Children and the Sun Signs~Astrology is Read in a Different Matter when Completing a Child’s Astrology Chart

We often think about astrology as only applying to adults, and many of us follow horoscopes or start to study the zodiac signs as we get older. There is nothing wrong with this of course and everyone should use astrology when they feel ready, but it applies as much to children as it does to adults, even if we choose not to follow astrology when we are young.

            So what can astrology tell us about children and the sun signs?


            An Aries child is quite the little fire starter and they are a leader, not a follower. They will often be quite daring compared to children born under other zodiac signs and they will want to learn by experimenting and doing things their own way. An Aries child may not immediately be adept at following rules, although this is not because they are ‘naughty’ but simply because they march to the beat of their own drum. As a parent the best way to nurture an Aries child is to give them space and allow them to learn by experimentation. Aries children often love sports or any activities where they can work through their restless fiery energy so sign them up to sports clubs or other physical events.


            Taurus children are above all else practical in nature. They like to work with things that are tangible and they love to build. When they are very small you may find them making elaborate mansions from building blocks or making sandcastles on the beach when everyone else just wants to go swimming. Taurus children, ruled by Venus, will often take more of an interest in food than those born under other signs although this may make them seem like picky eaters as they have very strong views about what they want to eat. All Taureans have a stubborn side, so you need to take this into account and learn when to push them and when to back off. Forcing a young Taurus to do something they are completely against can be a recipe for fireworks.


            Gemini children are ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, so they often talk a mile a minute. They are also deeply inquisitive so prepare yourself to constantly be answering questions about the world. As Gemini children love to communicate they may be excellent writers and you can help them to develop this by signing them up to storytelling or creative writing classes. They also need to learn when to talk and when to listen, so it’s important to teach them to harness their natural abundance of energy and use it to focus on the task in front of them.


            Cancer is one of the most caring and nurturing signs of the zodiac. As such you may see your little Cancerian taking care of their toys and mothering them. They are affectionate and need a lot of love and care in return. If this is lacking then they tend to lose confidence in their abilities. It’s important with Cancer children to watch how you behave around them as they tend to pick up moods and atmospheres like a sponge. If things get tense then the Cancer child will absorb all of this so watch your words around them.


            Little Leo is a Fire sign and this makes them warm, kind and nurturing to others. Leos love to be in the limelight so they will often be the star of the school play or similar. If they feel they are being ignored however then they may start to act out just to get some attention, even if it is of the negative kind! Leo children always typically have strong emotional responses to the world around them and don’t tone down how they feel. Roles where they can exhibit leadership are also good picks to nurture their assertive side so making them team leader of projects can boost this aspect of their nature.


            Virgo is an Earth sign and they like to be out in nature. They are also naturally inquisitive, thanks to their ruler Mercury, so you can expect lots of questions about how the world works. Virgo children are methodical so you may notice that they love to put things together and then take them apart from a young age. Those born under this sign can also come across as slightly neurotic and you may see your Virgo child being critical of themselves. The best way to counter this is to make sure that you praise them often to build up their confidence in themselves. Also try not to put too much pressure on a Virgo child to succeed as they will already be doing this naturally.


            The Libra child is outward facing and they are constantly looking for positive reinforcement from others. They are the quintessential ‘people pleasers’ of the zodiac and you will probably see your child behaving in ways that are designed to please others. Libra is the sign of the Scales and with that in mind children born under this zodiac sign are always weighing up everything in their lives. They may struggle to make decisions and it’s important to give them the freedom to explore things on their own while also encouraging them to make choices when the time is right.


            Scorpio is a Water sign and any child with a strong Water element in their natal chart will be highly sensitive and intuitive. This is true of Scorpio and you will find that your child is often introverted when it comes to saying how they feel. If they are upset they may hide this from you so it’s important to foster a relationship where your little Scorpio can come to you and talk about their feelings. They also absorb the feelings around them so if they sense that a parent is stressed or upset then they can also internalize this.


            Sagittarius children were born under the sign of the Archer and they react very much like the Archer’s bow. That is to say they are straight to the point! They can come across as blunt because they usually say what they think so parents need to allow them the freedom to express themselves while also making them aware that harsh words can hurt others. Sagittarius rules travel so don’t be surprised if your little one is constantly exploring the world. Give them freedom and if possible let them explore under their own steam by giving them their own set of wheels like a bicycle.


            Capricorn is an Earth sign and Capricorn children are usually old souls. They may seem mature beyond their years, to the point where some of their peers may find them a little dull. They tend to shy away from emotional topics and look at the world in a practical sense. This is because, as the symbol of the Mountain Goat, they are down to earth and one of the most grounded signs of the zodiac. If you have a Capricorn child it’s important to remind them to let loose once in a while and have fun.


            Aquarius children, like other children born under Air signs, are naturally sociable and prefer to be part of a group than be alone. They usually get along well with other people and they will probably have a wide circle of friends. They also tend to believe in humanitarian causes from a young age so you may find that taking them to volunteer at a charity will help to harness this natural desire to nurture and help others. This also links in to an idealistic side of the Aquarius child and while you shouldn’t burst their bubble you may need to bring them down to earth at times when their thoughts become too lofty and unconventional.


            Pisces is thought to be the most intuitive sign of the zodiac as well as being an affectionate and sensitive Water sign. Children born under this sign tend to pick up the feelings of everyone around them and this can take its toll if they are surrounded by negative energy. Try not to argue in front of the Pisces child as they will internalize it and take it to heart far more than another sign would. Pisces children naturally love to help others and while this is a positive attribute it also means that they may be taken advantage of. If possible try to teach them how to nurture others while also taking care of their own emotional wellbeing.

Again, you are so much more than the above, you have to take your natal chart as a whole & only then can you know your natal promise! Positive thinking works when it comes to Astrology, but trust me, if the promise in not in your natal chart when born,  no amount of positive thinking will make it different!

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