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 If Someone Handed You a Book on Your Life That Foretold Your Life-from Beginning to End-

Would You Read it?

Did you know a horoscope is a blueprint of your life? The horoscope shows us our potential in life and our tendencies. Isabel M. Hickey "All anyone can see in a birth chart are tendencies that will become facts if one does not do something to alter them" Astrology A Comic Science by Isabel M. Hickey

• Chart Reading Curriculum ~ The "Analysis" of a Chart Reading - 

In the courses I teach, I offer you to learn the following:

There are 4 facts you will be dealing with ~ houses, planets, signs, & aspects.

Planets, Energies are the planets "What is in control, what is happening

House will show us where the action is, the energies at work, where it's happening

Signs will give us how it's happening

We also need to look at what sign is on the cusp, it gives us that needed info pertaining to other houses the action is going to happen in!

Planetary ruler over each sign

North & South Node - Very Important surrounding one’s Destiny!

Void of Moon ~ What it is & what it means for you!

 The art of (Theme) interpreting not only your horoscope chart, but friends, relatives, & more!

Using my online courses you will have the opportunity to learn at your own pace enabling you to access the courses' online & PDF files anytime you feel you have the time to learn!

All #6 courses are ready for immediate download (NOT YET REVISING) now!! PLUS you get all #6 PDF files to follow along with each course.

Analysis of a Horoscope ~ Courses for Newbies is now ready for download! 

My self-studying at your own pace downloadable astrology courses for newbies will entail how to interpret your own, as well as friends, relatives, natal chart, with the transits & the theme you chose for this lifetime! There are a total of 6 courses (all ready for download) with me Bree teaching all about the basic analysis of chart interpretation! I also include with each video you download, a PDF file (6 total) so it's easy to follow along!

Chart Reading Curriculum ~ The "Analysis" of a Chart Reading - Provides a secure professional learning experience with a splash of fun & enthusiasm! 

The courses will be taught using video (MP4) with me Bree using horoscope charts. My courses will be very detailed! If you've ever received an astrology reading from me you know how detailed I am! No short-cuts! I will be pointing to planets, signs, aspects, etc... explaining them & leaving no doubt on what it is you are to learn! The courses will be available to those who send payment & you will receive an instant download! Come, take the journey into learning all about who you are & what the universe has in store for you. Learn what you were brought here to do, and use this knowledge to help your family, friends, and neighbors, understand themselves better & what they were brought here to experience in this lifetime! Even turn your love of astrology into your business!

Come, let's walk the journey together and experience the bumps & thrills of finding out "Just Who Am I anyway?" & "Why am I here? What energies are coming towards me & how to engage with them to make them pop or to lessen them? The energies are your friend you just need to listen to them & work with them!

My courses are easy to follow & I make them fun, no boring monotone learning here, I provide a secure professional learning experience with a splash of fun & enthusiasm!

I'll see you on the inside! Warm wishes, Bree

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