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If you want to know what the year ahead has in store for you, then read on Capricorn for your 2019 horoscope predictions!


The year 2019:

This is going to be a year of changes for you Capricorn and it could be that you find that your work and your relationships look very different at the beginning of 2019 than they do at the end of this eventful year. You will see a lot of progress over the course of 2019 and you will also find that if you have been stuck in these areas, then there is a feeling of forward motion now. There will be chances for you to grab opportunities as the year progresses but you will also have to apply some effort if you want to make the most of these. Fortunately, you are known for being a responsible sign and you are not afraid of hard work, so you should be able to jump on opportunities with ease. This is also a great time for you to think about where you want to go in life and make some effort to get there, or at least move in the right direction. The best time of the year will be right at the end, as this is the time when you will make the most progress and you could end on a career high.

Career 2019:

There will be career progress throughout 2019 and you will also find that you have the chance to grow now and improve your skills at work. You could also find that you are wrapped up in your career for much of the year, and while this will be a good thing in terms of potential promotions or opportunities, you need to try and balance this with the relationships in your life so that your loved ones don’t feel neglected. As a Capricorn, you are also known for being something of a perfectionist and also a workaholic, and if you don’t make the effort to slow down and take care of your health, then you could find that you feel exhausted by the middle of the year. This is turn will impact your work life and slow your progress, so the key now is to learn how to pace yourself. Also be careful about any kinds of mergers or work that involves close partnerships and promises, as these could be fraught with risk if you don’t know the person very well – so make sure you check out any potential partners or work colleagues closely before committing to anything.

Love 2019:

Relationships will not always run smoothly for you this year Capricorn and you need to be careful that you allow your partner some breathing room as this will be an intense year for you which could also mean that you are prone to jealousy. If you suspect that a partner is keeping secrets from you then you need to slow down and think about whether your suspicions are justified or whether you are being too sensitive. Either way, don’t just throw around baseless accusations. If something is fundamentally wrong in your relationships then you may decide that this is the moment for you to cut loose, and if that is how you feel then it may be the best thing for you to do – and allow you to reclaim your independence at the same time. At the end of the year, you may look back and see that your love life has changed beyond recognition, but if that is the case then know that this was probably for the best.

Finance 2019:

If you are a typical Capricorn then you likely have a number of savings plans in place and have been saving your pennies for a rainy day for years. This means that this year you may see the results of your planning and you can watch as your nest egg continues to grow. By the middle of the year you may find that you have some big bills to pay, but if you have been budgeting well then this should not cause you too much stress. If you have been frittering money away, however, or spending too much on partying and other expenses, then these bills could hit you hard. Remember – it is all in the planning now!

Health 2019:

There is a strange contradiction for you this year Capricorn as you will find that you are full of energy and firing on all cylinders, but that this also makes you burn out more quickly and makes you feel restless. You could work to the point of exhaustion and if that is the case it will be hard for you to recover, so take a step back and make sure that you do not take on too much in your place of work. Around the middle of the year, you may feel as if you need a break, and if that is the case then you really need to listen to your body and make sure that you take some time away to relax and recharge. There is also a risk of some minor health issues throughout the year, and if these crops up then your overall health with be the key. If you have been taking care of your body and your mind then you will find that you are able to deal with these with ease, but if you are emotionally and physically drained then it will be much harder. We all get sick from time to time, but if you are in good shape then you will bounce back so much quicker!


You have a lot going on this year Capricorn and this means that sometimes your family may come last as you struggle to fulfill work commitments. This could mean that you feel more distant from your family than usual and it could be that they also feel isolated from you. As such, you need to try and make an effort to spend time with family members when you can, and avoid heated arguments that are caused by work stress or other things. It could also be that you have some kind of choice to make about becoming closer to some members of your family or even cutting them out of your life, and as this is a big decision you really need to take it slow. Another theme of the year for you generally is that you need to carve out some of your own time and if that is the case then don’t feel bad if you feel swamped with family commitments. Firmly but kindly explain that you can’t be all things to all people all of the time and that you need your own space too!

Travel 2019:

This will be a good year if you want to travel Capricorn and this may also take you overseas. Career advancement is such a big theme for this year for you Capricorn, and it could be that this is also tied to travel, and you may either get to travel for your work, or you may also find that you get the chance to go and work in a new part of town, state, or even in another country. With that in mind, if the chance to relocate in order to further your career comes up, then make sure you grab this opportunity with both hands Capricorn! Just make sure that if you do travel you also take the time to relax and enjoy the scenery rather than just seeing the inside of an office or conference center!

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