Capricorn Tarot Reading Predictions! September 2016! Obstacles to Success!

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Capricorn Tarot Reading September 2016, Obstacles to Success!

Six of Swords Sept 1st – 15th

Capricorn for the month of September the first tarot card I pulled is the six of swords! I  first want to say I am a Capricorn, with a Virgo rising! I feel your pain! Just kidding! It’s all good! You will want to listen to this forecast if your rising sign is Capricorn, or if you have a Moon in Capricorn! Our focus this month I do feel were having some obstacles to deal with related to the public perhaps professional people, career goals, and other relationships in general is what I’m feeling. Some of us having some problems with some relationships, partner, even personal property! We need to expect some delays, but hey Capricorn what’s new in that area home! A lot of us are going to be left to our own devices and a half to get through this situation on our own at this time. You know you have to expect problems, would have to do some rethinking. I know were used to this huh! Some of us are feeling that we can’t go ahead with something something that surrounds and intended partnership perhaps merger perhaps, because you do it with somebody dear Brent. Were going to reconstruct our thinking. I see some of us having a conversation concerning the loss of something, this could be financial Capricorn’s something important! Were running from something were trying to protect ourselves from something were hiding something I feel many of us are. Were trying to get away without being discovered. I see some ill health I see some of us suffering from headaches stomach issues some of us may be even a more serious illness at this time I tell you I’ve had my share of migraines! You know I also see a lot of is making not as much money as we hoped for were having to go through a tough time collecting money but I meant to tell you something Capricorn unfortunate turn of events is coming in for Oz to be making more money and that’s can be sooner than what we thought! I want to say also this card relates to some type of a problem some type of an obstacle is related to our work, perhaps personal affairs, it’s going to get resolved, we can’t see it coming but it’s near. See something promising it’s going to be resolved were going to see what we wanted to see. Our timing is good to be quite excellent in getting this resolved. You know they always say the first step in correcting any kind of a problem is to acknowledge the fact that you’ve veered off course! That in and of itself is enough to stop the problem from continuing. You know I’m good to tell you I veered off course yes idea and I knew better is just something that happens I’m only human. You know the end is that we need to and I always I’m saying need as a Capricorn because I am a Capricorn and I drew these cards and I’m just kind of contemplating on myself right now as I read it’s making sense to me I understand problems are not going to go away on their own I understand I have to alter my position I’m going to have to take some action to resolve but I get the fact that I have acknowledged it and again just acknowledging is enough to make it stop.

Tarot Card Three of Wands! Sept, 15th-22nd!

Okay Capricorn’s our focus at this time is on promising unions, business ventures, perhaps partnerships are small companies, contract documents! This is such aswomeness! I feel a lot of us Capricorn to be surprised by something first successful like a business financial transaction on possibly starting a new business! I see a lot of our businesses perhaps the one we once we own or once we work for really make an some money right now! Capi’s if we need some help it’s going to be offered in whatever area is concerning you at this time! I tell you this is such an excellent time for some of ours in spite of our hearers we are going to be making some new commitments some new partnerships, you know I can see some of us getting married right now! I see our finances in business is improving! I see some of ours getting a unexpected business bonus also at this time! I see some of us considering a new venture…. I also see somebody making some accurate predictions for others at this time to! I see the closing of a business deals… possibly previous agreements for a lot of us Capi’s right now. Having to go it alone spending our time alone for some of us will cease! Please remember this is a general generic card reading if you would like your own generic card reading please see my services and rates or go to the bottom of this page I am offering a special right now. I see many of our love lives greatly improving. I see new partnerships being established perhaps even existing relationships are going to be strengthened! Right now many of us will gain a lot of respect, admiration!  Many of us… I see will be so lucky with creating the reality we want, an idea, possibly even our dreams into reality at this time! I’m going to say to listen to your inner self if something doesn’t serve you, if there’s something that we can do it. We really need to trust our ideas can be realized and expect the best! I see a lot of us forming new partnerships at this time! I see a lot of successful conclusions are going to be reached now for many of us!

Tarot Card Queen of Pentacles Sept 22nd-30th!

Capricorns, we have Queen of pentacles, I see a lot of us now are focusing on new age, healers, psychologist, writing, perhaps even painting at this time! We are in the mood at this time for the unusual! I see many of us doing a lot of research, studying, on anything metaphysical at this time! I see many of us even going on a happy vacation, many of us are going to be seeing someone that we were hoping to see at this time!  A lot of us are going to supported by others at this time.

Money at this time from something that involves papers… perhaps maybe the sale of the house !I’m seeing something involving papers that we’re getting money for! We are really in a much brighter light at this time! I do see a lot of Capi’s is loving the fact that we are able to serve others, were helping other people, were giving to others, it’s a great feeling of personal satisfaction! I will say with some of us not with everyone this is a general reading, some of us have been contemplating on whether we should go into a health field, if you are one that has been contemplating this go for it… it’s going to be very rewarding for you. Many of us are going to get a offer of employment right now… this can be so different than our usual career, work area, a lot of Capi’s have anxiety at this time also. Capricorns we feel if we follow our dream for what  we really want, it’s not going to materialize for us, giving us anxiety! I’ve got news for you out there thinking this way…see the end in your mind… feel it, never worry about the beginning or the middle, how you’re going to get there, just visualize the end and what you want to see in your life and trust me Capricorns it will happen! I also see some of us are going to….  inherit something, something tangible, perhaps a few of us are to be rewarded for our efforts, as well as gain… profit – financial increase! I see many Capi’s being very successful in financial area, a lot of us are going to be seeing the results that we want to see, perhaps you are wanting to go into that health field, I want to say you’re going to do very well in the healing professions for those of you who were thinking in that area! I say, get clear on what your objectives are if any of you are faced with any type of circumstances that you would a previously ran from, instead, recognize this as an opportunity, and not a defeat, and you need to press through it!

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