Capricorn Tarot Reading for December~2016~Success Comes After Difficulty Capricorn!

Capricorn Tarot Reading for December~2016~Success Comes After Difficulty Capricorn!

Six of Wands~Dec~1st~Dec~12th~2016

Six of Wands, Capricorn, let’s get moving! I see Capricorns, our main focus has been frustration, lots of tension, anxiety, things are just not working out as we Capricorns are wanting! I say we because I am a Capricorn! And I feel your pain! After all, we are wanting things to work out! We’re wanting a new way of life, we are wanting a new life style! Many of you are taking a much-needed break from work, because you’re not getting what you need out of the work you are performing. I do see Capricorn; you will be getting a much-needed relief many of you will be getting some great news in your work area! Although, I see many of you Capricorn, your extremely irritable, because you feel you are not able to get out of the situation your locked in, someway somehow, you are having a struggle. I do see many of you Capricorn, you’re finally going to take that much-needed rest, it’s time for some fun! Get out into nature, trust me it will help you tremendously!

Many Capricorns are experiencing tensions related to their finances, but get ready Capricorn that is going to change! Decembers is always an expensive month; you’d think we’d be used to it by now! A lot of you are wanting to be thrifty, when it comes to buying gifts, you are wanting to make every dollar count at this time! More so now than any other year, what gives Capricorn? Ideally, for many of us… it’s because we are experiencing a turning point in our lives, that is demanding we take better care of the money coming in. Capricorns are so giving of not only their time, but their resources. It’s time to buckle up Capricorn and you are feeling this with every fiber of your body! And that’s a good thing!

Capricorns, things will come together! Do not try to force results I see many of you frustrated and that only makes matters worse. Once Capricorns get back to the business of being more frugal, because let’s face it, a lot of you have not been frugal in the past 2 to 3 years possibly even more. I know that is crazy thinking when it comes to Capi’s, but that is the message I am getting with the six of wands.


Positive changes are coming in for us Capricorn! Many of us want to see positive results in our business, possibly our love life, money issues. I see some Capi’s are being challenged at this time, I see it is concerning a financial matter. We will be successful in getting our point across! No worries there! Some of us, I do see Capricorn… results are slow in coming in, again we’re wanting to see results for our efforts! You will have news coming in Capricorn, it will be very unexpected, it will be concerning your work area. I be a new beginning for many of you Capricorn! I see some of you will have an increase in your earnings. Around this time, Capricorn, I see you surrounded with family members, of course it’s Christmas time, but there’s going to be some altercations stemming from an imagined slight, &/or, unexpressed resentment. Leave it alone Capricorn, it’s not worth going there! This person has jealousy issues towards you, they always have! Hold your head up high and don’t even let it bother you, it is so not worth it! This person has to deal with their own insecurities you cannot help them. And by calling it out, you only feed them! Ignore them & move on! Smile, knowing it’s not you, it’s them!

If you’re having any financial troubles it will be dealt with effectively things will clear up Capricorn… all your hard work will begin to show results! Expect improvement in your finances and love life! If you’re single get out there you will meet someone at this time! I do see for some of you Capricorn, arguments, are coming in. Related to the work area. If you are challenged Capricorn, you will win nothing will defeat you. You will begin to feel positive changes, a renewed feeling of power, you will get a lot accomplished!

The Chariot~Dec~24th~Dec~31st

I see many of you looking for advantages or gains. Many of you don’t know what you should do your wanting to force some kind of answers, but you just don’t know how to do that. I see related to your career, your contemplating on whether you should pursue something. You will continue to pursue it because you are being driven by some unforeseen force. Capricorn, I see frustration, I see confusion, and you are continuing to push it, you need to back off, this has to do with your career area, only when you let go will it get corrected on its own. I do see a lot of you getting out having some fun and that is just what the doctor ordered! A lot of you are considering living with someone… You’re wondering what it would be like! I’m getting this in a puzzle like form…many of you are in limbo!

Capricorns, at this time I feel for many of you, your best success is going to come through your ability to go for it, in spite of obstacles, discouragement, or disappointments you are going for it! Let go Capricorn of any fears, or doubt, success will come!

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