Chaos~Earthquakes~Tsunami~Solar Eclipses August 21st, 2017! Are You Ready?

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8/14/2017 Timing the Events  I wrote this for my newsletter and sent this out on the 15th of August, 2017.

Huge Changes coming down the pipe Solar Eclipses Madness!
August 1st, 2017 Solar Eclipses~ From crazy madness to creating a peaceful bliss,(Which may be hard to accomplish during this “HUGE Fire Eclipses”) I thought I’d update some much-needed input of the upcoming Eclipses! This Eclipse Is in the Saros Cycle 145, & the last one happened 99 years ago. June 8th, 1918 in the sign of Gemini. The United States has had a total of 15 eclipse events that have affected a minimum of at least a portion of the continental U.S. the past 150 years! This Eclipse Cycle August 21st, 2017, will last 3 years, meaning, it will have ongoing effects for the next 3 years. Some good effects will come out of this, as well as some not so good.
According to what we have been accustomed to hearing, there is always an earthquake, tsunami, some type of earth event, following an eclipse. And this one coming up is a “Total Eclipses” & in a fire sign! Ouch! Not only is there a possibility of an earthquake, but also let’s not forget, we are also talking Tsunami’s too, with the possibility of war breaking out. We are talking catastrophic events! But, over again, a 3 year period. So, don’t look for the first pop of fireworks we do encounter to be the last or to happen on the date of the eclipse. That will not be the case.
Regarding Earthquakes, & Tsunami’s, the rule is: The States that are in the 90% to 100% shadow of this eclipse (All of the Eclipse 100% must be able to be seen or, 90 to 100% warrant a catastrophic event, ie…Tsunami, Earthquake) 90% to 100% of an Solar Eclipses (Shadow) & the States/Cities, that are able to see again, 90-100%, has been shown thru out history to bring such events. (Even though Japan had only a 60 to 70% & we witnessed what happened there) I’m not wanting to instill fear, but, with what I’ve just stated, if I lived in South Carolina, (On the Eastern seaboard) the Mississippi Basin, Oregon, anywhere they are able to see at least 90-100% of this Solar Eclipse, (possibly 60 to 70%) I’d have a plan in place. I do believe one would have 45 mins warning to get to higher ground, possibly more of a warning. With that said, Would I move because of this, “NO”, but I would be prepared! Nothing wrong with being prepared. This will again be ongoing for 3 years. On August 21st, 2017, we have a total solar eclipse in the sign of Leo, 28 degrees Leo, 52 mins, almost at 29 degrees. And conjunct although not exact the Midheaven. In the USA chart with Sagittarius rising. Many use the Sagittarius rising, as well as Gemini rising, I prefer Sagittarius rising. This total eclipse will be in the USA’s 9th house. The 9thhouse, in Mundane astrology rules, Law, Courts, Judges, Cables, Wireless Telegraphy, Commerce, Shipping, Sea traffic, & that can be with passengers, Universities, Professors, Philosophical, & Scientific Institutions, & Publications. Opposite the 9th we have the 3rd house, which relates to, writing, publishers, Post offices, railroad, motor car, telephones. The Solar Eclipses in a fire sign brings heat, drought, as we have been witnessing, but rather that is ongoing as yet to be seen.
This eclipse is opposite the USA natal moon in the 3rd house 27 degrees Aquarius. On the 3rd house cusp of the USA chart is Aquarius, Uranus rules Aquarius, & Saturn co-rules.To activate this eclipse, you have to have a planet such as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Pluto, come to the point that the Solar Eclipses was at, which was 28 degrees. We have Mars waiting to do exactly this. On September 3rd, 2017, we have Mars 28 degrees of Leo. Now, give 2 to 3 days before or after Mars makes his announcement, the eclipses will feel the energy. With Uranus involved, it is a coin toss on what will happen, & let’s not forget Mercury is retrograde. But, Mercury stations on September 4th, & goes direct on September 6th, in the USA 9th house.  And we have a full moon on September 6th, 2017 in…. Pisces, in the USA 3rd house. Neptune rules Pisces. And in the 3rd house, we have Neptune in the sign of Pisces, Neptune is at home in Pisces. Pisces is a water sign. Neptune is the planet of self-undoing. We also have a square to the full moon in Pisces, Saturn in the USA 1st house at 21 degrees, Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius, it is not an exact square they have not perfected, but however, let’s consider September 13th, when the full moon will be Waning, it puts the moon in the 7th house conjunct Mars & both are in the sign of Gemini.  Opposite Saturn in the 1st house, with Uranus in the 4th house, square Pluto in the USA 2nd house, & Uranus not exact but within the needed 3 degrees opposing Jupiter in the USA 10th house. I am going to again state why not have a plan in place, from August 21, 2017, to the end of December 2017. From Earthquakes, Tsunami, to a break out of a war. Something wicked comes this way. But, if you ask me, it’s been wicked thus far, with the media & it’s fake news, trying & I think succeeding in getting Americans to stand against each other, taking sides, left against the right, just maybe, perhaps, what the Universe/God, (Whatever it is you believe is your higher power) has in mind, rather that be an Earthquakes, War, Tsunami, just maybe is what unites “ALL Americans”. Nothing like a catastrophic event to do just that. Please do remember, this will be ongoing for 3 years. Starts then stops, brief relieves, starts back up again.
Regarding President Trump, do not underestimate him. Even though he has many media news outlets against him, I see with this Solar Eclipses on August 21st, 2017, he will prevail. Going to be very tough times for him, ups, down’s, wins, losses, but, with his chart & this powerful solar eclipse, again, he’s going to do just fine.
Can I reflect for a moment back to the fact, the main stream media, when President Trump back in April 2017, “launched the Mother of all Bombs” into Afghanistan, I witnessed the main stream media, (fake news) praising him…didn’t you also witness that? He was finally as they were thinking at the time, coming over to what “They” referring to the deep south, wanted. See, in my opinion, “They” (Known as the deep south) need a war to keep the money flowing…to them, not to us. Think about it, President Trump when running for office stated it wouldn’t be a bad thing to get along with Russia, N. Korea, make a better deal for the American people…he did, he said that, & that was his aim. We all heard him state that. And we voted him in. But, that way of handlining things does not make money for our “Dear Powers That Be”. Think about that. President Trump is a business man, he makes deals, good deals, what’s wrong with that? If Hilary had gotten into office, this war was a given, but she didn’t, we the “American People” put Trump in office, fair & square. I’m not going into the Russian probe, it’s too ridiculous. (Perhaps that will be one of the” Secrets Revealed”?) I, for one, voted for Trump. I’m neither Demarcate nor Republican, I’m an American. Now with the threat of “War” & the Solar Eclipse August 21st, 2017, President Trump’s Solar Eclipses is 28 degrees Leo, along with his transiting North Node in Leo, Powerful! His eclipses @ 28 Leo, will conjunct his Leo Ascendant which is at 29 degrees Leo, not exact but well within the needed 3 degrees to bring impact. And is conjunct his natal Mars 26 degrees Leo, (not an exact conjunct, but well within orb) all this is happening in his 12th house of “Secret Enemies” “Secrets Revealed”
He has transiting Saturn in his 4th house of home, 21 Sagittarius, which is retrograde, but will station on August 24th, 2017, & go direct on August 26th, 2017. His natal moon is 21 degrees Sagittarius, in his 4th house, & they are conjunct. His eclipse is trine Uranus 28 degrees in Aries, which is retrograde in the 9th house. & Aries in on his 9th house cusp. Uranus is trine his natal Mars in the sign of Leo.  Lots of fire here! As I’ve stated before, when trying to predict an event related to Uranus, one must be careful! I look for secrets to come out most beneficial to President Trump, related to foreign affairs (9th house) secrets reveled~12th house. I want to further state, with his Saturn conjunct his natal moon, I do see sadness, some depression, this will be related to his 12th house “Secrets Revealed” and I do anticipate whatever that secret is will be hurtful. This will be ongoing until the end of November, I’m conveying anytime (2 weeks before the eclipse is included) from August 21st, 2017 to the end of November 2017, we will see this Solar Eclipse in Presidents Trump’s 12th house play out. Please do remember this eclipse will be ongoing for 3 years, ups & downs! Wins & defeats! I will update on what I see each month. For now, & since Uranus is involved, & with what is happening in the fake news, I’ll let my readers decide which way this horse & pony show will end for President Trump. (Spoiler: Rather well) Fake news…will take a backseat.
On August 25th, 2017, in the USA chart, Saturn will station 21 degrees Sagittarius, trine with Mars 22 degrees of Leo, in the eighth house of death. The 8th house in Mundane astrology represents Deaths, Public mortality, Death duties, Financial relations with foreign countries. Transiting Mars at 22 degrees of Leo, is in a critical degree, & Leo is a fixed sign & in the USA eight house.  Also, Saturn 21 degrees (In Sagittarius) is opposite the USA natal Mars 21 degrees in Gemini in the 7th house. Transiting Saturn goes direct on August 25th, 2017. In the USA first house, sextile Jupiter in the USA 10thhouse, in the sign of Libra, with a waning moon in the sign of Libra, in the 10th house, conjunct Jupiter. Uranus (retro) in the USA 4th house, square the USA natal Pluto, in the USA second house. I do look for the starting of events on this day. Perhaps shakings of an earthquake, perhaps more than a shaking, to the beginning of a war, to the shake up of the USA finances. Remember this Solar Eclipses will last well into the year of 2022. Bringing yet another remarkable Solar Partial Eclipse in the sign of Taurus. That is one to watch for also!
To sum this all up, I’d be watchful from August 25th, 2017 to the end of December 2017. With October 2017, looking very conspicuous, as Jupiter & Mercury go into the sign of Scorpio. I say that month is a “Key Month to watch” I will have more updates as that mysterious sign movement happens. The year 2018 has yet to be shaped. Meaning, will we avoid war in 2017? I certainly pray so. Now, regarding the Earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcano’s, (It will not be Yellow Stone) that’s a different story, unfortunately, it may take one of those to shake the “American People” up & unite. Stay safe & remember nothing is written in stone, we all have free will! Think positive everyone! Also, you may want to read this: Predicting Chaos in the USA it’s coming get ready
Blessings, Bree Also see this: The Great American Solar Eclipses

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