Capricorn June 2016 Horoscope Forecast!

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Capricorn June 2016 Horoscope Forecast!

We Are Getting There Capricorns!

Hello there Capricorns! It’s June already! I hope everyone had the best May, 2016 ever!! It was a nice breath of fresh air for me!!  Can you believe how fast our time is going anymore! It seems like in the blink of an eye our beautiful scenery is changing! Like night to day! Winter to Spring! Just blink & it all changes rather quickly anymore! Okay, what do we have going on in the month of June, 2016?

And when I say “WE” that most definitely includes me! I was born a Capricorn w/a Virgo rising! And let me tell you it has not been easy for any of us Capi’s since 2008/2010!

As if Pluto in Capricorn isn’t trying enough, we again, have stern Saturn squaring our dreamy Neptune on June 12th, 2016!! We’ve experienced that one not to long ago….remember? November 26th, 2015 to be exact! Well, if we have not cleared up, dealt with, what-ever issues were going on then…guess what? We are being given another shot at it! We Capi’s are lucky aren’t we? We are & have been given such an opportunity to redo ourselves if you will! What-ever was not working in our lives Pluto is asking us to purge & begin new! And I know very good & well it’s been hard! I’ve had Pluto on my sun & now he’s on my moon in my 4th house! Yikes!!

With Saturn in our 11th house( in the sign of Sagittarius), of friends, collective projects, supports, & protections in life, the 11th house being Aquarius, which is co-ruled by Saturn & Uranus!  And In keeping with it’s dual rulership, we find that the concept of our group consciousness incorporated by the 11th house maybe understood in two very distinct ways. Saturn our ruler 1st & foremost, seeks greater security & a more profound sense of identity, through belonging to a group. Now rather that group is political, or, religious, ect….it enhances in a sense of who we are & gives us that feeling of security in numbers!

The Uranian side of the 11th house wants to teach us the kind of group consciousness that mystics & visionaries, spiritual teachers from all different types of cultures,  it’s speaking of individual unity with all of life. That we are part of a greater whole interconnected with the rest of creation. We are all linked together! Our 11th house is asking us how do we make our friends? While Mars makes friends with-out thinking, our Saturn is more shy, & awkward, much more cautious.

The new moon is on June 5th/, 2016 in the sign of Gemini, in the 6th house! The sixth house is Virgo! Don’t forget to write what you would like to see manifest in your life now! Very powerful! Keep a visionary board in front of you with all your intentions for the year! This New Moon is a time of rebirth—a time when we are given a chance to start fresh & new. With the new moon in Gemini in the 6th house, one is usually commutative, interested in leaning, & travel. possibly a new job you’ve been wanting!

We also have on June 5th,  the Sun & Venus in our 6th house along with our new moon! And they are conjunct! With the Sun lighting up our house of work & health, & Venus showing us love,  its makes a great date night! Romance! Creativity is good today as you will want to express yourself! You will be feeling very affectionate! So be sure & take advantage of this day! Especially on June 23rd! When they move into the sign of Cancer in our 7th house of relationships!

The  6th house relates to one’s health, work, & our pets! We do have a obvious relationship between one’s health & work area. If one tends to over-work it can strain your health, & not doing enough work or to little work can leave one listless, & feeling lethargic.  Also take into consideration redundancy can deprive one of a source of income, not to mention a sense of worth & purpose. Remember, the 10th house is our career, our status we have in the world.

Our 6th house =  Our everyday life,  Our, daily work & our colleagues, lower-ranking co-workers, & our health!!

Our 6th house describes  our everyday life, our behavior at work,  also, minor obligations, serves to others, lower-ranking co-workers, & lets not forget pets! Also concerns our health, medicines we take into our bodies,  & minor illnesses.

Studies that have been done on our work & are we happy with what we do, a number of reported illness increases in areas where unemployment is high, also, alot of people will use illness to escape from a job they hate, or it just isn’t for them. Our 6th house is ruled by Virgo, Virgo is concern with craftsmanship, perfection, paying attention to detail.

And to add to that my Dear Beautiful Capi’s, we have Neptune Trining Venus in our 6th house on June 3rd, 2016! Neptune is in our 2nd house of income, while Venus is in our 6th house of health & work! What will this mean for us? It will stimulate your romantic imagination for sure! It may even lead one into an unusual relationship! or even arouse creative talents that one was not even aware of! If in a relationship this transit will make you more compassionate, & understanding of your significant other.

The full moon is on June 19th, (depending on where you are in the world)! It will be in the 12th house, in the sign of Sagittarius.  Hopefully one will face those fears as they will creep up! Face them, & what needs to be let go of will! Full moon is a time of endings, something we face ( its in the 12th house) secrets, we may not of been aware of will come to an end. We need to face those fears, deal with them, release them! Great time to purge what is not working for us! Let new things in!

Back to June 23rd, 2016, when the sun & Venus move into the 7th house of relationships, this can be a time if single you meet someone special or if your in a relationship, married, you have the chance to rekindle your romance! Great date night so take advantage of this & make it happen! If your single, do not sit at home! Get out there! Mingle, you never know who you may meet!

Jupiter (depending on if you are a early capi or born later in the month) will be in the 8th house for some of us & the 9th for the early capi’s.  To know where your Jupiter is please do have your own birth-chart done as this is a general forecast for every Capricorn & Capricorn rising, & you will want to know just where these transits are hitting your natal planets & the effects it will have on you. Please see me my services/rates, & I am offering a sliding scale on ones honor, so please take advantage of that!

We will talk about Jupiter in the 9th house, trining Pluto in the 1st! Remember, Jupiter went retrograde back in January 2016, he’s been sleeping on us Capricorns! Now, he’s awakened on May the 9th! Smell the money! I do! And Pluto can mean big money Capi’s! So, we have them trining the last week of June, 2016! Jupiter loves the 9th house, the 9th house is Sagittarius, & Jupiter rules this house! You may travel now, take classes, if you are a writer or thinking about blogging, writing a book, this is an excellent time! The more one will replace belief with knowledge the better off you will be! This transit does coincide with our professional success! There can be tremendous gain in both personal wealth & even our resources!

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