Intuitive Coaching Enhancing You on Your Spiritual Journey!

Intuitive Coaching Enhancing You on Your Spiritual Journey!

If Someone Handed You a Book on Your Life That Foretold Your Life-from Beginning to End-Would You Read it?

That is precisely what I intend to lay out in front of you! Astrology is an extremely strong tool~ I have & use to help unfold the story you, yourself wrote before coming into this world! You, all of us, wrote a script that is embedded in our subconscious minds waiting for each of us to tap into!  Hidden, buried, forgotten. To reach our highest potentials in this lifetime, it is up to each of us to uncover our hidden treasure & climb our highest mountain to reach our True Destiney in this lifetime!

My coaching sessions offer you an opportunity to increase your life skills, get on track to make the most of your personal journey in life, & uncover your hidden gifts in order to be successful in this lifetime!  I offer healing & purpose in meaningful areas that need restructuring in your life. My purpose is helping you be all you were meant to be in this life. I lay out your path, the path you choose when you came into this life. Using healing methods & positive reinforcement to be all you were meant to be in this lifetime! Are you wanting to start a business? I’m able to help you unfold a business plan, with the precise dates in which to implement those plans, launch your life forward & onward knowing precisely when, where, & how! Having marital issues? I offer the same loving guidance. Ever wonder why when you start something new & it never pans out? I’ll tell you exactly why. Please see my services/rates, & the itinerary that will be followed for sessions & I’ll see you on the other side! 

Monthly-1 Hour Intuitive Coaching Sessions for 5 months via Skype or Phone $595 (Scroll Down to purchase)

We meet once a month for 5 months one hour per session.  We discuss your current Birth-chart, Transit cycle, Soul Purpose & Journey, getting on track. I will discuss natural talents you were born with, your Soul’s Destiney, & your current energy patterns in your life. This will also include any issues you are wanting me to explain to you that may be happening in your life.

~This is an intuitive engagement that is designed specifically for each client~

 We discuss the timing for implementing strategies for Business planning, launching, Selling, Careers, Money, Balancing your energy for a more relaxing, stress-free, life! Shinning your brilliance & increasing your creativity! Your true life’s purpose & we draw a map to reach it!

I will schedule a mutually agreeable time via Skype or phone with you. All sessions are recorded and sent to you for your use and future reference. Coaching Sessions may include:

~ Career Growth-Business

~ Interests, passions, desires, guiding you to your true Career in this lifetime.

~Developing Your intuitive skills, trusting them

~Developing your power skills, enhancing your energy skills to live a more meaningful consciously awakened life.
~ Overcoming any anxiety you may have, heighten your Manifestation-skills

~  Understanding your Role in Relationships

~ Opening up & understanding your Healing and Energy Power

Please make payment~ I will then send you a Client Form to be Filled out & sent back to me!

24-hour notice is required to reschedule a session otherwise a $50 rescheduling fee is applied.

First-Sessions will begin within two weeks!

I am truly blessed & honored to have the opportunity to work with you on “Your Journey”, “Your Destiney”, in this lifetime. Thank-you. ~Bree Mundy

7~Month Intuitive Coaching Sessions

$950.00~7 Month Intuitive Coaching Session~meeting one time per month for one hour sessions! The first session will start within two weeks! (Scroll Down to Purchase)

Please make payment~ I will then send you a Client Form to be Filled out & sent back to me!

24-hour advance notice is required to reschedule a session otherwise a $50 rescheduling fee is applied.

$595~5 Month Coaching Session~ Pay~Pal

      $950.00~7 Month Coaching Session~Pay~Pal
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