Neptune Retrograde! I’m seeing during this 4-month retro period, some old issues will be revisited such as Marijuana, fake news, & our privacy policies!
19th~ Mercury trine Jupiter then Mercury will trine Neptune! When planets (either in one’s personal chart or Mundane Astrology, ) go retrograde you will receive some of the promise if makes an aspect to a natal planet or none of the promise at all, could also feel cheated, skipped over when Jupiter is retro!!
I’m seeing goodwill increasing as well as peace! Remember only some of that promise if any! Neptune & Jupiter both are retrograde!!
21st~ First day of Summer 😊 Summer Solstice, Sun enters Cancer & the longest day of the year!
21st~ Venus & Mars opposite! Money issues related to stock market, taxation & financial issues affecting foreign relations, also I’m seeing extravagance coming to light.
23rd~ Mercury opposite Pluto! In the USA 2nd & 8th house of finances! Miss communications, threats, & very well maybe intimidation related to the USA finances.
June 25th~30th
Time to get ready as we have a serious Full Moon in Capricorn & some crazy periods of change coming!
25th~ Venus square Jupiter! Financial issues (Remember, Jupiter is still retro) I’m also seeing government securities being depreciated. Religious issues. Also, there is a problem with adverse vote…danger related to that.
26th~ Mars turns retrograde until the end of summer! Get ready to lose your mojo! Mars is energy, when Mars sleeps our energy force is hidden so we are more tired, exhausted, also note: If you know that a company or person is wanting to bring a lawsuit against you, try to coax them to do so during a Mars retro, whoever starts a lawsuit, or starts war is guaranteed to lose! Guaranteed!!
28th~ Full Capricorn Moon! A week to a couple days before/after, with the full moon I’m seeing banking issues, trade & stock issues are troubled, Government may suffer some kind of an embarrassment.
30th~ Mercury & Uranus square! Uranus is in the USA 5th house, when Uranus is in the 5th for the next 8 years (except when Uranus goes back into Aries into the 4th for a time, & will go back into Taurus & stay March 2019 ) & I will say I look for more disastrous issues when Uranus stays in Taurus for the duration of the 8 yrs starting in March 2019, with that said, Uranus is in the USA 5th house, not good at all for entertainment, amusement, theatres, schools, Uranus will adversely affect educational matters, also note: Uranus denotes disaster to children & anything related to pleasure parties, WHEN MAKING A BAD ASSECPT the things I’ve stated above are possible depending on the aspect involved & house.

Mercury square Uranus on June 30th, Mercury in the USA 8th house, Uranus in the USA 5th house, not good for young people, or children. With Uranus, it’s a real bitch to try & predict, Uranus is a “Wild Card” I do my best by studying the house Uranus is in (& sign) aspect being made to Uranus when making my predictions.

 Many blessings to all, Bree

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Blessings, Bree

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2 Responses

  1. Bonnie says:

    Why displace uranus in a bad behaviour?
    Its for good or ill. Sudden ideas, inspiration.. electricity.. vibration.
    8th and 5th can have something to do that America can transform what they teach the kids these days.
    Like “guns”… mercury rules guns and kills. I believe such transforming can be for the better.

    Who likes to live in an unpredictible world of youngsters going to school next day with no safety if their lives might end the next day.. with all the freedom of gun rules. The warmongers of adults should reconsider how youth most feel these days. We are supposed to be rolmodels and give kids a safety net.
    The kids hold the future.

    As per example: no guns till 21 and mental examination.
    No guns under influence of drugs or alcohol.

    Maybe license for hunting or militairy.

    Let awareness guide you.

    • Bree says:

      Thank you for your comment! Mars rules guns, anything metal mars rules. Mercury rules communication & transportation. I do agree Uranus can be for good or evil, depending on the aspect made!
      Blessings to you, Bree

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